I’m Liz Hardy. Nice to meet you!

Liz Hardy runs motorcycle blog Pillioness

I’ve been roaring through the world on the back of a motorcycle for 25 years now.

It all started when I met, and later married my seriously bearded soul mate.

Pat’s been riding more than 45 years (and has saved a fortune on razors – he last had a shave in March of 1971).

The other day we sat down at the kitchen table, and figured out we’ve done over a quarter of a million kilometres together – so far, anyway!

I’ve ridden on 43C degree days, when the road is actually melting.
And I’ve hunkered down as icy winds straight from Antarctica bite through my 5 layers of thermal gear.

Even so, I’m more of a princess than a rough, tough biker chick.

Luckily for me, we now live in New Zealand, where conditions are mostly pretty mild and you can ride all year round.

Well, except when a storm blows up out of nowhere (which it does every 10 minutes or so).
But the roads are often empty, and the landscapes are jaw-droppingly beautiful.

This Motorcycle Blog Doesn’t Talk About Oil Changes or Front-End Rebuilds

other motorcycle websites can talk about mechanicsIt’s true that you can often find me out in the garage, talking bikes.

I do know the difference between a torque wrench, and a 10mm spanner.

But I’m not into spending all Saturday afternoon crawling around the garage floor, cursing another missing screw that’s disappeared into the third dimension.

Plenty of other motorcycle websites talk about how to do the technical stuff anyway.
So I’ll leave that side of motorcycles to the experts.

I’d rather talk about why motorcycles are so easy to love.

So What Can You Expect From This Motorcycle Blog?

I only talk about the Important Stuff:

1.  Motorcycle obsession as a way of life.motorcycle t-shirts

Around here, bikes are part of the family.
That means we often have a motorcycle in the living room.
They get lonely out in the garage, you know.

2.  Motorcycle t-shirts that are almost as cool as your bike.

For too long, motorcycle t-shirts have been uglier than a monkey’s butt.
Motorcycle t-shirts for women seem to have been designed for hookers.
And motorcycle t-shirts for men assume the wearer is a serial killer.

Don’t worry. I’ve fixed that problem.

3.  A celebration of riding as a couple.

Motorcycles should be a source of shared joy, not a fast-track to divorce.
I often talk about our bike trips and two-wheeled adventures.

4.  A female perspective on the wonderful world of bikes.

You wouldn’t believe what I can see from the passenger seat…

I hope you enjoy Pillioness.

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