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going on a biker date

Going on a Biker Date? What to Wear

Going on a biker date? Awesome! But WHAT WILL YOU WEAR?

WHAT ON EARTH should you wear on a motorcycle date?
This won’t be your average date night – so where do you start?

Should you wear a dress?
What about heels?

And is there something going on with leather you should know about?

Don’t worry, these are all valid questions.

But the answers are simple, and you’re about to learn them.

You need to be strategic about what to wear on a biker date.
Safety matters, so you should start with a foundation of jeans, boots, gloves and jacket.
From there, you can pretty it up with a stunning top, and clever accessories.
By combining practical with pretty, you can look fantastic AND ride safely.

When you’re on a biker date, there’s sure to be a motorcycle involved.
Yes, you may end up at a café in the countryside for lunch, or a bar or restaurant if you’re out after dark.

But for part of the date, you’ll be sitting on the back of a motorcycle.
And that calls for a whole new style approach.
It’s not enough to throw on your go-to dress, heels, and head out the door.

Because riding a motorcycle in a dress is a truly terrible idea (unless you do it right – like this).
For a start, you’ll probably get arrested for indecent exposure when the first gust of wind blows your dress up over your head.

That wouldn’t be ideal (but might get you on YouTube).

There’s a much bigger risk here, too.
If something goes wrong while you’re wearing a dress, you’ll have zero protection between you and the road.

When it comes to dressing for a biker date, you need to know three things:

1.  Safety HAS to be a priority

Getting on a motorcycle involves some risks; there’s no way around it.
You need to protect yourself, and that means a focus on safety first.

If you don’t own motorcycle safety gear, you’ll need to improvise.
So start with a foundation of jeans, jacket and boots – and sunglasses to protect your eyes.

But don’t panic.

You won’t look like you’re dressed to go to the hardware store.
We’ll get to the specifics of how to pretty up this basic look in just a minute.

2.  This is not a costume party

A biker date doesn’t mean you have to impersonate the women from Sons of Anarchy.

You don’t need “dress up” as a biker chick.
Be yourself first and foremost.

biker dating be yourself

3.  Find ways to be feminine

With the fashion focus on safety, you’ll have more skin covered than usual.
But, believe me – it’s still possible to look like a woman!

Let’s dig a little deeper into how to combine pretty with practical on a biker date.

What to Wear on a Biker Date
4 Simple Steps

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be dressed just right for your biker date.

Step 1:  The foundation of your biker date outfit

If this date leads to a second date, and then a third, you’ll end up investing in your own motorcycle gear.
You can deal with that later.

In the meantime, work with what you have.

Make sure your date can lend you a motorcycle helmet, so your head is protected.
I rate a helmet as the Number One Important Piece of Safety Gear.
This is totally non-negotiable for me.

Next, ask your date if he has a spare pair of riding gloves, too.
You want a layer of protection between your hands, and the wind (and also the road).

And from there, you need to cover all visible skin.

The basic motorcycle outfit involves a jacket, jeans and boots.
Let’s break each item down a little further…

  • A windproof jacket that closes in front

If you have a leather jacket, great.
That’s the obvious choice for a biker date.
And thicker leather is better than flimsy leather.
The jacket’s there to protect you in case anything goes wrong.

But what if you don’t have a leather jacket?

That’s OK.

What do you have that’s made of thick fabric, and zips up closed?
Go with that.

On a motorcycle, you want to keep the wind out, and protect your upper body.
Choose a jacket that will do both of these things for you.

wear a jacket on your motorcycle date

  • Jeans or thick pants

We’ve already ruled out wearing dresses and skirts on a motorcycle, right?
A skirt will billow up in every gust of wind, and give passing drivers a heart attack.
Footage of your date night underpants will be on the internet before you even get to the restaurant.

And if there’s a mishap, your risk of injury is much greater if you’re wearing a skirt.
Getting road gravel in your skin hurts.

Actually, it hurts a lot. (Ask me how I know…OUCH!)
So cover up your legs.

Your favorite pair of jeans will be perfect (until you invest in motorcycle safety jeans in future).
And if you’re going somewhere slightly more upmarket, wear black jeans.

(Oooh, fancy!)

If it’s a daytime biker date, blue jeans are fine.

  • Boots that cover your ankles

Maybe you just bought some pretty new strappy sandals.
You can hear them singing to you seductively from the closet.

They’re just begging for night out.

Oh well, they’ll have to wait a little longer.
On a motorcycle, your feet and lower legs need to be protected with closed-in footwear.

This is why boots are a must-have for a biker date.
And luckily, boots look great with jeans.

You probably have some beautiful leather boots already, right?
If they have low to medium heels, that’s even better.

Getting on and off a motorcycle in spike heels is a challenge.
Especially if you’re not used to it, and it’s dark.

Collapsing on the sidewalk with a twisted ankle is not an awesome start to the date.
It might rock your confidence just a little – and spending the next 5 hours in the ER is not exactly romantic.

OK, so now we have the basics of dressing for a biker date covered.
Let’s move on to glamming this outfit up a little, huh?

