Motorcycle Writing

Motorcycle Writing That Appeals to Women As Well as Men

It’s widely estimated that up to 25% of motorcycle riders are women.
They either own a bike, or are passengers.

Liz Hardy is a freelance copywriter

That’s a big potential audience to ignore if you run a motorcycle business or blog!

So if you want more women customers, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Liz Hardy, an experienced online writer who specializes in covering motorcycles from a female perspective.

But I don’t do the pink, frilly kind of writing for women.
I don’t talk about:

  • Which celebrity has just named her baby Rainbow Fluffy Muffin
  • How to bake cupcakes with super cute sparkly frosting, or
  • 50 ways to look like Jennifer Aniston without plastic surgery.

I have more interesting things to think about.
I bet your readers do, too.

So here’s how I do things…

I focus on the joys and challenges of living with motorcycles.

For most women, that’s the sweet spot of motorcycle writing.

What I do

  • Blog posts and articles

    I specialize in fun, engaging articles that grab your readers by the eyeballs, and don’t let go.
    That means more positive attention for your business or blog.

  • Website content

    It’s hard to write about your own business, isn’t it?

    Get it wrong, and you either look desperate – or brown striped suit-and-tie boring.
    I can help you with web content that reflects your blog identity or business style.

  • Editing

    Do you have a list of ideas or a rough draft or two you’ve been meaning to get to – for months?
    I can make your rough drafts gleam like polished pipes in the sun.

    Liz Hardy motorcycle writer

  • Image sourcing

    Need an eye-catching, copyright-free image to go with the article?
    No problem. I’ll find the perfect one.

  • Search Engine Optimized content

    You’ll need to use keywords to help your customers find you.
    I can help you choose the right words to get on Google’s radar.

  • Promotion on social media

    If a blog post contains my byline, I’ll happily promote it to my 18K+ engaged Twitter followers – you get free publicity as part of the deal!

How I do it

I’ve been riding on the back of motorcycles for 25 years.
And I’ve been writing professionally for over a decade.

I combine my PhD in English with a kick-ass attitude, and the ability to write content that motorcycle people actually love to read.

You can see the kind of material I write here at the Pillioness blog, and on my Portfolio.


What People Are Saying

The cool thing about focusing on the joys of motorcycles (rather than how to do an oil change) means that women love my writing.

Female readers react like this…


how to get women to read your blog
how to get women readers

And there’s an added bonus…

Men love it, too! (Some of them are even famous.)

men love my blog writing too!


With this fresh approach to blog writing, everyone wins:

  • Women are delighted to hear an original female voice on your blog
  • Men are surprised to see a familiar topic in a whole new way (through a woman’s eyes!), and…
  • As the blog owner, you benefit from a more engaged audience – which now includes women.

There are more comments from happy readers right here.

Stop wondering how to reach more women with your blog or business.
Talk to a motorcycle writer who can make that happen!

Email me for a price list and current turnaround times:


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