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10 Biker Gifts He’ll Love: What to Get a Biker for Christmas!

Buying biker gifts can be a serious challenge, right?

If you’re not a biker yourself, this is completely new territory.

Where do you start?
What will he like?

And will another pair of Harley Davidson socks cut it?

No way.
Not even close.

Buying biker gifts can be stressful when you don’t know what you’re doing.
It’s too easy to waste money on something he doesn’t like or will never use.
That’s why it’s helpful to get a little insider guidance.

So don’t worry.

I’ve lived with my furry biker soulmate for 30 years.
I know what bikers want to see under the Christmas tree.

Here are 10 foolproof biker gift ideas.
You can’t go wrong with these, believe me.

10 Biker Gifts That Motorcyclists Will Love

1.  Revzilla e-Gift Certificate

Let’s start with the quickest, easiest solution to finding the perfect biker gift.

An e-Gift certificate from Revzilla.

Revzilla is a reputable company with over 68,000 must-have biker gifts, gear, and gadgets.
Your biker is guaranteed to find something he needs here.

With a gift certificate, you can control exactly how much you want to spend.
And your biker gets to choose something he actually wants.

The gift certificate is delivered to your email inbox.
So you don’t have to wait around for shipping and worry about having nothing under the tree on Christmas morning.

Too easy!


Revzilla e-gift certificate

Get one here.

(Affiliate link)

2.  Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning Kit

Every biker loves a fresh, clean helmet.
A sparkling visor you can actually see through makes the ride way more fun.
And the helmet liner shouldn’t smell like the dog somehow slept in there.

But many bikers just pull on a grungy helmet and head out the door.
Listen carefully, and you can hear them swearing quietly and murmuring: I’ve just gotta get around to cleaning this thing sometime.

I’ve witnessed biker friends of ours actually use our garden hose to give their helmets a quick squirt instead of a proper clean.

And this is why your biker will love a proper motorcycle helmet care kit.

He wants a clean helmet, but he’ll never get around to buying the cleaning products himself.
But he’ll use those products if they’re right in front of him.

So now, his helmet will be clean and fresh.
And you’ll look like the most thoughtful person in the world.


motorcycle helmet care kit

This is a good one.

(Affiliate link)

3.  Instant Food for Motorcycle Trips

Getting a decent meal on motorcycle road trips can be tricky.

You quickly become sick to death of overpriced, greasy road food.
Or you’re camping in the middle of nowhere and there’s no five star restaurant in sight.
Let alone a pizza delivery guy.

Here’s the solution.

A pack of multiple freeze dried meals that will feed a biker from morning to night.
Just add boiling water, wait a few minutes, and he’ll have a delicious instant meal.

A practical yet nurturing biker gift that will make sure he’s well taken care of wherever the road takes him.


instant food for motorcycle trips

Get one here.

(Affiliate link)

4.  Classic Motorcycle T-shirt

Bikers can never have too many motorcycle t-shirts.
Maybe it’s time to retire one or two of the old ripped, faded ones.

And replace them with this timeless classic.
He’ll be able to wear this motorcycle t-shirt anywhere – on the weekend, on a road trip, and even to work.

And with 17 colors to choose from, you can get one in his favorite color.

A simple, easy biker gift he’s sure to love.


classic motorcycle tshirt

Choose the color and size here.

(Affiliate link)

5.  Motorcycle Chain Lock

If your biker worries about motorcycle security, this is a great way to help him make the bike safer.

This one is a heavy duty chain, but light enough to pack for a road trip.

Buyer reviews are positive, and they comment on the quality of the lock for the price.
It also looks intimidating, which can help to deter potential bike thieves.

And here’s another reason this is a great biker gift: keeping the current bike safe means you don’t have to go through the hassle of an insurance claim if it gets stolen.

Unless your biker already has a Fort Knox setup in his garage, a little extra security will always be welcome.


motorcycle chain lock

Get one here.

(Affiliate link)

6.  Motorcycle Sunglasses

Eye protection is always vital when riding a motorcycle.

Even if they’re wearing a full face motorcycle helmet, bikers always open the visor to feel the wind on their faces.

So how about a deluxe pair of motorcycle sunglasses?

He needs a pair designed for riding.
They need to wrap around to cut out wind from the sides, and offer good protection from the glare of the sun.
Curved arms need to fit snugly against his head under the helmet too.

If your biker keeps meaning to get a new pair of sunglasses – or is complaining about his scratched old pair, this biker gift will make his next ride a lot more comfortable.


motorcycle sunglasses

Get this pair here.

(Affiliate link)

7.  Motorcycle T-shirt for Home Mechanics

If your biker loves tinkering with motorcycles in the garage, here’s the perfect motorcycle t-shirt for him.

He can wear it out in the shed when he’s on the end of a spanner.
Or when he’s out riding, as a reflection of his passion for spending hours in the garage.

This is the right motorcycle t-shirt for the biker who loves working on his bike almost as much as he loves riding it.


motorcycle tshirt home mechanic

Choose the color and size here.

(Affiliate link)

8.  Motorcycle Cover

Has your biker been marvelling at how dirty his motorcycle gets just sitting around in the garage?
(It’s amazing how dusty it can get out there.)

Or is the bike standing out in the driveway in all kinds of weather?

Then he needs a motorcycle cover.

This biker gift shows you’ve been listening to him, so you get kudos for that.

And a motorcycle cover protects the bike from weather, dirt, and the devious eyes of passing potential bike thieves.

Worried about what size to get?
That’s easy, too:

  • SM: Fits 250cc
  • MD: Fits Sport Bikes
  • LG: Fits Cruisers
  • XL: Fits Full Touring

(If you’re not sure which category his bike is in, just ask one of his friends.)


motorcycle cover

Get this one.

(Affiliate link)

9.  Motorcycle Socks With a Difference

These are not your standard Harley Davidson socks.

These are actually cool, and a little different.
You can bet he doesn’t have a pair of these.

Featuring a picture of a motorcycle wheel in closeup, these socks will be the finishing touch to his biker gear.

And they’re super soft, with a reinforced toe and heel and plenty of stretch, so they’ll fit to his feet rather than bunch up in his boots.


motorcycle socks

Buy them from here.

(Affiliate link)

10.  Christmas Motorcycle T-shirt

Here’s the perfect biker look for Christmas lunch with the family.

This motorcycle t-shirt is a great remedy for all the plastic reindeers and tinsel.
Santa on a motorcycle will annoy Great Aunt Mabel, and delight the kids.

And how great will it look in the family photos?


Christmas motorcycle tshirt

Choose the color and size here.

(Affiliate link)

It’s Easy to Choose the Right Biker Gift

The ideas here are simple, fun, and practical.
They show that you’re thinking of his comfort and safety.
When you get him something he’ll actually use and enjoy, you support and celebrate his love of motorcycles.

It’s a great way to show a little Christmas spirit to your favorite biker.


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