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10 Womens T-Shirts You Can Wear on a Biker Date

10 Gorgeous Womens T-Shirts – Perfect For a Biker Date!

On a biker date, believe me, you won’t be wearing black tie.

You’ll probably be going somewhere casual – and be wearing layers of motorcycle safety gear.
But that doesn’t mean your biker date outfit has to be boring!

The quickest and easiest way to add style to your look is with a stunning women’s t-shirt.
The right t-shirt says:

Hey, have you noticed I look great without even trying?

It’s a brilliant tactic for making a high-impact first impression!

A biker date outfit starts with a fantastic womens t-shirt.
It’s the perfect cure for all that boring black motorcycle safety gear.
The right womens t-shirt can work perfectly for a lunchtime biker date.
And a more sophisticated one looks great on a biker date dinner or at a bar.

Here are some gorgeous women’s t-shirts that’ll help you look amazing on any kind of biker date.

10 Great Women’s T-shirts to Wear on Your Next Biker Date

1.  Roses and Ribs

I bet you’ve seen those biker t-shirts that showcase ugly skulls, and death-defying skeletons doing wheelies.
Who wants to wear pictures of corpses as fashion?

But this womens t-shirt totally reinvents that macho, super tough look.

OK, it does feature a rib cage… BUT the beating heart is a red rose.
It’s a little edgy and feminine, but there’s no sign of the Grim Reaper.


biker date womens t shirts - roses and ribs (2)

Check sizes and colors here.
(Affiliate link)

2.  Pug Rock Star

If you go on a biker date wearing this women’s t-shirt, you’ll definitely attract attention.

It makes a pretty loud statement that you’re fun and like to laugh.
It’s a surprising and funny design that’s bound to be an easy conversation starter.

It’ll lead naturally into talking about music and musicians.
You’re already on your way to finding common ground with your biker date.


biker date womens t shirts - pug kiss (1)

Check sizes and colors here.
(Affiliate link)

3.  Cow With Helmet Hair

Unless your head is shaved bald, you’ll be dealing with motorcycle helmet hair at some point.
All of us do.

Here are some ways to fix helmet hair if you want to.

But in the meantime, why not show you have a sense of humor about it?
This cow with crazy bangs proves that you don’t have to have perfect hair to look great.

So fluff up your hair, and smile.

If a cow can pull this off, so can you.


biker date womens t shirts - cow helmet hair (1)

Check sizes and colors here.
(Affiliate link)

4.  Beating Heart

Now personally, I can’t get enough of t-shirts covered in hearts and glitter.
A unicorn or two never hurts either.
But that can be a bit too much on a biker date.

So this womens t-shirt is a fun compromise on the whole loveheart theme.

It features a big red heart, sure – but not the mushy kind that Disney makes.
This one is a drawing of a real human heart.

Nothing sappy here!


biker date womens t shirts - beating heart (1)

Check sizes and colors here.
(Affiliate link)

5.  Dandelion Freedom

A biker date usually involves zooming along to your destination on a gorgeous motorcycle.
That’s pretty standard.
And this womens t-shirt captures the freedom and energy of a great motorcycle ride.

Just like the dandelion spores that flutter away on the wind, you’re also flying along the road, lighter than air.
This t-shirt will make you smile from the moment you pull it on.


biker date womens t shirts - dandelions (1)

Check sizes and colors here.
(Affiliate link)

6.  Dark Rose

This womens t-shirt is ideal for a biker date in a bar or restaurant.

It’s a little bit upmarket, a little bit mysterious, and very feminine.
It’s romantic without being desperate.

And it never hurts to plant the seed that roses are always a good idea, right?


biker date womens t shirts - dark rose (1)

Check sizes and colors here.
(Affiliate link)

7.  Tropical Lady

If you’re looking for a womens t-shirt that’s a little more girlie, this one’s for you.
The flowers and pretty face of the design are striking, but still have a feminine softness.

This’d be a great t-shirt for an afternoon coffee out on the motorcycle.
You’ll be wearing jeans and a jacket, remember, so this is an easy way to pretty up that basic look for a daytime biker date.


biker date womens t shirts - tropical girl (1)

Check sizes and colors here.
(Affiliate link)

8.  Biker Dog

Biker dogs are laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Whether they’re actually riding on the motorcycle or just hanging out with their biker owners, they’re always so joyful.

So this womens t-shirt is a great choice for a biker date.
Because riding on a motorcycle is a joyful experience too.
And it’ll spark a conversation about the animals that you and your biker date share your lives with.

It’s easy to talk about pets on a biker date.
Your date might even have a biker dog of his own.
That means talk will turn to motorcycles – which, of course, is your date’s favorite topic.

(And if this happens, don’t panic.
Try these tips about how to talk about motorcycles without any specialist knowledge at all).


biker date womens t shirts - biker dog (1)

Check sizes and colors here.
(Affiliate link)

9.  Biker Cat

If you’re a crazy cat woman (I know I am) you’re always looking for a cool cat t-shirt that doesn’t make you look like you might just have 43 cats at home.

This womens t-shirt is the answer.
Because this kitty can ride a motorcycle!

She’s cute, she’s funny – and way too stylish to suggest the person wearing the t-shirt is usually covered in a thick layer of cat hair.


biker date womens t shirts - biker cat (1)

Check sizes and colors here.
(Affiliate link)

10.  Cool Daisies

If you’re heading out of the city and into the countryside on your biker date, the daisy design on this womens t-shirt is just right.

When you’re sitting under a tree next to the motorcycle having a sandwich, you’ll be perfectly dressed.
You’re almost a part of the natural world all around you.

But you’re not about to join a hippie commune, because the daisies are sharp and graphic, and the t-shirt is black.
Being a hippie just became cool.


biker date womens t shirts - daisies (1)

Check sizes and colors here.
(Affiliate link)

These womens t-shirts will all look casually stylish on a biker date.

Remember, on any biker date, you start out wearing layers of motorcycle safety gear.
It’s essential, for sure – but not very pretty.

But a great t-shirt can transform your look, without making you look like you’re trying too hard.

Choose the womens t-shirt that best reflects your personality, and you’ll be more comfortable and confident on your next biker date.



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