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Womens Motorcycle Helmets: How to Shop by Style

Womens motorcycle helmets come in 5 main styles.

And choosing a style you like is the simplest way to get a new motorcycle helmet.

It’s much easier than getting bogged down in details like whether you should get a modular helmet with removable cheek pads, 500 air vents, and Bluetooth.
By the time you’ve worked your way through the thousands of options, you’re too overwhelmed to make a decision.

I’m all for keeping things simple.
And this is the easiest way to choose the right womens motorcycle helmet.
Just pick your preferred style, and the rest follows.

All the motorcycle helmets you buy from reputable stores are safety certified.
And all of them come with a series of features that make the ride more comfortable.

So you might as well get one that you love, and makes you smile when you put it on, right?

Here’s a quick and simple overview of the different styles.
Which style calls to you?

The 5 Main Styles of Womens Motorcycle Helmets

1.  Graphic Motorcycle Helmets

Are you sick to death of wearing top-to-toe black motorcycle safety gear?

Then a graphic motorcycle helmet might be the answer.
Graphic women’s motorcycle helmets are colorful works of art.
They tend to be full-face style, so that hard decision is already made for you.

From fish to tigers to flowers and scenes from nature – there are a wide range of graphic helmets out there.

The one below is a great example.
Yes, there are splashes of pink, but these are not delicate pastel flowers.
No way.
These pink jellyfish are trailing tentacles that are both pretty and deadly.

This is a ladies motorcycle helmet that blends attitude with style.
It’s made of injection molded polycarbonate, so it’s extra strong.

The fog-free Icon Optics Face Shield means you’ll see every detail of the ride, and your eyes are also protected by the internal drop-down sun visor.
So no need for sunglasses.

There are airflow channels in the liner, and a moisture-wicking interior to keep your head dry and comfortable.

And the jellyfish glow in the dark!
That’s a very cool feature that also increases your safety.


womens motorcycle helmets - graphic

Get it here.

(This is an affiliate link.)

2.  Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

Retro styled womens motorcycle helmets are understated and classy.
They often use vintage styling elements that have a quiet movie star glamor.
They’re available in open face, or full face options.
So if you choose the open face, you can accessorise with some vintage motorcycle goggles to protect your eyes.
Or you can go for the full face option, and close the visor to stop your mascara running.

This one is a good example.
Yes, of course it’s safety certified, but it doesn’t look like your traditional motorcycle safety gear.

There’s a 70s feel to this female motorcycle helmet, with the old-school shape of the outer shell.
And the shock-absorbing liner features hand-stitched interior padding, cheek pads, and a foam chin bar cushion for comfort.

The chrome accents on the shell and eye port are the perfect shiny finishing touch.

It comes in 6 different colors – including this stunning purple!


womens motorcycle helmets - vintage

Get it here.

(This is an affiliate link.)

3.  Cute Motorcycle Helmets

Some womens motorcycle helmets are head-turning stunners.
They’re things of incredible beauty.

In fact, they’re SO pretty you won’t want to take them off at the end of the ride.

Some are beautiful colors and polished to a deep shine, like rubies or sapphires.
Others have a gorgeous glittery finish that makes you want to buy a disco ball.
Well, almost.

Here’s one in a silver glitter that’s so stunning it works as a piece of jewelry.

It’s an easy way to add instant style all the boring black of the rest of your motorcycle safety gear, too.


womens motorcycle helmets - cute

Get it here.

(This is an affiliate link.)

4.  Minimalist Motorcycle Helmets

If you don’t want to fuss with flashy colors or bold graphics, you might prefer a minimalist womens motorcycle helmet.

Once again, the minimalist style comes in half or full face options, so you still have a choice.
But this type of helmet is simplicity in motion.

Naturally, it’ll still protect your precious head.
It’s also comfortable.

But it just doesn’t bother with all the frilly bits.

And here’s a perfect example of how minimalist womens motorcycle helmets can look great with zero fuss.
This one is black and white.
It’s open face.
It’s clean and beautiful.

The old-school D-ring strap is the simplest way to fasten a helmet.
The antimicrobial faux suede liner’s comfortable, looks good and reduces odors over time.

It’s simple, it’s stylish – and also very budget friendly.


womens motorcycle helmets - minimalist

Get it here.

(This is an affiliate link.)

5.  Futuristic motorcycle helmets

Some women’s motorcycle helmets are totally space age.

They come in shiny finishes with styling details that make you feel ready to zoom through the galaxy.
They look great on modern motorcycles that already look like they’re moving at the speed of light even when they’re standing still

This space age helmet is a gorgeous example.
It’s silver, sleek, futuristic, and makes me want to go in search of aliens.

Super strong, yet unusually light, this helmet also features controllable ventilation with 13 air ports!
That rear spoiler extracts hot air to keep your face cool and the airflow fresh.

The liner is softer than usual with adjustable padding at the temple to customise the fit.
The liner fabric is odor resistant material, which helps maintain neutral acidity levels close to human skin.

Beam me up!


womens motorcycle helmets - futuristic

Get it here.

(This is an affiliate link.)


Womens motorcycle helmet styles make your buying decision easier

Of course you want a safe helmet.
It has to be quiet and comfortable too.
But these are the basics that all modern motorcycle helmets already cover.

So you might as well get a motorcycle helmet you truly love.

Get one that reflects your own style, and riding a motorcycle becomes even more joyful.



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