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Yes, you can look good on a motorcycle (despite the helmet hair and all the bike gear)!

Women-and-Motorcycles-pageYes, you can be more comfortable, whether you ride on the front or the back.
And yes, there are ways to be safer on bikes, too.
Motorcycles are supposed to be fun – not a terrifying ordeal that you have to endure.

You may be a bit of a princess like me.
Or you may ride your own Harley.

Either way, women have specific needs when it comes to motorcycles.

Let’s talk about them!

Staying Safe & Being Comfortable

How to Feel More Confident on a Motorcycle

How to Feel More Confident on a Motorcycle (10 Tips for Passengers)

Feeling confident on a motorcycle doesn’t happen automatically. Especially if you’re a ...

Riding a Motorcycle With a Passenger: What to Say First!

Riding a motorcycle with a passenger changes everything. It affects how the ...
what should motorcycle passengers wear

What Should Motorcycle Passengers Wear? (Not a Dress!)

Does it matter what motorcycle passengers wear? Do you have to wear ...

The Motorcycle Road Trip: What to Pack (Just for the Ladies)

On a motorcycle road trip, what to pack is a special challenge ...
Motorcycle Passengers What NOT to do!

Motorcycle Passengers: What NOT to do!

Many motorcycle passengers are not exactly motorbike experts. I know I’m not. ...

Motorcycle Pillion Passenger Tips – Direct From Cats

When you’re a motorcycle pillion passenger, EVERYONE has advice… Don’t lean too ...
motorcycle comfort tips for passengers

25 Motorcycle Comfort Tips for Passengers (What works?)

Is motorcycle comfort even possible when you’re a passenger? Or do motorcycle ...
how does a motorcycle passenger hold on

How Does a Motorcycle Passenger Hold On? (4 Easy Ways)

How does a motorcycle passenger stay in place rather than fly off ...
whats it like to ride on the back of a motorcycle

Riding on the Back of a Motorcycle – What’s it Really Like?

Is riding on the back of a motorcycle scary? Your first ride ...
Pillion seat comfort featured

Does Pillion Seat Comfort Matter? (A princess explains…)

Surely pillion seat comfort only matters to high maintenance princesses. When it ...
why do motorcycle passengers fall asleep featured

Why Do Motorcycle Passengers Fall Asleep? (And How Not To!)

How can it be SO EASY for motorcycle passengers to fall asleep?I ...
when not to ride on the back of a motorcycle featured 2

When NOT to Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle: Tips for Women

Sometimes it’s smarter NOT to ride on the back of a motorcycle. ...
12 rules for riding with a pillion

12 Golden Rules for Riding with a Pillion

Riding with a pillion takes a little adjustment – for both the ...
womens motorcycle helmets

Women’s Motorcycle Helmets Made Simple

There are 2 ways to approach shopping for women’s motorcycle helmets. The ...

Looking Good

Motorcycle Helmet Hair Fails

Helmet Hair Fails – 10 Examples Modelled by Dogs

Helmet hair can be super embarrassing, right? Sure, there are ways to ...
going on a biker date

Going on a Biker Date? What to Wear

Going on a biker date? Awesome! But WHAT WILL YOU WEAR? WHAT ...

Helmet Hair With a Fringe Haircut: 6 Ways to Fix It!

Helmet hair can drive you totally crazy. After a motorcycle ride, who ...
8 Motorcycle Hairstyles to Avoid

8 Motorcycle Hairstyles You DON’T Want!

Some motorcycle hairstyles guarantee you’ll have a bad hair day. Because great ...
7 Simple Motorcycle Hairstyles

7 Simple Motorcycle Hairstyles (Biker Chick Hairstyles Made Easy)

Which motorcycle hairstyles will look good on you? It’s hard to know ...
Helmet Hair is not Herpes featured

Helmet Hair: It’s Not Herpes

For some women, helmet hair may as well be herpes. It’s an ...
most biker women are not playboy girls (1)

Why Biker Women Are Not Playboy Girls

Clearly, most biker women are styled by the people who used to ...
biker chick nails

10 Biker Chick Nail Designs That Look Pretty (Not Demonic)!

Have you SEEN some of the biker nail designs out there? Some ...
Practical Motorcycle Selfie Ideas for Biker Chicks featured

10 Practical Motorcycle Selfie Ideas for Biker Chicks

Not all biker chicks see selfies as a short-cut to breaking into ...
skin care for motorcycle riders featured

Skin Care for Motorcycle Riders: 4 Simple Steps

For many motorcycle riders, skin care is an afterthought. When you’re roaring ...
motorcycle helmet makeup

Motorcycle Helmet Makeup: The 5 Minute Method!

How do you wear makeup with a motorcycle helmet? The YouTube beauty ...
how to fix motorcycle hair

How to Fix Motorcycle Helmet Hair: What Really Works

Motorcycle helmet hair is hilarious – if it’s not happening to you. ...
how to look good on a motorcycle featured

How to Look Good on a Motorcycle: A Practical Guide for Women

It must be easy to look good on a motorcycle, right? Well, ...
Motorcycle gear for women header 2

Motorcycle Gear For Women Who Want Comfort AND Style

It’s HARD to find amazing motorcycle clothing for women, isn’t it? For ...


Biker Dating Advice 101

Dating a biker demands a few special skills. I should know. I’m ...
dating a biker what not to say featured

Dating a Biker? What NOT to Say!

Biker dating doesn’t exactly come with a rule book. But here’s one ...
Bikers with beards are you dating one

Bikers With Beards: How to Live Happily With One

Bikers with beards often have an attitude. They like to flout authority. ...
motorcycle pillion boredom

Motorcycle Pillion Boredom: 12 Ways to Cure it Forever!

Can a motorcycle pillion passenger actually be bored? You bet! Plenty of ...
motorcycle dating featured

Motorcycle Dating: 10 Unwritten Rules for a First Date

Motorcycle dating is a little different from normal dating. It’s also way ...
Dating a Biker How to talk about motorcycles

Dating a Biker? How to Talk About Motorcycles

If you’re dating a biker, you just KNOW he has a favorite ...
biker wife quotes featured

10 Biker Wife Quotes (How Many Do YOU Say)?

A biker wife knows a thing or two about motorcycles – and ...
motorcycle rallies a survival guide for women

Motorcycle Rallies – Survival Tips for Women

Once upon a time, motorcycle rallies were downright primitive. Back in the ...
my wife hates my motorcycle featured

My Wife Hates My Motorcycle! What Can I Do?

If your wife hates motorcycles (and you love them), arguments happen every ...
motorcycle riding in the rain featured

Riding Motorbikes in the Rain – Tips for Princesses

When the sun is shining, riding a motorbike is the first thing ...

Do Women Like Beards? HELL YES! (But maybe no…)

Bearded men used to be in the minority. Back in the day, if ...

The 10 Worst Ways to Ask Women on Motorcycle Rides

Riding a motorcycle as a couple is life changing. It can do ...

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