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10 Cool Motorcycle Helmets

10 Cool Motorcycle Helmets (Watch Out! You Might Need One of These)

Cool motorcycle helmets are not just eye candy for bikers.

They actually make wearing safety gear fun.

Because motorcycle gear can be really boring!

We already know it’s vital to protect yourself out on the road.
You’ve got to wear all the gear, every ride.
Of course you do.

But all those layers of shapeless black safety gear are practical rather than good looking.
So motorcycle helmets give you a chance to crank up the style volume a little bit.

Happily, there’s no law to say you can’t protect your precious head – AND look good at the same time, right?

Why wear a plain helmet when there are so many cool motorcycle helmets to choose from?

Cool motorcycle helmets work just as well as ugly helmets – but they look 100% better!
And just because a motorcycle helmet is cool, that doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune.
There are great helmets available in all price ranges – and in many different styles.
It’s easy to find one you love.

Now, there IS a lot of choice out there when it comes to motorcycle helmets.

Before you know it, you’ve been browsing online for hours.
Soon, you’re overwhelmed by all the options.
And so you give up in frustration, and just pull on the old faithful full face helmet.

Sound familiar?

Then this blog post can help.
I’ve trawled through hundreds and hundreds of cool motorcycle helmets (and some not so cool).

And I’ve come up with my top 10 favorites to share with you.
Most of these have free shipping if you live in the US (and reasonable shipping if you don’t).

So if you’re thinking of upgrading to a better helmet, check out these top picks.

10 Cool Motorcycle Helmets (Are you ready to drool?)

1.  Bell Bullitt Gold Flake Helmet

Let’s start with a helmet for the extroverts.

This cool motorcycle helmet is no use if you’re shy.
Because it guarantees you’ll get a second look when you’re stopped at the traffic lights.
It was named after Steve McQueen and his cult movie Bullitt, so has built-in movie star credentials.

If you love being the center of attention, this could be the helmet for you.

It reminds me of the gold helmet Jack Nicholson wore in Easy Rider: attention-grabbing, yet, yet effortlessly cool.

And it’s a Bell helmet, so you’re buying from a company that’s been around since 1954, and is known for its ability to blend form and function.

It features a microsuede lining with leather trim, and SIX different vents.


cool motorcycle helmet - Bell Bullitt Gold Flake

Choose your color and size here.

(Affiliate link)

2.  Biltwell Gringo ECE Helmet

If the gold flake helmet is a little too much, how about this silver version?

This cool motorcycle helmet is shinier than some seriously polished chrome exhaust pipes.
Out on the open road, you’ll be reflecting more light than a solar flare.

Its hand-painted finish looks amazing, and if you want to go full retro, it’s made to work with goggles.
It has extra foam on the inside, a chin bar for added protection, and a little extra room in the ear area in case you want to blast a few tunes as you ride.

This motorcycle helmet is SO cool, that you’ll want to take your time unstrapping it when you get to your destination.

The longer you wear it, the cooler you look.


cool motorcycle helmet - Biltwell Gringo ECE

Choose your color and size here.

(Affiliate link)

3.  Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet

I have an earlier version of this Shoei motorcycle helmet and I’m completely in love with it.

It’s the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever owned.
It’s quiet, has easy-to-use air vents, and a pop down sun visor.

I love the modular structure too, as I can lift the front up and take the helmet on off (and put it on) while leaving my glasses in place.
That’s a game changer right there.

And this looks like the cool new version.
Hmm, might be time for an upgrade.

What do you think?


cool motorcycle helmet - shoei neotec

Choose your color and size here.

(Affiliate link)

4.  Biltwell Gringo SV Helmet

How’s this for an eye-catching cool motorcycle helmet that oozes vintage style?
This helmet suggests you’re probably on your way to work – on a movie set.

It looks like it was made in the 60s, but modern features like its lightness, the vents on the front, side and rear, and fleece liner and cheek pads bring it bang up to date.

And it comes in metallic cherry red!
Who could blame you if accidentally licked it when no-one was watching…
Looks pretty delicious, doesn’t it?


cool motorcycle helmet - biltwell gringo SV

Choose your color and size here.

(Affiliate link)

5.  AFX FX 17 Helmet

This is the kind of cool motorcycle helmet that the superhero Captain America might wear.
Pull on one of these helmets, and you just could be tempted to try and save the world.
Or at least ride even faster than you normally do.

This motorcycle helmet could make you feel invincible.
If you have the skills to back up that feeling, you probably need this helmet.

Just remember to wear your underpants on the inside of your riding jeans.

The AFX FX 17 has a lifetime warranty, which is unusual.
The clear-coat finish protects the graphics in case you leave the ground and start to fly.
It’s super light, and has 11 points of ventilation.
And the liner and cheek pads are hypo-allergenic, removable and washable.