Step 2:  Wear a beautiful top on your biker date

You may think the jeans and a jacket combination is BEYOND boring.
But it doesn’t have to be.

When you get to your date destination, you won’t be sitting around in full motorcycle safety gear.
With the right top, your biker date outfit goes from basic to stunning in seconds.

Take your helmet and jacket off, and you’re back to looking 100% woman.

A fantastic top works, no matter where you go on the motorcycle.

wear a beautiful top on your motorcycle date

You may be going on a more casual day ride, or heading out on an evening motorcycle date.
No problem.

Simply choose a statement top that suits the destination, and the time of day.
A top in a gorgeous fabric or color creates a feminine focal point to your biker date outfit base.

Here are a few ideas for high-impact tops:

  • Whites and creams – they soften the biker look of denim and leather
  • Black works anytime, anywhere – add some interest with lace or texture
  • Metallic fabric with some shimmer – hello, instant glamor!
  • The perfect pink for your skin tone – shamelessly feminine and flattering
  • Your favorite t-shirt – it sits just right and shows a casual confidence
  • A well-cut sweater – when it clings where it should, it’s soft and shapely
  • A plain top with a twist – try flared sleeves or a diagonal neckline.

dating a biker try these tops

Remember that your jacket has been zipped up tight from the start of the date.
So avoid fabric that crushes or creases, or you’ll look like you might be living in your car.

And before we move on from talking about tops, there’s one more secret you should know.
Choosing a stunning top lifts your outfit to the next level, for sure.

But it also does something else.

It makes it look like you’re not trying too hard.
By focusing on just one special piece, you make looking good seem effortless.

Step 3:  Choose the right accessories for your biker date

On a motorcycle date, accessories are a bit of a minefield.
Things can go wrong really fast if you don’t choose carefully.

It’s easy to assume that the kind of jewellery you normally wear will work here.
But generally speaking, it probably won’t:

  • Big earrings will get caught in your helmet.
  • Long, dangling necklaces will get tangled up in your jacket zipper.
  • And large rings or bracelets are tricky to slide under motorcycle gloves.

What’s the solution?
Easy – just simplify!

Replace your larger earrings with small sparkly hoops or studs.
Switch out a long necklace for a choker style or shorter chain.
Wear flatter rings or bracelets that won’t dig into your hands when you put on your bike gloves.

And if that’s all too hard, here’s an even simpler solution.
Replace your jewellery with one item: a scarf.

wear a scarf on your motorcycle date

Choose a gorgeous scarf in a bright color, and soft fabric.
This is a pretty and once again effortless addition to your motorcycle outfit – and it’ll also keep you warm on the ride home.

By including accessories, you add another feminine element to your basic motorcycle outfit.

And speaking of womanly charms, let’s get to…

Step 4:  Hair and makeup on a biker date

Here’s the good news.
You don’t need to go on your motorcycle date in braids and no makeup.

What a horrifying thought!
If I did that, someone would call the police, for sure.

But hair and makeup on a motorcycle bring their own challenges.
You need to be prepared.

Let’s start with the hair.

We’ve all seen movies where a gorgeous biker chick parks her motorcycle, and pulls off her motorcycle helmet.
Her hair tumbles down in perfect golden waves.

This always makes me bray like a wild donkey with laughter (in fact, I get on a bit of a rant about it over here.)

It’s just so ridiculous.
Perfect motorcycle hair doesn’t happen in real life.


Back in the real world, motorcycle helmet hair is a Thing.
Putting a helmet on your hair crushes and flattens it.
It doesn’t make you look like a Hollywood celebrity, believe me.

But there are ways to deal with helmet hair.

I’ve put together a simple guide to how to have fantastic hair on a motorcycle right here.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be back to your beautiful self in time for the biker date to begin.

And if you do only one thing with your hair … tie it back if it’s long.
Make a low, tight bun, and tuck it inside your jacket and scarf.

Otherwise your date will wonder if you got ready in a wind tunnel.

helmet hair on a motorcycle date

What about makeup?

Can you even wear makeup inside a motorcycle helmet?
Absolutely, yes!
I’ve been doing it for 30 years.

But you need a slightly different approach to your everyday one.
On a biker date, less is more.
Layer on too many products, and most of them will end up smeared and smooshed on the lining of your motorcycle helmet.


But there’s a way around this.
Once again, I’ve got your back – I share my motorcycle makeup secrets right here.

So now you know what to wear on a biker date!

It’s a different approach to your average date night dressing, for sure.
But when you know where to start, it’s pretty easy to master.

You just use the jeans, jacket and boots combination as your foundation, and then pretty it up.
A knockout top transforms the outfit, whether you’re going on a day ride, or heading out to dinner.

Then choose some simple accessories, and you’ll add a sparkle to your look – without getting your earrings caught in your motorcycle helmet.

Oh, and there’s one thing that’s also likely to be part of your look on a biker date…

A big grin.

dating a biker will make you smile

A motorcycle date is fun!
There’s no doubt about it.

And if you’re dressed to feel confident and gorgeous, you can relax and enjoy every moment.

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