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Motorcycle stories wanted.

Do you love motorcycles?
And do you love talking about them?

Maybe you have a story to share with us.

At Pillioness, we’re open to guest articles about motorcycles.


write for us Pillioness


Topics we’re looking for

You’ve read some articles on the Pillioness blog, right?
So you know we like these kinds of topics:

  • Practical tips for living with motorcycles
  • Motorcycle lifestyle and culture stories
  • Descriptions of interesting motorcycle road trips
  • Tips for comfort and safety
  • Ideas for enhancing the motorcycle passenger experience
  • Biker pets
  • Simple fixes in the garage.

What we don’t want

We leave the in-depth mechanical guides (and dodgy tasteless stuff) to other motorcycle websites.

We’re more about motorcycle culture and lifestyle here.
So we don’t publish:

  • Descriptions of complicated rebuilds that took 10 years
  • Walk-throughs of 500-step mechanical processes that only a motorcycle mechanic will get
  • Pictures of your girlfriend (or yourself) posing topless on a motorcycle
  • Articles that promote affiliate links, or your product.

Here are the guidelines

Your article must be:

  • Original and not published anywhere else (now or in future)
  • Around 800-1500 words
  • Backed up with sources where appropriate
  • Proofread, and not full of errors.

We will edit the article, and get your approval before we publish it.
Hector will probably help with that when he’s not busy with motorcycle security in the shed.


Hector will help edit

What about photos?

Articles on Pillioness have at least 4 photos.

If you have your own original photos, great!
Send them through when your article is approved, and we’ll add them to your story.

If you don’t have photos, no drama.
We have licenses for photo libraries, so can legally source what we need.

What’s in it for you?

You get a brief author bio and photo at the end of the article.
You can include links to your website, or social media profiles.

Your article will be published on the Pillioness blog, and promoted on Pillioness social media, to an audience of motorcycle-loving people.
We reach over 300K people a year through all our channels.


motorcycle writers wanted

What to do next

If you have an article idea, just send us an email.
Answer these simple questions:

  1. What’s your topic?
  2. How long will your article be (roughly)?
  3. Do you have pics?

Not rocket science, is it?

We can’t wait to welcome you into the Pillioness creator community!

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