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7 Simple Motorcycle Hairstyles

7 Simple Motorcycle Hairstyles (Biker Chick Hairstyles Made Easy)

Which motorcycle hairstyles will look good on you?

It’s hard to know where to start, isn’t it?

Anytime you see a woman on a motorcycle in a movie, her hair is perfect.
If her hair is short, she pulls off her helmet and her hair springs into life.
In reality, it’s more likely to be flattened against her head.

And if her hair is long, the movie biker chick pulls off her helmet and her hair tumbles over her shoulders like a glossy river.

That’s also hilarious.

In the real world, long hair that’s flying free in the wind becomes a dried out, tangled haystack by the end of a motorcycle ride.

But don’t worry.

You don’t have to land a movie role to have good biker chick hair.
And you don’t need to ride with a team of stylists, 25 products, curling tongs, and mini straighteners.

Motorcycle hairstyles need to achieve three things: look good, protect your hair from the wind and weather, and be easy to fix when helmet hair strikes.
Unless you want to have a bad hair day every time you go out on the motorcycle, it pays to plan ahead, and choose your style carefully.

How do you cover the three must-haves for biker chick hair?

It’s easy:

1.  The hairstyle must look good.

You need a style that suits you, and you’re comfortable with it once the helmet comes off.

2.  Your hair must be protected from the wind and weather.

Long hair especially likes to try and escape to turn into a bird’s nest by the end of the ride.

3.  The style needs to be easy to save from helmet hair.

When helmet hair strikes (which it so often does), you need to be able to fix it without spending an hour washing your hair in a public washroom and hoping they have a hot air dryer.
(Here’s my sure-fire strategy for fixing motorcycle helmet hair, by the way.)

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So let’s talk about which motorcycle hairstyles will work for you.

Here are some classic styles that are simple, easy to do, and look good on a range of different hair types.

7 Motorcycle Hairstyles for Women Who Don’t Want to Fuss

Have long hair? Try these styles…

 1.  Low ponytail

This is the quickest, simplest option for long hair.

The low positioning of the ponytail is really important here.
It makes it easy to get the helmet on, and you can wrap a scarf around your neck to make sure the ponytail stays tucked firmly down the back of your jacket.

low ponytail for biker chicks

2.  Low bun

This is my personal favorite for hair that’s long enough to tie back.

It’s more flattering than a ponytail or braid, because it’s not so severely scraped back off your face.
It’s also more secure, as the ends of your hair are part of the bun, not flying free where the wind might catch them.

And at the end of a ride, you can simply take out your hair tie.
Your hair has been “set” by being curled around on itself.

low bun biker chick hairstyles

3.  Two braids

Notice the braids start low down, and control the long hair tightly.

You can easily tuck these into your jacket, and they’re unlikely to escape.

And when you take off your helmet, you have some hair on both sides of your face, which can be more flattering than the tightly pulled back styles.

biker braids

4.  A single braid down your back

This braid lies flat against your head and will keep the hair in check.

It’ll be easy to get your helmet on over this.

You can leave some wispy strands out around your face for when you remove the helmet.

Most people need some softening around the face rather than a super tight braid that makes you look like you got a $50 facelift at a strip mall.

single biker braid

Is your hair short? These styles may work for you…

5.  Crop

Women with very short hair are at a real advantage here.

You’ll never suffer from helmet hair, and your hair won’t get caught in the wind.

You’ll look as gorgeous after the ride as you do before.

cropped biker hairstyles female

6.  Short layers

The danger with short layers is that your hair can easily wind up pancake-flat by the end of the ride.

To try and avoid that, ride with clean hair that will spring back into shape more easily, and try parting your hair on the opposite side to usual as you put on your helmet.
Then when you take off the helmet, run your fingers through your hair and correct the parting.

You just might’ve bought yourself a little volume to counter-act any flattening.

motorcycle helmet friendly hairstyles

7.  Choppy bob

This style can be a challenge under a helmet, as it’s not quite long enough to tie back, yet it’s a little too long to just ruffle back into shape.

Try turning your head upside down and lightly rubbing the roots before putting on your helmet to counteract potential flatness, and make sure your scarf is pulled up high around your neck, against your helmet to trap the ends safely away from the wind.

bob motorcycle hair women

What do you think?
Is there a motorcycle hairstyle here you can love?

And here’s a little more advice that applies to all biker chick hairstyles.

Motorcycle Hairstyles: 4 Bonus Tips

Whether your hair is long or short, here are a few more secrets that might also help:

  • Ride with clean hair wherever possible.
    It makes it easier for your hair to spring back into shape.
  • A quick scrunch and rub at the roots when you take off your helmet (and before you put it on) can help to add volume back to helmet-flattened hair.
    Tip your head upside down if necessary (and if a whole coffee shop isn’t watching).
  • Use styling creams and lotions sparingly.
    Too much goop will leave your hair either greasy or stiff – and also make the inside of your helmet sticky for the future.
  • Choose soft, covered hair ties.
    You need hair ties that will hold your hair securely without splitting it.

Riding on a motorcycle makes having a good hair day more challenging, it’s true.

But with the right motorcycle hairstyle, you can get to the end of the ride and pull off your motorcycle helmet with confidence.

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