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why do motorcycle passengers fall asleep featured

Why Do Motorcycle Passengers Fall Asleep? (And How Not To!)

How can it be SO EASY for motorcycle passengers to fall asleep?
I mean, come on…
You’re zooming through the world on a wild, roaring metal beast!
How could you possibly sleep through that?
But I’ve nearly done it myself dozens of times.
This is a mystery that needs to be solved…

Motorcycle passengers can fall asleep very easily. You may be already tired, or you might be a little too comfortable. On a sunny day, the hum of the motor can quickly become a soothing lullaby. But sleeping on a motorcycle is dangerous! Luckily, there are ways of staying awake when sitting on the back of a motorcycle. 

Let’s start at the beginning.
When it comes to taking a nap, most people choose the couch.
The bed’s another option (if it’s not covered with cats like ours usually is).
But you probably wouldn’t choose a moving motorcycle for a quiet doze.

Of course not.
I wouldn’t either.
I’m not a crazy person.
And yet I’ve nearly fallen asleep on a motorcycle more times than I care to admit.

Let’s dig a little deeper into why it’s so easy to grab a few z’s on the back of a bike.


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