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Come riding

Motorcycle riding two-up can double your fun. You already know that.

Is there anything better than roaring along on a metal beast with your partner perched behind you?Personally, I don’t think there is! But plenty of women don’t agree.

Why is it so hard to convince some women that motorcycle riding is the best thing in the world?

Come Riding! will tell you why. And then it’ll show you what to do about it.

If you’re sick of begging your woman to give motorcycle riding a try, this manual can help.

You’ll learn:

  • How women really think about bikes – and how to leverage that knowledge
  • How to replace begging with a strategy that works – it’s more effective than having yet another futile argument
  • The 5 most common pillion obstacles – and how to get around them.

If you’re tired of your partner saying she can’t come riding with you this weekend (again), this could be the insider information you’ve been waiting for.

With the right approach, you just might nudge her off the fence – and onto the back of your bike!

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