Where is it written that the garage is the right place for motorcycle storage?

I never got that memo.

So there’s a Triumph Scrambler in my living room right now.
It’s her turn for a little indoor visit.

Why hide a bike this gorgeous in the garage – when there’s plenty of room in the house for motorcycle storage?

It’s not like I’m expecting the crew of Better Homes and Gardens to show up at my front door, and start taking pictures for next month’s cover story. We live in a real house, not a show home.

Now, your pets will probably have no objections to your two-wheeled room mate. Hector has no issues at all with our motorcycle storage decisions.


But I know not every motorcycle wife thinks like me. Some women will call a divorce lawyer if you start using the living room for motorcycle parking.

So you need to have your counter-arguments ready to go.

How to Deal With Objections to Indoor Motorcycle Storage

There are three common reasons for insisting the bike has no place in the house. Here’s how to get around them.

  • The bike smells! It’s dirty!

Well, clean the bike before bringing it into the house, obviously.
We’re not barbarians here.

  • The bike is right in the way!

Park it off to one side, away from the doorway, and leave a little space around it.

  • It’ll wreck the carpet!

Not if you put a piece of floor rag, or cardboard strategically under potential leaks. Or just spread a tarp out under the whole bike, like we do.


Right, now we have these irrational objections out of the way.
So let’s focus on why indoor motorcycle parking is the best idea ever.

6 Ways to Justify Using Your Living Room for Motorcycle Storage

  1. Motorcycles are works of art.

The tank of our Triumph Scrambler is signed by the person who painted it – just like all authentic pieces of art. You own a metal sculpture with wheels.

And it’s probably more beautiful (and relevant) than all of the other ornaments, doodads and knick-knacks in your house put together.

  1. It’s cold out in the garage!

Why wait until the temperature creeps above zero to polish the tank, or do minor mechanical work to your bike? If the bike is indoors, the weather doesn’t matter.

It’s a smart move to maintain your bike. You’re protecting your investment. And the living room is the perfect environment for a motorcycle check-up.


It’s much easier to give the bike a good going-over if you don’t have to roll around on the freezing concrete of your garage floor.

  1. The living room is closer to the beer.

All your creature comforts are here. You can reach into the fridge, or flick on the TV. And your living room sound system is probably way better than your garage set up.

  1. Indoor motorcycle storage reminds you why you work for a living.

Now while you eat your cornflakes, you have a glittering reminder of the rewards of holding down a stressful, boring or annoying job.

What would you rather focus on: your next motorcycle accessory and ride – or all the tedious details of the work day ahead?

  1. You’ll smile every time you walk past it.

There’s no better instant mood lifter than the sight of your beautiful machine. Period.

  1. It triggers positive memories and associations.

Having our Triumph Scrambler front and center while we make dinner automatically makes us re-live the many wonderful adventures she’s taken us on. We admire her sinuous lines, and notice the cool mods we’ve made over the years.


How pretty is that Zard exhaust!

And in the process, we’ve brought the freedom of the road right into our living room.

Indoor motorcycle storage makes perfect sense.

Our Triumph Scrambler is part of the family.

Why would I banish her to the garage?
Hector would be seriously disappointed – and so would I!


In a pleasing new twist, we see that indoor motorcycle parking runs in the family – our children do it too!

victory motorcycle inside

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Written by Liz Hardy