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cool gifts for a motorcycle rider featured

14 Very Cool Gifts for a Motorcycle Rider

If you’re not a biker yourself, choosing motorcycle gifts is a risky business.

Your average motorcycle rider is very picky.
He has strong opinions about which products are welcome in the garage – and on the bike.

Fair enough, but that leaves you completely in the dark!
All you can do is make wild, desperate guesses about which motorcycle gifts to buy.

Well, I’m about to flick the light switch to ‘on’.
Get ready to discover plenty of real-world motorcycle gifts that are practical, but thoughtful.

Never again will you need to resort to buying another Harley coffee mug.
Or a pair of $70 Triumph socks.

But there’s a secret to choosing the right cool gifts for a motorcycle rider…

You should pick something that will either:

  • Help him fix a bike-related problem


  • Show you support his motorcycle passion.

Pretty simple once you know how, right?

14 Motorcycle Gifts That Will Make a Biker Smile

  1. Pay off his instalment plan at the motorcycle store

If you know he’s been paying off a bike accessory or new tool at the local bike store, drop by the store on your own.

pay a bike shop debt

Clear the debt, pick up the item, and swear the bike shop staff to secrecy.

  1. The RIGHT motorcycle t-shirt

Yes, your motorcycle rider already has around 12,000 bike-themed t-shirts.

But how many of them are actually cool (or at least not monkey-butt ugly)?

Get him a t-shirt that looks good, is simply designed, and truly reflects his motorcycle passion.

motorcycle t-shirts don't have to be ugly


  1. Motorcycle magazine subscription

If he keeps forgetting to pick up the latest edition of his favorite bike magazine, make sure he never misses a month by setting up a year’s subscription.

You can organize this easily online.

Do a Google search: put the name of the magazine in quotes, and add your location.
That way, you can buy the subscription in your own currency.

A search like this example will help you find the right magazine instantly:

“Two Wheels Magazine” subscription US.

  1. Retro tins for his garage

Which motorcycle rider doesn’t need more storage for all those washers, screws and assorted bits of metal and rubber scattered all over the garage?

Retro tins are practical, yet cool additions to his garage that will make his life simpler.

retro tins look good in the garage
You can find them on eBay, or dig around in your local junk shops.

  1. Motorcycle key holder

In most motorcycle households, there’s a stressful daily ritual…

The last-minute frantic searching far and wide for the lost bike key.

Fix the problem by buying him a polished metal dish, or old-school hook just for his bike key.

By giving him somewhere to store this essential key, you can save him the drama of the daily panicked search.

That means no more turning over the whole house, and rummaging through the pockets of all his jeans every morning when he’s already running late!

He’ll love you for it.

  1. A book about motorcycles

You might’ve already thought of this one.
It seemed like a great idea until you tried ‘motorcycles’ as a search term in Amazon, didn’t it?

So which of the 25 million titles will you choose?

Before you give up and just order him another Harley t-shirt instead, try this.

bikers love motorcycle books

The solution is to narrow your search according to his specific area of interest.

For example, is he interested in:

  • The mechanics of how bikes work?
  • Motorcycle racing?
  • The history of a certain kind of bike?
  • Classic bikes?

It’s easy to choose when you focus on what he likes, rather than motorcycles in general.

  1. Workshop manual

If your motorcycle rider likes to work on his own bikes, he may need a workshop manual.

If you’re 100% sure of the make and model and the kind of manual he needs, order it online.

motorcycle manuals are popular presents
If you’re a little hazier on the details, pop into your local bike shop and let them help you get the right one.

  1. Motorcycle gear voucher

Motorcycle helmets, gloves, jackets and pants make very, very cool gifts.
But hang on a second.

A motorcycle rider is the only one who knows the size, make, color and style of gear he prefers.

But if you get a voucher at the best motorcycle gear store in town, he can get exactly what he wants.

