motorcycle t-shirts for women not bitches

The perfect women’s motorcycle t-shirt only has to do three things.

It has to:

1. Reflect your personality
2. Look good, and
3. Be comfortable.

That doesn’t seem too hard, does it?

So WHY do women’s motorcycle t-shirts so often do the opposite?

In reality, they’re more likely to…

1. Have NOTHING to do with how you see yourself

Personally, I simply won’t be wearing any motorcycle t-shirts that refer to me as a bitch or a slut.

It’s called self-esteem.

2. Be really uncomfortable

They’re either baggy and shapeless, and look like your cousin Stewart’s hand-me-downs.

Or they’re tighter than a Victorian lady’s corset.
So you can forget about having any lunch on today’s ride.
You can breathe, or eat.

But not both.

3. Be supernaturally ugly

Lots of motorbike t-shirts are slashed strategically to put most of your private bits on display.

Or they come in Prostitute Pink, and feature pictures of skulls bleeding out of their eye sockets onto decaying roses.


It’s high time women had access to the kind of motorcycle t-shirts we deserve.

Because we don’t have to wear whale-boned corsets any more.
And we don’t have to field questions about how much we charge per hour.

10 of My Favorite Motorcycle T-shirts for Women

1.  Biking with bling

Here’s a motorbike t-shirt that’s basic black, but definitely not boring!

The pink glittery bike on the front sees to that!

motorcycle t-shirts may be glittery

Check out sizes and styles here.

2.  Biker chick with a brain

Yep, Beyonce’s not the only one calling herself a feminist!

motorcycle t-shirts that reflect your personality

Check out colors and styles here.

3.  For ladies who roar

Women who like motorcycles are not tame little pussycats.

This motorbike t-shirt puts your inner tiger on show for the world to see!

motorcycle t-shirts that roar

Check out colors and styles here.

4.  Who cares about helmet hair?

If you have better things to think about than how your hair looks, this motorbike t-shirt was made for you!

motorcycle t-shirts for good hair days

Check out colors and styles here.

5.  Love motorcycles? Say it with a picture!

Sometimes no words are necessary.

A bike in a heart pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

motorbike t-shirt that's all about the love

Check out sizes and styles here.

6.  Feminine charms

Yep, I freely admit that most of my motorbike t-shirts are black.

But sometimes, you’ve just gotta wear pink.

Here’s one in pink for ladies who like to ride on the passenger seat.

motorcycle t-shirts for the pink mood

Check out colors and styles here.

7.  There’s girly…and then there’s Grrrly!

Like your pink to come with a little attitude?

This one’s for you!

motorcycle t-shirts where pink is not girly

Check out colors and styles here.

8.  The Zen ritual

Personally, I love a simple ritual to help set the scene for the perfect ride.

This works for me. How about you?

motorcycle t-shirts with a ritual

Check out colors and styles here.

9. An old-school classic

Sometimes you just want to be low-key.

Here’s the motorbike t-shirt for the times when you want to be understated and effortlessly cool.

motorcycle t-shirts classic style

Check out colors and styles here.

10. Crazy cat lady style

What if you love bikes AND cats?

I know I do!

This motorbike t-shirt covers all bases…

motorcycle t-shirts for cat lovers

Check out colors and styles here.

We’re women who love motorcycles.
We’re not bitches or whores.

And now we can choose a motorcycle t-shirt to reflect that reality.

To see more motorcycle t-shirts for women that you’ll feel totally comfortable in, check out the rest of my hand-picked selection here.


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Written by Liz Hardy