helmet hair is not a disease

For some women, helmet hair may as well be herpes.

It’s an embarrassing disease – and even worse: it’s on full public show.

But helmet hair is actually not an incurable virus.
You can fix it with a hairbrush in about 7 seconds.

I get it every time I go motorcycle riding.
(Helmet hair, that is – not herpes.)

Pat parks the bike. We climb off, and stretch.

I unstrap my helmet, and Pat snorts. He starts to laugh.
Every. Single. Time.

Oh no, I sigh, Do I look like a wild woman again?

He tries as hard as he can to stop laughing, and insists:
You look gorgeous!

Clearly, he’s using the word pretty loosely.

motorcycle rides mess up your hair

That’s OK. I like his attitude, so I’ll take it as a compliment.
Because at the end of most motorcycle rides, you’re highly unlikely to be catwalk ready.

That’s just a fact.

But you will be grinning from ear to ear, and full of the joys of the ride.

Some people – me AND my man as it happens – think that’s way more important than how your hair looks.

Having said that, you don’t want small children shrieking in terror every time you take off your helmet.

The solution is simple…

Simply relax your grooming standards to a bike-friendly level.
Go with the flow.

go with the flow

Here are some practical ways to deal with the crippling stigma of helmet hair.

How to Deal With Helmet Hair on Motorcycle Rides

  1. Remember that no-one else cares if you have helmet hair.

You may go on motorcycle rides with your partner, or in a group.
Either way, I can guarantee you that you’re the only one remotely focused on your hair.

If you’re riding with your man, he’s just delighted to have you along. He’s listening to the motor, and thinking about his next bike mods.

And if you’re riding in a group, the other women are in the same boat as you. By the end of the ride, everyone has helmet hair.
So who cares?

  1. Motorcycle rides mean a break from the chore of grooming.

Motorcycle riding is not exactly compatible with looking sleek and styled. That’s just the way it is.

But that’s OK – it’s the weekend!

You’re not sitting in a meeting trying to look professional.
You’re not holding your stomach in at a cocktail party.

You’re flying wild in the breeze!

No-one’s judging you. You’re free to be your real self.

be yourself on a ride

  1. Motorcycle rides are all about keeping things simple.

Even before I get on a motorcycle, I have long, wild hair.
Passing birds look at it longingly.
I know they’d like to settle in there, and raise a family.

Normally, the hair straightener is my best friend.

But not when I’m out motorcycle riding. There’s just no point!

All I do is make sure my hair is tied back securely.
I don’t want to give those birds any false hope by offering them a ready-made nest.

That counts as a styling decision on a Sunday afternoon.

  1. Helmet hair looks worse when it starts out dirty.

I’ve found dirty hair just looks dirtier after it’s been in a helmet.

Put a helmet on clean hair, though, and you’re practically a supermodel by the end of the ride. Close enough, anyway.

  1. Use the secret grooming weapon of motorcycle riding.

Here’s a little Kardashian moment for you.

kardashian moment

On a ride, lipstick can make a massive difference.

I’d recommend Natural Pink rather than Hooker Red, though.

A little slick of color on your lips does two things:

  • It stops your lips drying out in the wind, and
  • It adds a touch of glam that almost hides the cave woman vibe of helmet hair.

Now you can grunt “Me want cappuccino!” at the next cafe with total confidence.

The Bottom Line With Helmet Hair

In the end, there’s really only one thing to remember when it comes to helmet hair.

You have to own the experience of looker wilder than usual.
Embrace it, and make it yours.

embrace looking wildI did that only last weekend, when we went away on the bike.

We arrived in a quiet little country town, and checked into our motel. Unpacking the saddle bags, I glanced in the mirror.

I burst out laughing at what I saw.

Wow, I said, a little proudly.
I’m like some sort of exotic animal.

You really are, Pat said approvingly.

We laughed for a while, I found my hairbrush, and we headed out to find a bar.

Because let’s face it, helmet hair is not herpes.

It’s curable, for a start.
And it proves you’ve been spending your time wisely – by going motorcycle riding!

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Written by Liz Hardy