a pillion seat fit for a princess

For me, a comfortable pillion seat is non-negotiable.

Normally, I’m not that much of a princess.
I don’t need a glittering crown.
I don’t need my own castle.

But I will stamp my foot, and demand one must-have royal accessory…

The right motorcycle passenger seat. 

Our touring bike is a Triumph Thunderbird. It’s long and low, silver and sleek. It has a crazy torque of 150 NM, and overtakes angry car drivers in 3 seconds. It’s beautiful, it’s powerful.

And it’s the most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden pillion on.

This is a motorcycle you can ride from morning until night, and love every second. We’ve ridden 700 km in a day, checked into our motel, and gone out for dinner.

No worries.

the right motorcycle passenger seat helps

I’m almost disappointed when we get to our destination on this bike, because it’s such a joy to be aboard.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Motorcycle seats can make you very very cranky

The first time I rode on the back of the ‘Bird, we were taking it out for a test ride. It wasn’t ours yet.

I was in serious trouble within minutes. That pillion seat was pure torture. Narrow and thin, it cut deeply into the back of my thighs something cruel.

I started to lose feeling in my legs. I wondered if I was maybe having a stroke.

And that motorcycle passenger seat from hell had a distinctly backward-leaning slope. If we rode up any hills, I’d surely slide right off the back, and be left sitting smack bang in the middle of the road.

a better pillion seat please

I wasn’t happy.

Now, I’m not usually such a princess.

I’ve done plenty of very long rides. I’ve ridden on 100+ degree days, when the roads are actually melting. I’ve ridden in gale force winds, and icy rain straight from Antarctica that cuts like knives through 5 layers of riding gear.

Never before have I insisted we stop because I’m suffering. But this time, much to my shame, I begged Pat to pull over. He did, surprised.

Don’t buy this bike, honey. I just can’t ride it with you.

Too late. He was already in love.

The Solution: Get a Better Pillion Seat

Luckily for me, Triumph make an awesome touring seat. It’s as comfortable as your favorite couch, but it doesn’t look like one.

motorcycle seats can be comfortable

It’s perfect for princesses who like to dress up as rough, tough pillion riders.

It wasn’t cheap, but it was a sound investment in our motorcycling marriage:

  • Pat’s happy, because he doesn’t have to watch me standing at the window sobbing in my tiara as he rides away.
  • And I’m happy, because I never have to miss a road trip on this beautiful machine.

The right motorcycle passenger seat can make you feel like royalty

I don’t go to many garden parties with the queen, it’s true.
I don’t have Prince Harry’s private number.

But I bet my princess pillion seat is more comfortable than any feather bed at Buckingham Palace.

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Written by Liz Hardy