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When it comes to motorcycle t-shirts, men are pretty particular.

I should know.

I’ve been doing my own deeply scientific research on the subject.
My methods are flawless.

They involve asking the Big Questions over several beers.

Turns out, guys often want 3 things from a motorcycle t-shirt…

  1. Something a little different from the 3,000 Harley/Triumph/Ducati/Indian motorbike t-shirts they already have.
  2. It doesn’t HAVE to be black, but it can’t be flamingo pink, or banana yellow.
  3. It should have a cool, simple design – not look like it was created by a demented tattoo artist on a tequila bender.

Well, great.

That’s all perfectly reasonable.

I’ve found 10 motorcycle t-shirts that fit the brief perfectly.

They’re a little different.

They come in black, blue, green, brown and maroon.

And they’re effortlessly cool (just like motorcycles).

10 Motorcycle T-shirts for Men Who Know What They Want
(and it’s not flamingo pink)

1.  Biker philosophy

If you ride a motorcycle, you already know all about the meaning of life.

And now you can show others the way!

motorcycle t-shirts meaning of life

See colors and sizes here.

2.  Motorcycle goggles

This motorbike t-shirt design reminds me of those old-school Halcyon goggles.

Hard to resist if you’re obsessed with vintage motorcycles like I am!

motorcycle t-shirts with goggles

See colors and sizes here.

3.  A regime you actually WANT to follow

Never mind a new miracle diet or 4 hours every day in the gym…

Here’s a routine I can commit to!

How about you?

motorcycle t-shirts eat sleep

See colors and sizes here.

4.  The addiction that’s good for you

This is one addiction where you DON’T need intervention…

In fact, don’t even THINK about it!

motorcycle t-shirts addict

See colors and sizes here.

5.  Don’t ask me why

I love that biker saying:

If you have to ask why I ride, you won’t understand my answer…

This motorbike t-shirt is perfect for those days when you don’t want to talk about riding.
You just want to get out, and ride!

motorcycle t-shirts sketch

See colors and sizes here.

6. Tire track

I love the idea of wearing this motorbike t-shirt to work.
What a great reminder of the open road while you earn your gas money…

motorcycle t-shirts tire

See colors and sizes here.

7. Are we there yet?

Ever noticed that no-one ever, EVER asks this annoying question on a bike?

Funny, that…

motorcycle t-shirts bikers never ask

See colors and sizes here.

8. Smash that GPS!

Isn’t it interesting how maps and GPS systems suddenly seem pointless when you’re out on the bike?

Because unless you’re trying to get to work on time (hah!), it really doesn’t matter where you end up.

Every road is a new adventure – there’s no “right” way…

motorcycle t-shirts never lost

See colors and sizes here.

9. What noise does a motorcycle make?

Non-bikers will never understand this motorbike t-shirt.

That’s why I love it!

motorcycle t-shirts say braap

See colors and sizes here.

10.  Motorcycle heartbeat

If you eat, sleep and BREATHE motorcycles, you’ll love this one.

This motorbike t-shirt shows that riding is as necessary as your heartbeat.

motorbike t-shirt with a heartbeat

See colors and sizes here.

As you can tell, these motorcycle t-shirt designs back up my “scientific” research completely.

  • They’re a little different, but not weird.
  • They don’t come in spearmint green or vomit yellow.
  • They perfectly reflect your love of motorcycles.

And that’s all a good motorbike t-shirt needs to do.

To see more motorcycle t-shirts you’ll love almost as much as your bike, check out the rest of the collection here.


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Written by Liz Hardy