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When you love motorcycles, they tend to take over your life just a little bit.

So naturally while the boss is talking, you’re thinking about motorcycles.Motorcycle Life page
Bike parts are pretty much as essential as groceries.

And of course…
You should definitely park your motorcycle in the living room.
That’s obvious, right?

Life with motorcycles is thrilling, rewarding, addictive.
When bikes are a part of the family, there’s a lot to talk about.

Let’s do that now!

Lifestyle Articles

Motorcycle Headache How to Fix it & Enjoy the Ride

Motorcycle Headache? How to Fix It & Enjoy the Ride!

A motorcycle headache can completely wreck a perfect riding day. Like any ...
Why Do Bikers Think They are Tough

Why Do Bikers Think They are Tough? (6 Surprising Reasons)

Know why bikers act tough? It’s not because they wish they were ...
why does riding a motorcycle make you happy

Why Does Riding a Motorcycle Make You Happy?

Motorcycle happiness is just the best state of mind, isn’t it? Just ...
How Motorcycles Help Your Career

How Motorcycles Help Your Career (Yep, it’s true!)

Motorcycles can actually make you better at your job. Nope, I’m not ...
too cold to ride your motorcycle

Too Cold to Ride Your Motorcycle? 12 Things to Do Instead!

How do you know when it’s too cold to ride your motorcycle? ...
why keep a motorcycle in the house featured

Why Keep a Motorcycle in the House? 21 Cool Reasons (With pics!)

Why do people think parking a motorcycle in the living room is ...
Why Are Motorcycles So Addictive

Why Are Motorcycles So Addictive?

Motorcycle addiction is definitely a thing. Motorcycles are highly addictive – as ...
What Annoys a Biker

What Annoys a Biker? 10 Things That Drive Them Crazy!

You might think that nothing could annoy a biker. Roaring down the ...

How Do Bikers Think? Get Inside the Biker Mentality!

Bikers think a little differently from normal people. Yes, motorcycles are always ...
Biker Beard Care How to Take Care of Your Beard

Biker Beard Care: How to Take Care of Your Beard

Biker beards are the wild beasts of the beard world. They’re not ...

Motorcycle Dogs & Motorcycle Men – 10 Ways They’re Exactly Alike!

Motorcycle dogs and motorcycle men have A LOT in common. Think about ...
Selling a Motorcycle

Selling a Motorcycle? Answer These Questions First!

Selling a motorcycle is a big deal. It’s not like selling a ...
why do dog bikers like motorcycles

Why Do Dog Bikers Like Motorcycles? 10 GRREAT Reasons!

Ever met a dog biker? It’s laugh-out-loud hilarious. Perched on the pillion ...
Triumph Scrambler A Motorcycle Love Story

Our Triumph Scrambler: A Motorcycle Love Story

Feast your eyes on a Triumph Scrambler 900, and I dare you ...

Why are Guys on Motorcycles So Hot? Top 10 Reasons

Ever noticed that guys on motorcycles have a special appeal? Why is ...

How to Rock a Biker Beard

A biker beard means business. There’s no two ways about it. But ...
motorcycles are dangerous featured 2

Are Motorcycles Dangerous? (Spoiler alert: yep)

Motorcycles are dangerous! Never EVER ride one! I’ve heard the lecture a ...

Biker Cats – Motorcycle Experts With Fur

Our little gang of biker cats know a thing or two about ...
why we love motorcycles featured

Why We Love Motorcycles: The Top 50 Reasons!

Why do YOU love motorcycles? It’s a simple enough question, right? But ...
funny motorcycle questions featured

25 Funny Motorcycle Questions People Actually Ask

You’d be amazed by the motorcycle questions people type into Google. They ...
should I buy a motorcycle internal

Should I Buy a Motorcycle? 20 Good Reasons to Say Yes!

Buying a motorcycle is a big decision. It takes some pretty serious ...
cool gifts for a motorcycle rider featured

14 Very Cool Gifts for a Motorcycle Rider

If you’re not a biker yourself, choosing motorcycle gifts is a risky ...
coronavirus lockdown a motorcyclist's guide

Coronavirus Lockdown: A Motorcyclist’s Guide to Staying Sane

When you ride a motorcycle, you already know what danger looks like. ...

Garage Articles

Motorcycle Security Tips From Biker Cats

10 Motorcycle Security Tips From Biker Cats

Motorcycle security is vitally important. It’s something we all worry about. There’s ...
How to Set Up Your Garage For Motorcycles

How to Set Up Your Garage For Motorcycles

Setting up your garage for motorcycles doesn’t have to be a far-off ...
Triumph Scrambler Gets A New Arrow Muffler

Our Triumph Scrambler Gets A New Arrow Muffler!

Our Triumph Scrambler 900 is a well-loved member of the family. For ...
motorcycle repair problems

Motorcycle Repair Problems? Blame the Garage Gods!

Motorcycle repair problems are probably not your fault. You know the garage ...

How to Turn a Motorbike Exhaust from a Roar to a Purr

A motorbike exhaust note is like your bike’s voice. You don’t need ...

On the Road Articles

What Does the Perfect Motorcycle Road Look Like

What Does the Perfect Motorcycle Road Look Like?

Do you ever dream of the perfect motorcycle road? Maybe you think ...
motorcycling in new zealand

Motorcycling in New Zealand: What’s it Like?

Motorcycling in New Zealand just might blow your mind. New Zealand is ...
Indian motorbikes down south

Indian Motorbikes at the Bottom of the World

Indian motorbikes have a cult following in a most surprising place … ...

Motorcycle Road Trip, or Crazy Acid Trip? (Who Knows?)

Here in New Zealand, a motorcycle road trip can get pretty weird ...
You don't need motorcycle goggles in the house

Indian Scout Review – The Pillion Perspective

Indian motorcycles are easy to love, let’s face it. And the Indian ...
Triumph motorcycle gas tanks featured

A Celebration of Triumph Motorcycle Gas Tanks!

Motorcycle fuel tanks are such works of art. They might be sky ...
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