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Motorcycle Dogs & Motorcycle Men – 10 Ways They’re Exactly Alike!

Motorcycle dogs and motorcycle men have A LOT in common.

Think about it for a second.

Ever seen a biker dog flying along on a motorcycle with his human?
He’s so happy he can barely stand it.

He’s just bursting with joy.
Anyone who sees him roar past has to laugh in delight.

And just take a look at the motorcycle man in charge of the bike.
I bet you a million dollars he looks just as happy as his motorcycle dog.

But these bikers share more than a motorcycle and a huge grin.
They both display a huge number of the same characteristics.

Motorcycle dogs and motorcycle men are so alike, it’s just crazy. From looking good in leather, to howling with joy at the sound of a motorcycle engine, both kinds of bikers love to feel the wind in their fur. And they’re not ashamed to drool with happiness, either.

Let’s take a closer look.

Motorcycle Dogs and Motorcycle Men – 10 Funny Ways They’re Alike

 1.  Both look good in leather

Motorcycle safety gear is essential for anyone who gets onto a bike.
Of course it is.

It doesn’t matter if you have two legs, or four.
You still need a leather jacket.

It’ll be a layer of protection if a car tries to tangle with you.
It keeps you warm, and the rain and wind off you.

And, obviously, it also looks ridiculously cool.

both bikers look good in leather

Speaking of looking cool…

2.  Both can rock a pair of sunglasses

You’ve gotta protect your eyes from the wind, sun glare, and rogue bugs, right?

And if you happen to look like a rock star as you roar down the road on that beautiful machine, well, so be it.

Yep, I’m talking to you, Fido.

both can rock a pair of sunglasses

3.  Both understand the need for speed

You won’t find either of these bikers sitting on a motorcycle that’s parked in the driveway.
No way.

The adventure’s waiting out on the open road.
And you’ll never catch up with it at 10 miles per hour.

You’ve gotta get out on the open road, and let that motor roar.
OK, a speeding ticket is a distinct possibility.

But it’d take a pretty hard-nosed cop to write up a ticket when an adorable biker dog is licking his hand.

both understand the need for speed

4.  Both love wind therapy

Motorcycle men and motorcycle dogs love to feel the wind in their fur.
For the motorcycle man, this often means feeling the breeze rush through his beard.

But for a motorcycle dog, this is a full body wind-driven experience.
It’s exhilarating.
It’s joyful.

And have you ever noticed that neither motorcycle men nor motorcycle dogs ever complain about helmet hair?
They haven’t even thought about it.

Another thing they have in common.

biker dogs and motorcycle men love wind therapy

5.  Both will bark if you annoy them

Ever tried to make any outrageous suggestions to motorcycle men?
Like spending less money on motorcycle parts?
Or not disappearing on the bike for most of the weekend?

You’ll get a sharp response that sounds uncannily like a warning bark from a dog.

The same applies to trying to be reasonable with a biker dog.
Perhaps he could stay off the motorcycle and go for a nice walk in the park with you.

Or come to the dog wash and get a professional shampoo.

Zero chance.

Once again, you’ll get a series of short sharp barks that make the response pretty clear – even if you don’t speak the language of dog.
Yep, the answer is pretty clearly NO.

biker dogs and motorcycle men will bark

6.  Both will drool when happy

Motorcycle men fall deeply, suddenly, in love with new motorcycles on a regular basis.
You can often see them standing outside bike shops, fogging up the window and staring with longing at the beautiful metal beast inside on the showroom floor.

Look a little more closely, and yep… there it is… just a hint of drool.

It’s the same with motorcycle dogs.
They drool in joy; they drool in excitement.

Just another form of self-expression that both kinds of bikers share.

biker dogs and motorcycle men will drool in happiness

7.  Both are security conscious

Many motorcycle dogs do double duty, as family pets and hard-core security guards.
Just having one around is helpful when bike thief scumbags come prowling around the garage.

Some loud barking, and if necessary, a quick bite or two from those sharp teeth could really help to keep your precious motorcycle safe.

This behavior echoes the concerns of motorcycle men.
They invest heavily in locks for the garage, alarm systems, outdoor sensor lights and big gates.

You’ve gotta protect what’s yours, right?

biker dogs and motorcycle men are security conscious

8.  Both are excited by loud noises

Some motorcycle dogs just have to hear the bike being wheeled out of the shed to go into instant, intense joy overdrive.
They start barking hysterically, jumping around in anticipation of another day on the highway.

And motorcycle men respond positively to loud bike-related noises, too.
That’s why they spend a fortune upgrading the pipes so the motorcycle sounds very much like a plane that’s about to take off.

Loud motorcycle-related noises make both these kinds of bikers react positively.

Once that bike key turns, and the engine starts throbbing, you’ll find that motorcycle men and motorcycle dogs are both looking for their jackets, grinning at each other, and roaring out of the driveway.

But interestingly, both kinds of bikers are less interested in day to day noises.
Like early morning alarms, for instance.

biker dogs and motorcycle men like loud noises

9.  Both have a sense of adventure

Sure, you’ll often see motorcycle men and motorcycle dogs hanging out together on the couch watching Netflix.
They’ll keep an eye on motorcycle auctions online together.
They may go to the park, or stroll down the street.

But these low-key activities never replace a real motorcycle adventure.

That’s why there’s no point in asking when they’ll be back from their Saturday motorcycle ride.
Or where they’re actually going.

Because they just don’t know.

They’re seeing where the road takes them.
They’re road warriors, partners in a thrilling motorcycle adventure that might lead anywhere.

biker dogs and motorcycle men have a sense of adventure

10.  Both know what fun is

Motorcycle men and motorcycle dogs both know there’s more to life than working and paying bills.

Motorcycle dogs accept that they have to kill some time sleeping on the sofa and chewing anything left on the ground while their humans are at work.
And motorcycle men know they have to show up at work for much of the week, to earn the money that pays for the weekend fun (and the endless bike parts).

But these duties and obligations are not their key focus.

Fun is important, too.
And yes, a shared motorcycle ride is definitely the most fun thing they can do.

They know it.
They celebrate it.

And they’ll defend their right to have motorcycle-related fun anytime someone questions it.

biker dogs and motorcycle men know what fun is

Motorcycle Men and Motorcycle Dogs Have a Lot in Common!

They’re passionate, they’re full of life, and they’re shamelessly obsessed with motorcycles.

You’ve gotta admire their joyful approach to life!

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