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Biker Dating is Not Like Regular Dating

Biker Dating is Not Like Regular Dating! Here’s Why…

Biker dating can’t be THAT different from other dating, can it?

Surely the basic idea is the same.

You meet someone interesting, and go out for dinner, or a drink.
You see if you like each other.

You see what happens next.

Yep, that much is true.
This is your standard dating formula.

But add a biker to the mix, and there suddenly IS no formula.

Things are about to get a little wild.
And a whole lot more exciting.

So if you’re used to dating normal guys, hang onto your hat.
In fact, throw the hat away, and replace it with a motorcycle helmet.

Biker dating is a whole new world of fun.
If you’re bored with the old dinner-and-a-movie routine, dating a biker could be just what you need…



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So here’s what to expect on a biker date.

Why Dating a Biker is Not Like Dating a Normal Guy: 10 Reasons

1.  Biker dates involve a motorcycle

Your first date will very likely include a motorcycle.
Come to think of it, the second and third dates probably will too.

If you’ve said yes to dating a biker, you should know he won’t be coming to pick you up in a Volvo station wagon.

So if you have no experience with motorcycles, prepare to open your mind, and try something new.

And if you already like motorcycles, you’ll be smiling by the time you open the front door.
That’s a great way to start any date.

2.  A certain ice breaker guarantees a great first date

When you date a normal guy, you can stumble your way through a stilted conversation, trying to find SOMETHING to talk about.

On a normal date, establishing a connection can be a challenge.

But there’s an easy way to do this on a biker date.
Try this simple secret to getting on a biker’s wavelength.

Just ask him about his motorcycle.

Even if you know absolutely nothing about bikes, this topic works beautifully as an icebreaker.

Here are some tips on how to talk about motorcycles with zero knowledge.

In less than 30 seconds, your biker date will be grinning at you and chatting away, delighted that you’ve taken an interest in his favorite ever topic.


biker dating icebreaker

3.  Biker dates are more spontaneous

When you’re dating a biker, expect your phone to ring anytime with an irresistible offer.

Your biker may well call you and ask if you want to go riding – today.
In fact, in about an hour.

Bikers tend to be more in the moment than normal guys.
If the sun is shining and his motorcycle is calling him…then he may be calling you.

So clear your afternoon.

It’ll be worth it.

4.  Biker dates come with their own dress code

Your go-to pretty dress and strappy sandals won’t work on a biker date.
You can’t really wear a dress on a motorcycle (well, unless you do this).

So you’d better have some basic motorcycle-appropriate gear ready.

Here’s a list of what you need to wear on a motorcycle date.

And, yes, motorcycle gear is not so glamorous.
But don’t worry; you can still look gorgeous.
Here’s how to pretty up your basic motorcycle gear.


biker dating pretty up your motorcycle gear

5.  Biker dates can involve meeting unusual people

You may be out on a biker date and your new guy will bump into someone he knows.
It probably won’t be Mike from Accounts.

It’s way more likely to be one of the many colorful characters that gravitate to bikers.
You could meet any one of a large cast of characters, like:

  • Other bikers, from good friends to acquaintances
  • Motorcycle dealers or motorcycle shop staff he’s known for years
  • Complete strangers who have seen him around and want to talk, and
  • Old friends who recognise the bike and come rushing up for a reunion.

Of course, this depends to a degree on how friendly your biker date is.

My own biker (who’s now my husband) is insanely friendly.
He’s always up for a chat.

And so I wasn’t surprised when one day we bumped into an old friend he hadn’t seen for decades.
Pat introduced us, and I found myself shaking his hand and saying, totally straight-faced:

Nice to meet you, Ball Bag.

I wasn’t being rude.
That’s his name.

Yep, start dating a biker and you’ll meet some quirky characters, for sure.
It’s unavoidable.

6.  Biker dates often end up somewhere casual

It’s kind of awkward trying to pull off formal black tie evenings when you arrive anywhere on a motorcycle.

So most bikers won’t be taking you to a five star restaurant with starched white tablecloths and a menu full of weird dishes neither of you can pronounce.
It’s way more likely you’ll go to a more casual restaurant or bar for your biker date.

That’s a good thing, because it’s way less pressure.
Without a snooty waiter judging you and the other diners staring in horror at the leather-clad biker couple, it’s a lot easier to relax and get to know each other.
The bow tie is optional.


biker dating go somewhere casual

7.  Biker dates may involve motorcycle events

If there’s a regular motorcycle event scheduled at the same time as your date, he may ask if you want to go with him.
This could be anything from a big annual motorcycle show, to a monthly group ride with his local bike club.

Now, chances are you’ve never been to a motorcycle event.

But they’re a fun, easy way to dip your toe into biker culture.
So say yes, and see if you like it.

8.  Biker dates let you be yourself

When you’re dating a biker, you don’t have to pretend to be someone else.
For example:

If you’re hungry, say so.
Don’t pretend you’re so ladylike that you normally just nibble a few grains of dry birdseed.
Your biker date is probably hungry too.
You need fuel to climb on board that metal beast and roar off on your next adventure.

If you’re uncomfortable on the motorcycle, tell him.
Your biker date is very invested in you enjoying this experience.

So speak up if you need another layer of clothes, or if he’s going too fast.
You shouldn’t be scared, cold or suffering in any way at all.
This is supposed to be fun, so if it’s not, say something and he’ll fix it.

Being honest and real is a big part of the biker world.
This is your chance to be yourself – and be liked for it.


biker dating you can be yourself

9.  Biker dates are likely to involve the great outdoors

That doesn’t mean horrifying physical challenges like rock climbing.
Or sleeping on the cold ground in a tent with bugs.

(Oh, how I hate camping. Yep, this is where my inner princess comes prancing out, I’m afraid…)

But as most biker dates involve motorcycles, you’ll usually be out in the sun and wind, cruising through nature.
So wear some sunscreen, and bring a hat for when you suddenly find yourself having a picnic by a river.

Oh, and by the way..

Spending time in nature doesn’t mean you have go all natural, and give up makeup.
No way!

Here’s how to wear makeup in a motorcycle helmet.

10.  Biker dates can go on longer than you expect

When you’re dating a biker, there’s not much point in trying to follow a schedule.

Don’t expect to make it to a dentist’s appointment that afternoon.
Or to be home by midnight.

Because on a biker date, one thing can lead to another very quickly.
That’s because you’re having so much fun, you don’t want it to end.

Let’s say you have a wonderful dinner out at a casual restaurant.
He’s so easy to talk to.
It feels like you’ve known each other for years.

So after dinner, the natural next step is a night ride.

You might find yourself cruising along by the beach on a motorcycle in the moonlight.
No-one’s looking at their watch at this point.

The same thing could happen on a lunchtime date.
After lunch, if the sun is shining and you’ve been having a great time together, of course you’ll be heading off on another ride.

You’ll probably be home before dark.
But then again, maybe you won’t.


biker dating can take some time

Biker Dating is Really Not Like Normal Dating

As you can see, it helps to keep an open mind and always be ready for the next adventure.

But dating a biker should come with a warning.
Once you’ve been out with a biker, it’s very very hard to go back to dating a normal guy.

And why would you even want to?



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