Strap on Your Motorcycle Goggles – Let’s Go!

Strap on your motorcycle goggles!

Welcome to Pillioness, the only motorcycle website written from a pillion perspective.

I’m Liz Hardy, and I’ve been climbing onto a motorcycle passenger seat for 25 years now.

It all started when I met, and married my seriously bearded soul mate.
Pat’s been riding 45 years (and last had a shave in March of 1971).
We reckon we must’ve done about a quarter of a million kilometres together – so far, anyway!

I love going motorcycle riding with Pat!

You’ll find plenty of ways to celebrate the joys of motorcycle riding here at Pillioness.

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It's all about the motorcycle passenger seat!

Meet the Princess With Rose-Tinted Motorcycle Goggles

When it comes to motorcycle riding, you can’t be too much of a princess.

So I’ve ridden on 43C degree days when the road is actually melting.
I’ve hunkered down on my plush motorcycle passenger seat as icy winds straight from Antarctica bite through my 5 layers of thermal gear.

Even so, I’m more of a princess than a rough, tough biker chick.
I’m at least a quarter princess on my mother’s side.

I hate camping, for instance.
I sigh heavily every time I get helmet hair. (It happens a lot.)
I don’t roll around on the garage floor getting dirty.

Hector's on my seat!

And yet…

I love looking at the world through rose-tinted motorcycle goggles.

I love throwing my leg over that motorcycle passenger seat, and roaring out of the driveway.

Because after a day of motorcycle riding with your favorite person, everything’s different.
Your priorities shift. Your face hurts from smiling.
There’s really nothing like it.

I hope you enjoy my unique approach to the world of bikes.

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