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how to look good on a motorcycle featured

How to Look Good on a Motorcycle: A Practical Guide for Women

It must be easy to look good on a motorcycle, right?
Well, that’s what Hollywood tells us.
Biker chicks in movies pull off their helmets, shake their hair in slow motion, and look around for a photographer from Vogue.
That always makes me laugh like a damn hyena.
Because in the real world, looking good on a motorbike takes a LITTLE more work.
Actually, a lot more work…

To look good on a motorcycle, it helps if you have a strategy. Start by tackling the helmet hair and motorcycle makeup challenges. Then you can move on to choosing safety gear that offers protection AND style. Finish by adding some color and personality to your look, and you’re ready to ride in style.  

Going out on a motorbike is not like going to the mall.
Not even close.
Motorcycles offer a unique set of style challenges.

On a motorcycle, there are some dark fashion forces at work.
You have to know how to deal with them if you want to look stylish on a motorcycle.

So what’s the problem, exactly?


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skin care for motorcycle riders featured

Skin Care for Motorcycle Riders: 4 Simple Steps

For many motorcycle riders, skin care is an afterthought.
When you’re roaring down the road, I bet you’re not thinking about moisturizer.
But while you’re having another wild adventure, your skin is, too.
Hours of exposure to sun, rain and wind will have a direct effect on your face.
And don’t forget, on a motorcycle you smile a lot – actually, for most of the day.
Without a good skincare routine, those little laugh lines will stick around much longer than the ride.
So you have a choice: 10,000 miles from now, do you want to look like a woman – or a leathery-skinned rhino sunning herself in a mud pool?

Skin care for motorcycle riders is essential. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is to prepare your skin before the ride, protect it from the sun and wind during the ride, and then help it recover afterwards. This way, you’ll rack up the miles on the motorcycle – but not on your face.

So let’s keep things simple here.
I’m not suggesting a 25-step regimen.
You don’t have to buy 45 expensive Must-Have miracle creams.
Work with what you have.

You simply need a quick routine that safeguards your face before, during and after a motorcycle ride.

Here’s how to do it in 4 easy steps.


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biker chick nails

10 Biker Chick Nail Designs That Look Pretty (Not Demonic)!

Have you SEEN some of the biker nail designs out there?
Some of them are downright terrifying!
You might see:

  • 6 inch talons on fire with purple and orange flames
  • long, blood-red claws with pointed tips like dripping vampire teeth, and
  • slightly wonky, hand-drawn skulls that could be a Halloween prank.

Honestly, who designs these?
Someone on day release from a nail bar in Hell?

Biker nails can show a little attitude, but still be feminine. Your nails don’t need to look like you’re getting ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. A hint of glitter adds interest to heavy black polish. Some flashes of color and pretty decals can make a manicure stand out like a beautiful customized motorcycle.

Biker nail designs don’t have to make you look part demon.
Believe it or not, they can actually be pretty.

I think the secret is to avoid the clichés.

Skulls, flames, blood … that’s fine for teenage boys.
But for grown women?

I don’t think so.
There’s a better way.


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