How to Talk to Women About Motorcycles

Rider Hotline man with beard

Who worked out that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus?

It surely must’ve been a biker.

Because when it comes to the subject of motorcycles, men and women are often on totally different planets.

Men are obsessed with their bikes. And women resent that.

What if you could have a bike-related conversation without the sarcasm and shouting?

Now you can – and I’ll show you how.

My advice can help your partner to:

  • Stop seeing riding as annoying Man Stuff that has nothing to do with her,
  • Understand the bike is a lot more than an expensive “death trap,” and even…
  • Seriously consider going riding with you!

I know how women think about bikes. I know what we find annoying. And I know what women want to hear from you on this tricky subject.

I can help you personally with your own situation.

Email me your question, and I’ll give you some targeted advice that helps explain the female point of view.

If you’re sick of arguing over motorcycles, this advice might just change everything. It’s a lot cheaper than marriage counselling!