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Pillion-Hotline-red-woman1-450x450Motorcycle classes for pillions sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

After all, there’s a lot to learn when you know nothing at all about motorcycling.

But who has time for formal pillion training?


That’s why Pillion 101 brings motorcycle classes to you.

It covers just what a new pillion needs to know.

And it’s conveniently packaged into a user-friendly e-book.

It’s just like getting motorcycle classes for pillions in your own home.

These 10 quick lessons:

  • Increase pillion confidence by teaching fundamental skills
  • Reduce rider irritation by turning pillions into pros faster (just imagine – no more helmet clashes, or wriggling in corners!)
  • Present key information in bite-sized pieces that makes riding pillion easy, do-able, and not so scary after all.

These 10 fun lessons get new pillions up to speed quickly. It takes years to learn these skills by trial and error! Why not fast-track it, and start enjoying riding pillion right now?

Pillion 101 is $16.95
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