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Motorcycle Gear For Women Who Want Comfort AND Style

It’s HARD to find amazing motorcycle clothing for women, isn’t it?

For a start, it’s often uglier than a mule’s backside.
You won’t catch me wearing plastic clown pants in public.
(Or in private, actually!)

But ugliness is only part of the problem.

Motorcycle clothing for women is often super uncomfortable, as well!

It’s too tight here…
It’s too baggy there…

The fabric scratches around your neck.
The socks make your feet smell like a teenage boy’s gym bag.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Some motorcycle gear for women actually looks good AND is perfectly comfortable.

This is How Motorcycle Gear for Women Should Be…


Helmet Hair Beanie womens motorcycle gear beanie

Let’s start with an instant solution to helmet hair.

We’ve all tried to cover flat hair with everything from a baseball cap to a floppy hat.

Let’s face it, results are mixed.

But here’s a new approach.
This beanie doesn’t make you look like you have something to hide.
It doesn’t make you look like you’ve just finished holding up a bank.

Rather than try to hide your hair, it puts it on display (and covers up the lank roots at the same time).


It comes in about a million colors, too, so it’s easy to find one you love.

Get one here.

Rose Keychain with Charging Cords

key chain as womens motorcycle gear

This is a clever little addition to your riding kit.

On the surface, it’s an effortlessly cool keychain.

The black rose and fringe scream Biker Chick Chic.

But take a peek behind the black tassels.

You’ll find four charging cords that can be used to help power up your mobile devices. Four separate prongs include: USB 2.0, iPhone 5/6, iPad and Galaxy.

Just plug the USB 2.0 into a wall charger or computer and the other prongs to your mobile devices.

That’s smart – and pretty.

See more here.

Sweet Smelling T-ShirtMotoChic antimicrobial tshirt

This space-age t-shirt does way more than just look cool.

It’s thoughtfully designed with double stitching to last longer and prevent stretching. That little red “chic” on the logo is an iridium-based logo that glows in the dark, too.

AND… (Drum roll, please)…

It’s made with an antimicrobial agent that destroys 99.9% of germs including odor-causing bacteria, fungi, and mold.

You may never need to shower again.

(But let’s not go crazy here).

Take a closer look.

gauntlets are cool motorcycle clothing for womenGauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

Who needs short little motorcycle gloves that stop at the wrist?

Gauntlet style motorcycle gloves are a whole new world!

These longer style gloves reach further up your arm, so the rain doesn’t come trickling in around your wrists in icy rivulets.

Made from butter-soft deerskin, this pair is also lined with 40 gram Thinsulate, so they keep your hands warm as well as dry.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take off your gloves at the end of a ride, and find your fingers HAVEN’T turned to ice for once?

Check them out here.

Adjustable Biking Bag Valerie is versatile womens motorcycle gear

This bag has a sweet, feminine name – Valerie.
But don’t let that fool you.
Valerie can change shape quicker than a transformer.

You can wear this bag 5 different ways: as a handbag, wristlet, shoulder bag, waist bag, or cross body bag.

That kind of versatility is so helpful on a motorcycle trip.
It means you only need to take one bag, which does everything you need it to.

And Valerie comes with her own accessories: silver-toned hardware and a leather tassel zipper pull.


See more of Valerie here.

motorcycle leggingsMotorcycle Leggings

Leggings are like the forgotten middle child when it comes to motorcycle gear.

Too often, they’re completely overlooked.

But leggings are really worth noticing.
They’re essentially the multi-taskers of women’s motorcycle gear.

They work as an extra layer of wind-proofing underneath your riding jeans or leathers.

And if you’re on a longer bike trip, you can wear them to lounge around your motel room.
That’s one less thing to pack.

And this pair even have a little motorcycle stamped on them!

Take a closer look here.

Cooling Motorcycle Top cooling motorcycle top

It’s always exciting when motocycle gear for women gets a helping hand from technology.

And here’s a great example.

This Cooling Base Layer Top has a seamless, slimming design that creates a flattering hourglass fit.

That’s a good start, right?

But it’s also made of a “honey comb” woven Italian fabric.

The special weave feels like air conditioning on the skin, cooling your body by drying eight times faster than cotton.

Clever use of compression fabrics also reduce muscle fatigue while riding.

And those little flashes of color remind me a little of a superhero costume!

See what I mean here.

cashmere scarf is luxury motorcycle clothing for womenPink Cashmere Scarf

Motorcycle gear for women doesn’t have to be black on black on black.

We can leave that to the guys, right?

Add a touch of color (and luxury) to your bike gear with this luscious pink scarf.

It’s super feminine, sure.
But it’s also incredibly soft, because it’s cashmere.

This scarf will look stunning under a leather jacket while it protects you from chilly wind blasts.

See it up close here.

Millions of Motorcycles Socks MotoChic socks

Personally, I love these socks because they’re covered in little motorcycles.
That’s enough for me!

But these socks are more than just cute.
They’re made of a compression fabric that reduces muscle fatigue and achiness.

That means your feet will feel much better than usual after sitting for hours on a bike.

AND this special fabric also goes to work on odor-causing bacteria.
So your legs feel good, and your feet smell fresh!

(And all those little motorcycles are sure to make you smile every time you pull them on!)

Check them out here.

floral belt as motorcycle gear for womenVintage Leather Belt

Keep those riding jeans right where they should be with this 100% cowhide leather belt.

It’s kind of weathered and a little rough – until you look closer and see that the punched-out patterns are sprays of flowers!
It’s feminine without being girly.

Perfect for a day out on a motorcycle.

Smell the leather flowers right here.

As you can see, motorcycle gear for women can be functional AND attractive.

There’s really no reason to settle for plastic clown pants…

Full disclosure: If you decide to make a purchase through a link here, I will get a small commission for it.
This doesn’t cost you anything additional.
These commissions help to keep the rest of my content free, so thank you!



    More than that – even those manufacturers who do pretend to manufacture gear for women still seem to forget that we have CURVES.

      Exactly, Helen! We’re Real Women! 🙂

    I love it! Thank You Thank You! Don’t get me wrong I LIVE my Harley but the clothes and gear are either rediculouly pricey or plain un-inspired! I’ll definitely ck out these items .Keep them coming!

      Awesome, Trina! Glad to hear you like these too! 🙂

    Like the gear, but what about safety gear, women riding jackets, sneakers ect.. Just my opinion

      For sure, Kim, that’s a massive topic (and massively important)! I have plans in the works to cover this too 🙂

        Yes, safety is important, fashion MUCH less so. I’m 71, on bikes annually since 1965 (2014 KTM Super Duke R now), & NOTHING is nearly as important as keeping my wife safe. Should be your first mission.

          Absolutely, Mike! I like the way you think! 🙂

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