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If so, you’ve come to the right place.


Building a following on Twitter takes time and money. FACT.

99% of motorcycle businesses can’t harness the potential of Twitter because they don’t have enough followers. FACT.

Most bike businesses know plenty about motorcycles – but not so much about what makes a fantastic tweet. FACT.

It’s time to fix all that.

I offer Twitter advertising that puts you in direct contact with my own Twitter audience of 23,000 passionate motorcycle lovers.



These Twitter advertising packages give you:

  • Direct access to an existing, motorcycle-loving audience of 23,000 (who are already interested in all things bikes)
  • Done-for-you Twitter content written by a professional motorcycle writer (I’ve sent out over 36,000 tweets – believe me, I’ve got this)
  • Help every step of the way from a motorcycle-focused Twitter advertising expert.

These packages can help you if you need more exposure for a product, you want more publicity for your blog or business, or if you’re looking for a sound marketing tactic that’s simple, effective, and won’t break the bank.

Which Package is Right for You?


The Start Your Engine Package  –  from $29

Start Your Engine Package

This is a great way to kick-start your Twitter visibility.
With this package, your tweet reaches three times as many people as a standard tweet.

You get:

  • 1 written-for-you tweet
  • the most popular and relevant hashtags for your message
  • tweeted 3 times to my audience of 23K
  • a different photo each time.


The Sweet Retweet Package  –  from $25

Do you want more exposure for an existing tweet of your own?
I can send it out to my network, and make it more visible.

And I do that twice.

You get:

  • Two retweets of your original tweet.
  • The most popular and relevant hashtags for your message
  • Double the exposure of your content to my network of 23K.


The Profile Rebuild Package   –  from $35

Profile Rebuild Package

Your potential customers judge you instantly based on your Twitter profile.
You only have a few seconds to make the right impression.

You get:

  • A professionally written profile that reflects your brand
  • Your profile picture optimized
  • A Call to Action that directs customers to your website or product.


The Open Throttle Package  –  from  $42

Open Throttle Package

Choose this package to get more exposure, a lot faster.
Think of it as 0 to 140 in 10 seconds…

You get:

  • 4 custom-written tweets
  • the most popular and relevant hashtags for each message
  • each message tweeted once to my audience of 23K
  • a different photo with each tweet.


Are you ready to get your business in front of 23,000 motorcycle riders?

Just drop me a line, and we’ll get started!


    Image credit: julos @ Canstockphoto.com

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