  1. Vintage motorcycle sign

There are many kinds of metal signs out there that celebrate motorcycle culture.
They’re often made of tin, so will stand up well in the garage.

bikers love signs like these

In fact, these make such cool gifts, you can even feature them in the house without turning it into a redneck shack.

Try Googling: “tin sign” and your biker’s favorite motorcycle, and see what you can find.

  1. Custom-made log book

Some bikers are dedicated and quite particular record keepers.

If your motorcycle rider likes to note down essentials like mileage, dates of oil changes, and road trip details, get him a custom-made log book.

You can get the cover designed to reflect the make, model and even color of his motorcycle.

These are much more personal than a generic notebook you can pick up at your local stationery store.

Here’s one I had made specially for Pat at Etsy.com when he got his new Indian.

log books make great motorcycle gifts

He loves it!

  1. Motorcycle wallet

If his wallet’s looking a little tatty, get him a new one featuring the logo of his favorite bike.

Try your local bike shop to see what they have in stock.
Or search Google for official motorcycle merchandise.
Etsy.com also offers some artisan-made leather versions.

  1. Motorcycle cleaning kit

Bikers are always running out of their preferred kind of motorcycle wash and polish – usually when they’re halfway through cleaning their bike.

Make sure this never happens by putting together a cleaning kit.

everyone loves cleaning day

But don’t just pop into your local auto shop, and guess which brand he might like to try.

Trust me – he will have a firm product preference on this one.

Go out to the garage, and write down the names of the bike wash and polish brands he currently uses.

Buy those brands only.

And throw in a packet of chamois rags or top of the line polishing cloths while you’re there.

  1. Frame some riding photos

All bikers have at least a million photos of motorcycles, rides and rallies on their computers.

Why leave them tucked away in folders he’ll never see?

Get them off the computer, printed, framed and hung on the wall where he can enjoy them.

try framing some photos

You could also put together a little collection of some old photos of him through the years with different bikes.
Your local photo shop can get them restored and printed.

  1. Track down an unavailable bike product

For years, Pat was complaining that he couldn’t find his favorite metal polish anywhere.

I spent about 10 minutes and $24 on eBay, found the missing polish, and got it shipped to him from Europe.

He was amazed (and really happy).

Keep your ears open for recurring complaints about products he can’t seem to find.
Search the kinds of places he won’t think to look, like eBay and even Amazon (they have everything).

So there are 14 ideas for cool gifts you can source today!

You really don’t have to buy your motorcycle rider yet another biker key chain.
Or a Live to Ride t-shirt.

It’s actually pretty easy to surprise and delight your biker with motorcycle gifts that he’ll really love.

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    Another good one would be helmet holders. I have a substantial collection of old helmets that are no longer safe to wear but that I’m still attached to. I didn’t know what to do with them until I saw someone who is selling this great product. Once my garage is sorted out I plan on lining the walls with my favourite retired helmets.
    I love your articles btw

      Spooky, Paul! I ordered a helmet holder for my man ages ago and it just arrived this morning in the mail (slightly squashed, but never mind). I’m really interested to see how it pans out. I love the idea of you lining the walls of your garage with your favourite old helmets – that would look fantastic. We have a gorgeous Davida helmet with a Union Jack design permanently set up on our dining table – we bought it online because it was so beautiful but (sob) it doesn’t fit either of our extremely massive heads. But it’s a work of art in its own right.


    I love the log book idea & was wondering if you’ve still got the name of the Etsy seller you’ve got it from.

    Would love to get it for my motorcycle lover.

    Thank you!

      Hi Ashley, I must admit being addicted to Etsy – the sellers there do change a lot though and I think the original one I used has disappeared. If you search “motorcycle journal” you’ll likely come up with something good. 🙂

    So cool gift ideas for bikers. Specially i love # 2 #6 #9 #10 #12 gift idea. I wish #10 someone will give me…

      Glad you like them! These days there are lots of gift options for motorcycle people, which is a great thing!

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