But superheroes probably don’t read washing instructions, right?


cool motorcycle helmet - AFX FX-17 Flag

Choose your color and size here.

(Affiliate link)

6.  Fly Racing Street Revolt Matrix helmet

This cool motorcycle helmet is named after my favorite movie of all time: The Matrix.
So I already love it.

All those cogs and wheel graphics are a reminder that reality is not what it seems.
And as you’re leaning into a corner, you already know that you’re bending the laws of gravity just a little bit.

We all know how your perspective on life changes after a fantastic long ride.
The world looks a lot different than it did before you turned that ignition key.

So if you like altering reality by riding your motorcycle, this could be your kind of helmet.

The Fly Racing Street Revolt Matrix helmet has a two layer shell, to offer greater impact protection.
The removable air guide reduces fog by directing air upwards, and there’s a hydrophilic liner that absorbs sweat for when you come a little TOO close to testing the edges of reality in an extra tight corner.


cool motorcycle helmet - fly racing street revolt matrix

Choose your color and size here.

(Affiliate link)

7.  Nexx XG Racer Gallon Helmet

If you love vintage motorcycles, this cool motorcycle helmet will be hard to resist.
It’d look great with a leather jacket and any kind of classic motorcycle.

This helmet has a real 70s feel to it – the stripes and styling make it look like it was made decades ago.

But of course it wasn’t.
The plush interior with anti-sweat and anti-allergenic padding weren’t invented then.

Neither was the carbon composite shell.
This Nexx XG Racer Gallon helmet functions as well as any modern helmet.

It just happens to look a whole lot cooler.


cool motorcycle helmet - Nexx XG100 Racer Gallon

Choose your color and size here.

(Affiliate link)

8.  Nexx XG100 Racer Motordrome

Here’s another option if you’re in the market for a bit of stylish motorcycle nostalgia.

This vintage look is surface-deep only too, as the the materials and construction are beautifully modern.

I love the old-school gold racing stripe that separates the two-tone green and black.
There’s an understated style to this cool motorcycle helmet.
It gleams quietly, and suggests that the rider has been around the block a few times.
He’s not trying too hard to prove himself.

The Nexx XG100 Racer Motordrome Helmet is super comfortable, with a combination of state-of-the-art fabrics and strategic padding.

This cool motorcycle helmet works for the kind of rider who’s owned a motorcycle or two.
He doesn’t have to shout about his skills and experience from any rooftops.
He’s just out there doing it.


cool motorcycle helmet - nexx xg100 racer motordrome

Choose your color and size here.

(Affiliate link)

9.  LS2 Stream Snake Helmet

This motorcycle helmet will make you look twice.
Or maybe three times if you spot the tiny little price tag.

If you’re into snakes (or maybe just snakeskin boots), this helmet is a must-have.

It seems to have its own set of glittering scales.
They probably help you slide through the air more easily, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Of course, the makers don’t make such wild claims.

They simply explain that the cheek pads are cut from one solid piece of foam using laser technology that products a perfect fit.
There’s a scratch resistant fog shield, and my favorite feature – the drop down sun shield.

This is such great value for a budget helmet that you’ll probably hiss with pleasure when wearing it.


cool motorcycle helmet - LS2 Stream Snake

Choose your color and size here.

(Affiliate link)

10. HJC i20 Scraw Helmet

Do you think a cool motorcycle helmet should make a loud statement?
Then you’ll love this one.
It has the volume set to 10.
In fact, the speakers are probably just about to explode.

The HJC i20 Scraw Helmet has a high impact design that’s over-stimulating to say the least.
It’s sure to make you ride more aggressively.
And you know you’ll chuckle to yourself as pedestrians faint in terror as you roar past.

The makers of this HJC i20 helmet describe it as street fighter inspired.
It sure has that kind of vibe.

But it has some cool features, too, like the wide-vision, and anti-fog coated sun visor.
It’s light, even though it has a three shell breakdown that makes for a better fit.

But among its many features is a very surprising one: it has built-in grooves that your glasses can fit into.


Somehow this doesn’t strike me as a motorcycle helmet that accountants might wear.
What do you think?


cool motorcycle helmet - HJC i20 Scraw Helmet

Choose your color and size here.

(Affiliate link)


Cool Motorcycle Helmets Come in So Many Styles

Whether you like a more relaxed understated look, a nostalgic retro vibe, or a crazily attention grabbing design, there’s something for everyone here.
It’s all about matching the motorcycle helmet to your personality, and budget.

With choices like these out there, the days of pulling on your basic black half face helmet are over!
A cool motorcycle helmet is now within everyone’s reach.



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