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biker chicks vs biker cats who wore it the best

Biker Chicks vs Biker Cats – Who Wore it the Best?

Biker chicks are easy to spot.

The motorcycle riding jeans and leather jacket are sure signs there’s a bike close by.
And who else carries a motorcycle helmet as a must-have accessory?

But biker cats have their own sense of style, too.
After all, they’re cats.
They’re born gorgeous.

What happens when biker chicks and biker cats face off wearing the same kind of motorcycle gear?
Let’s face it, not everyone can make a motorcycle helmet or biker boots look good. So who wears it best?

Let’s take a look…

Who Wore it the Best?
Biker Chicks or Biker Cats?

How about we do a side-by-side comparison of the 8 main kinds of motorcycle gear…

1.  Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet is probably the most essential piece of motorcycle safety gear.
For biker chicks, of course, a motorcycle helmet is a mixed blessing.
Yes, it protects your brain (and face) from potential injury.
So it’s pretty important.

But what about helmet hair?
That’s always a risk every time you pull a helmet on (learn how to fix helmet hair here).

But biker cats don’t have to worry about that.
For them, a motorcycle helmet is a great place to take a nap.
They just curl up in the helmet, and go to sleep.

That’s not really an option for biker chicks.
The closest we can come to effortless feline style is to get a motorcycle helmet with cat ears.


biker chicks vs biker cats - motorcycle helmets


womens motorcycle helmet no cat ears (1)



Of course, if you DON’T want to ride with cat ears, you could always just get a gorgeous helmet instead.

Like this one!

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Check sizes and colors here.

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2.  Motorcycle Jacket

The right motorcycle jacket protects your entire upper body.
It helps keep you warm and dry.
And it can be worn to out dinner or for drinks after the ride.
That is, if you’re a biker chick.

If you’re a biker cat, you don’t have to worry about the weather.
If it’s warm out, you can stretch out in the shade of a tree, and enjoy the breeze.
And if it’s cold, you can grab a quick 8 hour nap by the fire.
You also get 24/7 room service, no matter what you’re wearing.
You hardly need to dress for dinner.


biker chicks vs biker cats - motorcycle jacket


3.  Motorcycle Jeans

For biker chicks, motorcycle jeans are so much safer than your standard denim jeans.
With that secret hidden layer of internal armor, you’re way more protected if you happen to slide down the road.
And with such a range of styles available, it’s easy to find a pair that are comfortable, fit well, and look great.

Biker cats have different priorities.
For them, it’s more about finding something interesting to do while they wait for dinner to be served.
So if their human’s wearing jeans (even expensive motorcycle jeans), that’s purrfect.
They have a climbing challenge right in front of them.

That should kill 10 minutes until dinner’s ready, right?


biker chicks vs biker cats - motorcycle jeans


4.  Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are another core piece of safety gear for biker chicks.
It’s a shame that proper motorcycle boots are so often clunky and even ugly.
That doesn’t matter so much if they’re hidden under motorcycle jeans.
And the most important thing is they keep your feet warm and protected.

Biker cats are only interested in boots if they have laces to play with.
They also work quite well as chairs.
Especially if the cats have to use their claws on expensive leather to get settled.


biker chicks vs biker cats - motorcycle boots


5.  Motorcycle Scarf

For a biker chick, a motorcycle scarf is the key to staying toasty warm even in a howling gale.
It’s the final piece of the motorcycle gear puzzle.
And it does more than keep out the icy wind, and stop you shivering.

It’s also a simple way to add some color and personality to your otherwise all-black motorcycle safety gear.

Biker cats love motorcycle scarves.
They’re usually soft, so they’re the purrfect place to sleep.
So what if they leave a thick layer of cat fur on it in the process?
That’s hardly their fault.

Of course, it’s not generally wise to try and get a biker cat to actually WEAR a motorcycle scarf.

If you do, the scarf’s likely to end up shredded – just like the human who tries to dress up her cat.


biker chicks vs biker cats - motorcycle scarf


6.  Motorcycle Socks

Biker chicks know that motorcycle socks also make a difference to their comfort.
The wrong socks will drive you crazy for the whole motorcycle ride.
They’ll bunch up under your foot so you need to actually take off your boots and fix them.
Or they might be made of nylon, and make your feet sweat.
But some breathable cotton socks that fit just right mean you won’t have to think about your feet until you get home.

As usual, biker cats have a different agenda.
They find socks can be used as a soft pillow.
That is, if the human they’re sleeping on stays purrfectly still.
For at least 8 hours.


biker chicks vs biker cats - motorcycle socks


7.  Motorcycle Beanie

For biker chicks, a cool motorcycle beanie is a simple, stylish fix for helmet hair.
It can hide a lot of the horror that a motorcycle helmet can create.
Get one in your favorite color, and you can relax and know you look good.
You don’t have to even think about your hair until you get home.

Biker cats don’t know what to make of a knitted hat.
A motorcycle beanie is just too small to bother covering in cat fur by sleeping on it.
Some biker cats will try modelling one now and then.
But only to make it clear that cats look good in anything.


biker chicks vs biker cats - motorcycle beanie


8.  Motorcycle Sunglasses

Biker chicks need motorcycle sunglasses for two reasons.

Firstly, to wear during the ride.
If you have an open face motorcycle helmet, or one without one of those nifty flip-down sun visors, you need sunglasses to cut down glare.
And if you ride with your visor up or your helmet open, you need a barrier between your eyes, the wind, and the 4 billion bugs that are desperate to fly into your eyes.

And secondly, you need motorcycle sunglasses to look cool in after the ride.
There’s no point in drinking coffee or having a beer by the bike if you’re squinting into the sun.
You have to be able to relax and be comfortable while passing non-bikers admire the motorcycle.

Now, for biker cats, motorcycle sunglasses are completely optional.
Cats need nothing at all to look cool.
And if they need to protect their eyes from the sun, they’ll just sleep in the shade.


biker chicks vs biker cats - motorcycle sunglasses


So…Who Wore it the Best?
Biker chicks or biker cats?

This is a tricky decision to make.
After all, biker chicks NEED to wear motorcycle gear to be safe on the road.
That’s because we’re out there in the wind.

Biker cats are on a totally different mission.
They may be in charge of motorcycle security (in between naps).
Or they might find a motorcycle seat is a great place to spend an afternoon.
But biker cats are mostly watching (or sleeping), rather than riding.

So who wins this competition?

Well, biker chicks can make all kinds of motorcycle gear look good.
We wear it the best when we’re out on the road.

But biker cats are gorgeous with or without motorcycle gear.
They get points for natural beauty and furry style.

I think we’ve got to call this a draw.
What do you think?



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