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Practical advice for worried pillions


When you start riding pillion, you enter a whole new world. You probably have a million questions – but you don’t want to look stupid!
My email advice can help. Ask me anything about riding pillion, and I’ll give you an honest (and private!) answer. No-one will ever know how you got so confident – so fast.

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How to talk to women about motorcycles


Many women see your bike as the enemy. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

I know how women think. I know why they get so angry about bikes. Often, there’s something you can do about that!

I can help you personally with your own situation, with some advice that might just change everything. It’s fast; it’s tailor-made for you. And it’s a lot cheaper than a divorce.



20 ways to ride without fear


Riding pillion is supposed to be fun – not terrifying!

This free little manual helps take the terror out of riding.

These easy, confidence-building tips will show you how to feel safer on the back of a bike, starting today.

All you have to lose is your fear.



The quick-start guide for new pillions


It used to take years to become an expert pillion rider. Not anymore!

Now you can learn fundamental pillion skills from the comfort of your own home.

These 10 easy lessons cover everything – from how to hang on, how to go around corners safely, to what safety gear you really need.

Why take years to learn these essential skills the hard way?

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How to get a woman to ride with you


You know that riding’s the best thing in the world. I know it.

But your partner’s not so sure. And somehow, when it’s a perfect day for a ride, she’s suddenly washing her hair. Again.

If you’re sick of hearing 100 female excuses for not going riding, this manual can help.

Learn these tricks, and you could be planning your next ride together, instead of having another pointless argument.



How to look good on a motorcycle

Available Soon!

Riding pillion involves a whole lot of beauty challenges you’ve never had to face before.

Something terrifying happens when you put on a helmet. It transforms your whole look – and not for the better. By the end of a ride, it’s easy to look like you’ve never heard of shampoo, you don’t own a mirror, and you’ve been sleeping rough for months.

I can show you how to fix that. Helmet hair and running mascara can be avoided!