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motorcycle gas tanks obsession featured

Motorcycle Gas Tanks: My Secret Obsession

Motorcycle gas tanks are the first thing you notice on a bike, right?

Of course, there are already plenty of other cool features on a motorcycle.
You want to check out the motor, the exhaust system, the shocks, the bars…

There’s a lot going on.

And because I’ve been riding on the back of bikes for 30 years, I always take a second look at a motorcycle’s passenger seat, too.

There’s wonderful distraction everywhere.
But I have to say for me, motorcycle tanks are the Main Event.

Motorcycle gas tanks are often the focal point of a bike. They’re the boldest statement of a motorcycle’s identity, and unique style. When sunlight bounces off a chrome motorcycle tank, you squint happily. The strong colors are a work of art on two wheels. And some tank badges are as beautiful as a piece of jewellery.

Maybe I should go see a therapist about my obsession with motorcycle gas tanks.
Come to think about it, talking about them for hours in group therapy would be a lot of fun.

But in the meantime, here’s a peek at some of my favorite motorcycle gas tanks.


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Motorcycle gear for women header 2

Motorcycle Gear For Women Who Want Comfort AND Style

It’s HARD to find amazing motorcycle clothing for women, isn’t it?

For a start, it’s often uglier than a mule’s backside.
You won’t catch me wearing plastic clown pants in public.
(Or in private, actually!)

But ugliness is only part of the problem.

Motorcycle clothing for women is often super uncomfortable, as well!

It’s too tight here…
It’s too baggy there…

The fabric scratches around your neck.
The socks make your feet smell like a teenage boy’s gym bag.

It doesn’t have to be this way…


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