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Blog Writing for Women Doesn’t Have to be Frilly and Pink

If you want more women readers – but don’t know where to start – you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Liz Hardy, a freelance copywriter who specializes in web content that women love.

Liz Hardy is a freelance copywriter That doesn’t mean covering:

  • Which actress has just named her baby Atomic Fluffy Squirrel
  • How to whip up the perfect batch of cupcakes with super cute pretty frosting, or
  • How to look like Jennifer Aniston without having plastic surgery.

My approach to blog writing is nothing like that.

It comes in every color but pink…

Here’s my secret:

I let my freak flag fly. It’s out there flapping in the wind for all to see.

I’m a little quirky and unconventional.
I don’t see things the same way as ‘normal’ people.

But this off-center approach is combined with a PhD in English and 10 years’ writing experience.
(Oh, and I teach other people how to write, too.)

That combination of personality, skills and experience means my writing is highly polished, but a little different.
It makes people want to keep reading.

You can see how it works right here at Pillioness.

Women love it…

how to get women to read your blog
how to get women readers

And there’s an added bonus…

Men love it, too! (Some of them are even famous.)

men love my blog writing too!
do you need a freelance copywriter
how to get women and men readers
blog writing for men too

With this fresh approach to blog writing, everyone wins:

  • Women are delighted to hear an original female voice on your blog
  • Men are surprised to see a familiar topic in a whole new way (through a woman’s eyes!), and…
  • As the blog owner, you benefit from a more engaged audience – which now includes women.

Stop wondering how to get women readers to love your blog, and talk to a freelance copywriter who knows how to make it happen!

Check out my portfolio, or just drop me a line here:

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