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Dating a Biker How to talk about motorcycles

Dating a Biker? How to Talk About Motorcycles

If you’re dating a biker, you just KNOW he has a favorite topic.

Yep, motorcycles.

It doesn’t matter what his job, hobbies or other passions are.
He’ll be happy to talk bikes from the second you sit down to dinner to well after you’ve finished dessert.

It’s not surprising, really.
And it’s hardly a problem.

Of course, unless you know absolutely nothing about motorcycles, right…?

When you’re dating a biker, it helps if you know how to include motorcycles in the conversation. It’s a rock solid way to establish a connection and get on his wavelength. And it’s not as hard as it looks – even if you’re completely new to motorcycles.

On a NORMAL date, there are plenty of things you can talk about – whether it’s the first date, or the 20th.

For example:

  • Music
  • Movies/Netflix shows
  • Where you grew up
  • Work
  • Family
  • Funny stories from your life
  • Friends
  • Goals/the future…
  • And a million more topics you could range across while chatting over dinner.

But this is no normal date, remember.
You’re now dating a biker.
And there’s one sure-fire way to reach out, and grab the heart of a motorcycle man.

You just need to talk about motorcycles.

Before how I explain to do that: first, a word of warning.

Don’t pretend you have a thorough knowledge and understanding of motorcycles.
That kind of knowledge only comes through years of lived experience of the triumphs and disasters that motorcycles create in your life.

You can’t fake this kind of experience.
And you’ll look like a phony if you try.

don't fake talking about motorcycles

OK, so how DO you talk about motorcycles on your dates if the topic is new to you?

It’s not that hard…

How to Talk About Motorcycles When Dating a Biker

All you need to do is ask some targeted questions about his life with motorcycles.
Really listen to his answers, and offer some follow up questions.

Before you know it, he’s off and running on his favorite topic.

And you’re getting to know him better, and understand his passion.

Because yes, these questions are about motorcycles.

But they’re also about who he is, and what he loves, and why.
It’s a great way to get to know more about him.

So listen carefully to what he’s saying.

He’s not just talking about bikes.
He’s talking about what moves him.

listen to the talk about motorcyles

Here are 12 questions that will work really well to get the motorcycle conversation started.

It doesn’t matter where you start – just pick a question that seems like it’ll work for you and take it from there…

1.  How long have you been riding?

2.  How did you get into motorcycles?

Who introduced you to them?

3.  Are you are Harley/Triumph/Kawasaki person?

Why is that?

4.  Have you customized your bike much?

Which parts? How did that improve it?

5.  What was your favorite ever bike?

What happened to it?

6.  What’s your dream bike?

What would you buy if money wasn’t a factor?

7.  I’ve heard most bikers regret selling a particular bike.

What was the One That Got Away for you?

8.  What’s your favorite weekend ride?

Why is it great?

9.  Do you ever ride at night?

Where do you go?

10.  Do motorcycles run in the family?

Did you grow up riding?

11.  Do you do your own mechanical work?

Or take it to a bike shop?

12.  Do you like riding with other people?

Or on your own (or with a passenger)?

This last question leads into planning the next date where you go riding somewhere fantastic with him.

Clever, right?

When Dating a Biker, DON’T DO THIS…

OK, so let’s say the date’s going brilliantly.
The conversation’s bubbling along really well.

He’s grinning in delight as he gets to talk about his passion with someone who’s genuinely interested.

You’re seeing how passionate and enthusiastic he can be.
Everyone’s happy.

So don’t step into the trap that waits on the edge of every motorcycle conversation…

Talking about the negative aspects of motorcycles.

don't talk about motorcycles like this

There’ll be time enough for that in future if this relationship goes further.

For the time being, DO NOT talk about bad experiences he might’ve had, like:

  • Past accidents or near misses
  • Friends he’s lost
  • Injuries he’s sustained
  • Bikes that have been stolen or damaged
  • Getting ripped off by bike shops, or
  • Mechanical failures.

People who love motorcycles are constantly bombarded with negativity about their passion.

They’ve heard the lectures about the dangers of motorcycles many, many, many times.

Everyone likes to wag their fingers at them, and point out they’re seconds away from death.

Bikers know the dangers.
They don’t need non-experts to explain it to them.

So don’t ruin the connection you’ve just built up by focusing on the dangers.
If it worries you, put it aside for now as a topic for the future.

Dating a Biker Can be Really Rewarding

You’re about to enter a world of adventure with a passionate man who likes to roar through the world on a beautiful machine.
The more time your spend with him, the more you’ll understand his motorcycle passion.

And you may well come to share it (motorcycles are seductive and addictive…)

understand the motorcycle passion

In the meantime, you know how to talk about it.
And you know it’ll make him smile every time you bring it up.

It’s a great foundation for starting and developing the relationship!
And it increases the chances of your biker date being a huge success.

Here’s a little more advice on biker dating…

dating a biker what not to say internal link

Dating a Biker? What NOT to Say!



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