Welcome to Pillioness, the only motorcycle blog written from the back seat of a bike.

Liz Hardy at Pillioness motorcycle blog
Hi there! I’m Liz Hardy, and I’ve been riding on the back of motorcycles with my furry soulmate Pat for 27 years.

So far, we’ve covered over a quarter of a million km together.
We’ve ridden on 43C degree scorching days when the road is actually melting.
And we’ve shivered in icy winds straight from Antarctica that bite through 5 layers of thermal gear.
It’s been one long, joyful motorcycle adventure.

Yep, I know I could ride my own bike.
But I love sitting on the back, roaring through the countryside with a big grin on my face.

We’re lucky to live in a motorcyclist’s paradise, right at the bottom of the world.
Here in New Zealand, the hills are green, the roads are often empty, and there’s twisties galore!

What you’ll find at Pillioness…


vintage bikes on this motorcycle blog

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes!

We live near a museum packed with beautiful vintage motorcycles.
I love shining a spotlight on them with posts like these:

Why vintage motorcycles can make a grown man (or woman) cry

Are red vintage motorcycles hotter than the rest?

Vintage motorcycle tanks you wish were in your garage

indoor parking on this motorcycle blog

Motorcycle Life

When bikes are a part of the family, there’s a lot to talk about.
You can’t leave a motorcycle out in the shed too long (they get lonely, you know)…

How to justify parking your bike in the living room

Biker cats make great motorcycle guards

Why a quick motorcycle repair ends up taking 7 hours

no bunnies on this motorcycle blog

A Female Perspective

I don’t really care about oil changes or front end rebuilds.
Motorcycles are about emotion, passion, the joy of being alive!

Why most motorcycle women are not in Playboy

How to take a motorcycle selfie without looking like a gorilla

How to live happily ever after with a biker

The Pillioness Team

Meet Liz at Pillioness motorcycle blog


Content Whisperer

Liz writes the articles and takes most of the pictures at Pillioness.
She dreams about motorcycles, whether she’s asleep or awake.
She shrieks with joy when she gets a new motorcycle helmet for her birthday.
And she loves having breakfast with a bike in the kitchen.


Meet Pat at Pillioness motorcycle blog


Beard Master

Pat knows so much about bikes, he’s like a motorcycle Wikipedia.
(Only accurate.)
He’s been riding for 48 years, and has owned dozens of motorbikes.
He rocks a wild biker beard, despite being a famous professor.
And he lives by his personal philosophy: there’s always room for another bike in the garage.


Hector at Pillioness


Head of Bike Security

Hector the ginger biker cat spends hours on guard in the garage.
He takes his security work pretty seriously.
But he’s bright orange, so it’ll be hard for him to sneak up on any bike thieves.
Especially when he’s snoring loudly on a pile of clean rags.