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motorcycle rides are part of a professional development plan

Does Your Professional Development Plan Include a Motorcycle?

How do you react to the words: ‘Professional Development Plan’?

It’s a concept that makes many gainfully employed bikers groan out loud.

And no wonder.

Many professional development activities can make you want to just quit your job, go live in a tent, and start hunting your own food. 

I bet you’ve struggled through:

  • Awkward team bonding activities that confirm that guy Mark from Accounts is way weirder than he looks
  • Company retreats that are a masochistic blend of school camp and a day out with Bear Grylls, and
  • Networking events where the handshakes are sweaty, and you can practically taste the desperation.

You can’t wait to get out of there, and take a shower.

dating a biker with a mid life crisis

Very occasionally, one of these events might actually teach you something.

But more often, they make you want to find the nearest office window, and take a merciful jump into oblivion.

Happily, there’s a much less painful way to make a professional development plan.

How to include your motorcycle in a professional development plan

Right now, you might see riding a motorcycle as the best antidote to work stress.
Fair enough. It is.

But your bike can also be a central part of your professional development plan, too.

Motorcycles ride are definitely a way to escape from work – but they can also offer a whole new perspective on your career.

As you roar down the road on your beautiful machine, you can also cruise through a parallel internal landscape – your professional life.

Let me explain.

1.  Motorcycle rides force you to focus.

Your standard professional development plan is full of jaw-grindingly irrelevant activities.
They may have nothing to do with your goals, but they make you look busy.

But when you’re riding a motorcycle, there’s no room for the irrelevant.
You have to focus – on the road, the traffic, the motorcycle.

biker dating the hard way
And while you’re in super-focused mode, you can turn the same laser focus onto your career.

Choose the one goal you’ll work on next.
Or make an important decision while your mind is clear.

2.  Motorcycle rides offer a short-cut to clarity.

Everything looks clearer in natural light.

When you’re riding a motorcycle down the open road, a new perspective opens up.
Maybe you don’t want to take on that new project.
And maybe the world won’t end if you don’t take work home this weekend.

When you look at work in a different light (not under the fluorescent strips of the office!), things can suddenly become a lot clearer than you thought.

3.  Motorcycle rides make it easy to flip between the big picture, and the details.

Whenever you’re riding a motorcycle, you’re doing (at least) two things at once.

You’re looking ahead into the distance – watching the road, glancing at the sky, scanning the traffic.
But at the same time, you’re aware of the closer details.

You avoid pot holes, notice stray dogs, and try not to kill suicidal pedestrians.

These skills also work as part of a professional development plan.

There are big picture issues to consider, like your long term goals, or your 3 year plan.
Have you revisited them lately?

Your long term goals are realized by putting the smaller details into place now.
What can you change now in your daily routine to make you happier, or more productive in the workplace?

Don’t look now – but that kind of thinking functions as part of a professional development plan!

4.  Motorcycle rides remind you of what really matters.

When you’re riding a motorcycle, you tap directly into the joy of being alive.

You’re a moving part of a landscape you can see, hear, smell and touch.
This dynamic environment is worlds away from the air-conditioned office where your options seem so much more limited.

When you feel like a moving piece of a larger world, it’s easier to see how the different parts of your life could fit together.
This could be the moment to look for ways to make your work more personally meaningful, as an extension of who you really are.

No Team Bonding Activity can offer you that!

5.  Riding a motorcycle gives you more than a ticket to freedom

Bikes can be a powerful part of your professional development plan.

You already know motorcycle rides are a rock-solid investment in your personal happiness.

But you can use your bike to increase your professional satisfaction as well.

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Photo credits: alphaspirit; lunamarina; cookelma @ Canstockphoto.com


    Wow, you NAILED it with this post! I have felt all along that bikes teach one many good skills about presence and reality, and I haven’t seen anyone write about it as clearly & succinctly as you’ve here.

      Thanks, Erik! There are so many positive things about riding – it really does affect every other part of your life – often for the better!

    Thank you. Biker greetings ✌️ lets ride, ciao Harley

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