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Practical Motorcycle Selfie Ideas for Biker Chicks featured

10 Practical Motorcycle Selfie Ideas for Biker Chicks

Not all biker chicks see selfies as a short-cut to breaking into the adult movie industry.
You won’t find me lying naked across a motorcycle, smiling through gritted teeth while the front brake master-cylinder digs into my shoulder.

But motorcycles are breath-takingly beautiful.
They take you on adventures, and always lead to moments worth capturing.

Add these two elements together, and it’s natural to want to take some pics.

But selfies post a special challenge for biker women…


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How to Rock a Biker Beard

A biker beard means business.

There’s no two ways about it.

But not the 9-5, tie-wearing “yes, sir, no, sir” kind of business.

I’m talking about the serious business of feeling free.

Because if you have a biker beard, you probably also have a bike.
And you know that riding that beautiful beast is the very definition of freedom.

There’s no better feeling than roaring along a wide open road, and breathing in the vibrant landscape that you’re a moving part of.

A proper biker’s beard captures that very same feeling – and expresses it in furry form…


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