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Biker Dating Secrets How to Make a Biker Happy (1)

Biker Dating Secrets: How to Make a Biker Happy

Biker dating can be a joyful experience.

What could be more romantic than roaring off into the sunset on a shared adventure for two?

But biker dating is a little trickier than normal dating.
I’ve talked about why a lot.
For example:

Biker Dating is Not Like Regular Dating! (Here’s why)


Dating a Biker Can Surprise You…

Now, as we know, a happy biker is a lot more fun than a grumpy biker.
Luckily, it’s not that hard to make a biker happier.

Biker dating can lead to extreme happiness – for both of you.
It’s easy to make this happen when you know how (and I’m about to show you).

Once you know a few insider tricks, it’s surprisingly easy to make your biker smile.
And happiness is contagious.

In a matter of seconds, I bet you’ll be grinning right back at him.

Here are some ways to make sure you’re BOTH smiling in a biker relationship – every single day.


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10 Secrets to Biker Dating Happiness

1.  Make sure he rides often – with or without you

Your biker is happiest when he’s riding through the world on his motorcycle.
I absolutely guarantee it.

He would never admit to such a girly thing, but trust me: this is his Happy Place.

Have you noticed that every time he comes home from a ride, he’s relaxed and in a great mood?
It’s not a coincidence.

But if he’s been putting in long days at work, or it’s been snowing for months, he won’t have had a chance to get out on the bike.
And then his mood will change for the worse.

He’s much more irritable, and much more easily stressed.

That’s because riding a motorcycle has massive mental health benefits.
You could call it wind therapy.

A motorcycle ride is like a ‘reset’ button – during a ride, problems and stresses shrink.
A sense of perspective returns.
And by the end of the ride, everything seems easier.

So encourage your biker to go riding as often as he can (whether you’re available to go with him or not).


biker dating happiness - regular riding


2.  Show some love when he gets back from a long ride

A long motorcycle ride can be gruelling.
Yes, wind therapy is good for the mind and soul.
But it can be hard on the body.

So show him you get that with some acts of kindness when he gets back.

I have a little routine I always go through when Pat gets home after spending all day in the saddle:

  • I squeeze out a clean face washer in hot water so he can wipe the bugs and road dirt off his face.
  • I make him a cold drink and a snack.
  • I tell him to get into more comfortable clothes.
  • I even wipe his helmet visor for him so it’s ready for the next ride.

These are small gestures that take only a few minutes.
They’re quick and easy to do.

But they make him feel appreciated and welcome.

3.  Talk about motorcycles

There’s no way around it.
Biker dating involves being with a man who’s obsessed with motorcycles.
That’s just the way it is.
It’s a long term passion, and it’s not going away.

So it helps to be able to chat about motorcycles.
You don’t need to be a technical expert, or even ride yourself.
You just have to show an interest.

For example, you could ask him:

  • How’s the motorcycle running?
  • Are you having any problems with it?
  • How’s the latest modification you’ve done settling in?
  • How many miles did you do today?
  • Which roads did you take?

And if you need more ideas for motorcycle chit-chat, try this:

Dating a Biker? How to Talk About Motorcycles


biker dating happiness - talk about motorcycles


4.  Accept he WILL spend money on motorcycle-related stuff

This is another fact of life about biker dating.
He will need a lot of things for his motorcycle.
Not want. NEED.

These things are essential to him.
There’ll be standard motorcycle upkeep expenses, such as a regular service in at the shop.
There’ll be add-ons that make the motorcycle run better.

And then there are the modifications.
These are also essential, because they mean he can customise the motorcycle to make it fit him better, and to express his personality.

So be it.
It’s his money.

It’s better than him spending his spare cash on hookers, right?

5.  Buy him motorcycle related birthday gifts

There’s no better way to support his motorcycle obsession than by getting him a motorcycle themed gift.

Do this, and you make a statement that you support his passion.
So what should you buy him?
That’s easy.

You can check out my biker gift guide for inspiration.
Or you could do something more radical…

Ask him what he needs.
And then buy it for him.
Wrap it up with a big bow, and give it to him on his birthday.

Gift vouchers for motorcycle gear always make bikers smile.
You can get a good one here, at Revzilla (affiliate link).


biker dating happiness - gift card


6.  Ride as a couple

Another reason that biker dating is so great is because it gives you access to an activity that normal people don’t have.
You can go on motorcycle rides together, as a couple.

This is not just a really REALLY fun way to spend the day.
It’s also a unique bonding experience.

There’s something very intimate about snuggling up on the back of your biker’s motorcycle and heading off down the open road in the sunshine together.
It doesn’t even matter where you go.

It could be an hour’s quick blast down the freeway to blow out the cobwebs.
You could go for lunch out in the countryside, or take a whole weekend away at a little motel.

The destination’s less important than the experience of togetherness.

7.  Visit the garage now and then

Biker dating means you’ll have moments where you wonder what on earth he’s doing out in the garage for 8 hours at a time.
It’s not a mystery.

He’s either:

  • Working on a minor repair that ends up taking 10 times longer than he expected
  • Doing routine maintenance tasks
  • Trying to figure out where a new noise is coming from, or
  • Just hanging out with his motorcycle.

Most bikers welcome visitors to the garage.
So bring him a coffee or a beer and see how he’s doing.

And if he’s up to his elbows in grease and frustration, pull up your sleeves and give him a hand.


biker dating happiness - visit the garage


8.  Encourage him to keep up with essential motorcycle maintenance

We know plenty of bikers who don’t just cut corners when it comes to bike maintenance – they’re actually making their motorcycles more dangerous through neglect.

That’s crazy.

Because yes, there are costs involved in keeping a motorcycle roadworthy.
Just like there are with a car.

So if your biker is procrastinating about getting the brakes fixed or getting a new tire, speak up and encourage him to act.
These are unavoidable expenses.
They make the motorcycle – and him – safer.

Offer to give him a ride back from the motorcycle shop, and make it easier for him to get the necessary work done.

9.  Next time you go away for the weekend, take the motorcycle

Many bikers have a history of being criticised for loving motorcycles.
The harsh judgements come from everyone from parents to ex-wives, and even complete strangers.
Your biker will have lost count of how many people in his life have told him motorcycles are bad.

So whenever you get the chance to validate his obsession – take it.

For example, if you’re planning a long weekend away, suggest you take the motorcycle.
A motorcycle road trip is way more fun than going in the car, anyway.

He’ll be thrilled you suggested it.
And delighted that you’re not like all the motorcycle critics he’s known.


biker dating happiness - take a road trip


10.  Notice his motorcycle riding skills

With any kind of dating, you increase levels of harmony and intimacy by giving each other compliments.
Especially if they’re sincere.

Everyone loves to hear kind words about themselves.
And it’s no different with biker dating.

Riding a motorcycle demands a unique set of pretty impressive skills.
Your biker has:

  • mechanical know-how
  • the ability to read the road conditions
  • a 6th sense to predict the random moves of car drivers, and
  • the expertise to make the motorcycle do whatever he wants at any moment (even in a tight corner).

These are outrageous skills!
They’re worthy of comment.

So tell him you see how skilled he is.
Notice when he glides through a tricky corner smoothly, or avoids a massive pot hole in the road.

He’ll love that you ‘see’ him, and what he can do.

Biker Dating Can be a Direct Route to Happiness – For Both of You

Once you know how, it’s not hard to make your biker smile.
You just need to show you appreciate him.

And if that appreciation has a motorcycle theme, so much the better.


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