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Motorcycle Passenger Quick Guide

Motorcycle Passenger Safety & Comfort – 10 Secrets!

Motorcycle passenger safety and comfort is so important!

How can you enjoy the ride if you’re scared, cold or clinging on like a desperate koala?

Riding on the back of a motorcycle is an adventure, but it takes some getting used to.
You probably have a lot of questions – and that’s completely normal.

If you’re not sure about something, always speak up and ask the rider.
He wants you to be safe and comfortable, too.

The Number One Rule here is: never suffer in silence.
Because if you’re struggling with something, it can probably be fixed.

Being a motorcycle passenger should be fun and exciting, not painful or terrifying.
That’s why you absolutely need to make sure you’re safe and comfortable.
It’s easy when you know how!


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So here are the answers to the most common questions about how to be safer and more comfortable on the back of a motorcycle…

Motorcycle Passenger Safety and Comfort: Your Questions Answered

You’ll find some fast, useful answers to each of these questions, and also links to some of the other blog posts on Pillioness if you want to dig a little deeper.

1.  How does it feel to be a motorcycle passenger?

Riding on the back of a motorcycle is a unique feeling.
There’s a lot of noise. The world flashes by very fast.

It’s potentially dangerous – but totally thrilling, too.
You can’t really tell if you’ll like it until you try it!

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how does it feel to be a motorcycle passenger

2.  How can I feel more confident as a motorcycle passenger?

Riding on the back of a motorcycle can be a little nerve-wracking until you get used to it.
Happily, there are plenty of ways to build your confidence:

  • Share your feelings with the rider, so he doesn’t go too fast
  • Practice getting on and off in the driveway first
  • Start out with shorter rides, and always always ALWAYS…
  • Wear full motorcycle safety gear.

Learn more: How to Feel More Confident on a Motorcycle

3.  How do I hold on?

If you haven’t done much riding as a motorcycle passenger, you may be worried that you’ll fall off.
Motorcycles don’t exactly come with seat belts, so you can’t strap yourself in.

But you can still hold on and be perfectly secure.
There are 4 main ways to hold on when riding on the back of a motorcycle:

  • With your knees: clamp your knees to the rider’s thighs and you essentially anchor yourself onto the bike
  • Clasp the waist or hips of the rider
  • Hold the strap in front of the passenger seat, or
  • Reach behind you to hold onto the grab rail.

Learn more: How Does a Motorcycle Passenger Hold On?


how does a motorcycle passenger hold on (1)

4.  Can I wear jeans on a motorcycle?

Jeans are better than shorts or a skirt, for sure.
But ideally you need proper motorcycle riding jeans.

Motorcycle jeans have sewn in ‘armor’ – a soft Kevlar fabric that offers real protection for the lower half of your body.

Learn more: Can You Wear Jeans on a Motorcycle?

5.  What safety gear do I need to wear?

You need to wear full safety gear every single time you get on the back of the motorcycle.

That way, you’re fully protected at all times.
Full safety gear means:

  • A motorcycle helmet
  • A leather jacket or other protective jacket that zips up
  • Motorcycle jeans
  • Motorcycle gloves, and
  • Boots

When you’re wearing the right clothes, you’re a lot safer.

Learn more: What Should Motorcycle Passengers Wear?


motorcycle passenger safety gear

6.  Are there clothes that I shouldn’t wear on a motorcycle?

YES! Quite a few.

Motorcycle passengers need to wear the same safety gear as the rider.
If you go out on the bike in a short skirt and a sleeveless top, you massively increase your risk factor.

So make sure you wear full safety gear rather than something pretty that offers zero protection.

This is what you SHOULDN’T wear on the back of a motorcycle:

  • Mini skirts
  • Cotton pants
  • Sandals
  • Short sleeved tops, or
  • Anything that exposes your skin.

Learn more: What NOT to Wear on a Motorcycle (Must-Know Tips for Women)

7.  How can I be more comfortable as a motorcycle passenger?

Comfort is a big issue on the back of a motorcycle.
Partly it’s about adjusting your expectations.
Being a motorcycle passenger is more demanding than lying on the couch watching TV.

It’s not like stretching out in a hot bubble bath.

But it IS way more exciting!

And there are plenty of things you can do to be more comfortable, of course.

  • Wear the right gear for the conditions
  • Have a motorcycle helmet that’s so comfortable you could wear it all day
  • Make sure the motorcycle passenger seat is set up for your comfort, and
  • Take regular breaks.

Learn more: 25 Motorcycle Comfort Tips for Passengers


motorcycle passenger comfort

8.  What kind of underwear should I wear on a motorcycle?

The right underwear can make you more comfortable, too.
This is not the time to slip on a tiny wisp of tight, lacy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.

You have to be focused on comfort and safety at all times as a motorcycle passenger.

It helps to have underwear that’s:

  • Breathable fabric
  • The right size, but also
  • Pretty! (Practical doesn’t have to mean ugly – there’s no need to resort to granny panties here).

Learn more: Biker Panties: How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Underwear

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Bra (And be Way More Comfortable)

9.  How do I find the right motorcycle helmet?

Buying your first motorcycle helmet can be daunting.
There’s a lot of choice.

But it’s absolutely vital to protect your precious head.
The helmet buying process is made easier when you know what your options are and what features are most important to you first.

You’ll need to consider:

  • Comfort and noise reduction
  • Do you want full face or half face coverage?
  • Will you be wearing glasses in the helmet?
  • How much do you want to spend?

Learn more: Women’s Motorcycle Helmets Made Simple


motorcycle helmets for motorcycle passengers

10.  Is there anything I should never do as a motorcycle passenger?

For sure.
There are a few key rules you should never break.

Such as:

  • Don’t get on or off without warning the rider
  • Never ride without full safety gear
  • Don’t smash your helmet into the rider’s helmet
  • Don’t lean right over in corners, and
  • Don’t distract the rider.

Learn more: Motorcycle Passengers: What NOT to do!

Motorcycle Passengers Deserve to be Safe and Comfortable!

There’s absolutely no reason to be cold, scared or in pain when you’re riding on the back of a motorcycle.

There are lots of things you can to do make sure you’re comfortable and as safe as possible.

And when you are, you’ll understand why people fall in love with motorcycles – because you will too!



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