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Motorcycle Dating: 10 Unwritten Rules for a First Date

Motorcycle dating is a little different from normal dating.

It’s also way more exciting.

Now a motorcycle’s in the mix, you’re about to enter a whole new world.
And in this world, there are unwritten rules.
Break them, and the motorcycle date could end a few minutes after it starts.

So how do you know what these unwritten rules are?
Well, if you’re new to biker dating, you won’t know.

But don’t worry.

I’m about to let you in on all the secrets.

Once you know the unwritten rules of biker dating, you’ll be ready to enjoy every minute of your first date – and beyond.

Motorcycle dating is a whole new world, where some weird and wonderful rules apply. Break them, and the date will get awkward real fast. But when you know the rules, you’ll know what to expect with biker dating. You’ll feel more confident, and ready to enjoy every minute.

Let’s get into the rules in more detail…

The 10 Unwritten Rules of Motorcycle Dating

1.  What to wear

When your biker date shows up at your front door, don’t greet him wearing a little dress and some strappy sandals.
Getting on a motorcycle in an outfit like that is begging for trouble.

Your date will love the dress – but hate having to suggest you might need a different outfit.
He’ll be embarrassed; you’ll be annoyed.

You may as well start off on the right foot by dressing right.

biker dating what to wear

You have to dress in a way that offers you maximum protection – from the wind, weather, and the road (in case of any mishaps).

Climb onto a motorcycle in a little dress, and it will be billowing above your waist by the time you get out of the driveway.
Now, this may provide great entertainment for everyone else on the road.
But it’ll offer you zero protection if something goes wrong.

You need to cover your arms and legs in case your skin meets the road.

But here’s the good news.
The need to dress for safety makes choosing your date outfit super simple.

You’ll need:

  • Jeans
  • Boots, and
  • A thick jacket that does up at the front.

These are the basics, and you can add feminine touches to pretty them up.

I show you how to do that over in How to Look Good on a Motorcycle.

2.  Ask to borrow a helmet and gloves

Your biker date probably won’t expect you to have a full kit of motorcycle safety gear.

But even so, let him know you’re aware of the need for safety gear.
Remind him to show up with his spare helmet, and a pair of motorcycle gloves.

Along with the jeans, jacket and boots, these are non-negotiable items that you absolutely need to wear every time you get on a motorcycle.

3.  What about your hair?

If you’ve never been on a motorcycle date before, you might think it’ll be fine to just pull the helmet on over your hair.
Let me tell you in advance that this is a bad, BAD idea.

If you have long hair and you don’t tie it back, you’ll arrive outside the restaurant, take off your helmet, and find you’ve transformed into a straw-haired scarecrow. Passing birds will squawk in delight, and start making a nest.

biker chick hair

If you have long hair, tie it back and tuck it under your jacket.
You can take the hair tie out at the restaurant.

If you have short hair, use a small amount of volumizer that will help you fluff your hair up again at the end of the ride, so it’s not flattened against your head.

Helmet hair is a whole topic on its own, really.
If you’re worried about how your hair will look on your motorcycle date, I’ve got you.

I’ve explained How to Fix Motorcycle Helmet Hair over here.

4.  Can you wear makeup?

Of course.

But less is more when it comes to motorcycles and makeup.
The issues are the motorcycle helmet itself, and the wind.

For a start, the helmet presses against your forehead and cheeks.
So half your makeup will wipe off if you’re not careful.

And if you ride with your helmet visor open, the wind will deposit little bits of dirt and grit onto your face and your beautiful glossy lips.

So pare the makeup back to the basics, and keep it simple.

motorcycle helmet makeup

Here’s my guide to no-fail motorcycle helmet makeup.

5.  Check in with the rider before getting on and off the bike

It’s good manners (and much safer) to let the rider know when you’re about to get on and off the bike.
That way, he can brace and be ready, with both hands on the handlebars and both feet on the ground.

If you just clamber aboard without any notice, he may unbalance and drop the bike.

With the motorcycle lying on its side in the gutter with new scratches all along one side, you may find that the romantic vibe has suddenly turned pretty sour.

6.  Get onto the motorcycle like you’d mount a horse

Getting on and off a motorcycle is perfectly simple.

To get onto the motorcycle:

  • Stand on the left side of the bike.
  • Tell the rider you’re about to mount.
  • Wait until he acknowledges you.
  • Put your left foot on the passenger foot peg.
  • Hold the rider’s shoulders, and swing up and over to sit on the pillion seat.
  • Put your right foot on the right side passenger foot peg.

how to mount a motorcycle

To get off the motorcycle:

  • When the bike is parked, check with the rider that he’s OK for you to get off.
  • Wait until he says yes.
  • Then, you can go through the getting on process in reverse.
  • Or you can slide your left foot onto the ground, and drag your right leg across the seat until your foot is on the ground.

Now you know how to get on and off, you won’t have to worry about messing this up on a first date.

7.  When the motorcycle is moving, keep your feet on the passenger foot pegs

No-one mentioned this to me the first time I got on a bike.

So I kept my legs out to the side to make sure they didn’t get tangled in the wheels.
Stupid, dangerous – and pretty damn uncomfortable, believe me.

Keep both feet firmly on the passenger foot pegs.
This keeps them out of the way of the wheels – and any passing cars.

8.  You don’t have to lean in corners

Lots of new motorcycle passengers worry about what to do in corners.
Once again, the answer’s quite simple.

There’s no need to lunge to the left or right as you go around corners.
That’ll just throw the rider off balance, and make it harder for him to control the bike.

By the same token, don’t lurch AWAY from the ground in the opposite direction when you go around a corner.

The key is to not make any extreme movements.
Hold on with your knees and your hands, and relax.

(More info on how to hold on as a motorcycle passenger is over here.)

leaning on a motorcycle

Just follow the rider’s lead and do what he does – lean slightly or just stay upright.

9.  Don’t pretend to be a motorcycle expert

Most men who ride motorcycles have been obsessed with them for decades.

They eat, sleep, and dream about motorcycles.
And so they know A LOT about bikes: all the different kinds of motorcycles, bike culture, the mechanical workings, and the many complex skills required for riding.

If you try to fake any of this knowledge, they’ll just laugh at you.

10.  Feel free to talk about motorcycles

While you shouldn’t try and fake being a bike expert, you don’t have to avoid the topic of motorcycles altogether.

Because, surprise surprise, motorcycles will be your date’s favorite topic of conversation.
And there are lots of ways to chat about bikes, even when you know nothing about them.

Here are some ideas of how to talk about motorcycles for complete beginners.

It’s actually pretty easy to bring bikes into the conversation – and just watch your date grin in appreciation when you try.

Motorcycle dating can lead to serious happiness.

A first motorcycle date could be the start of something incredible.

I should know: I married my biker, and decades later we still spend our weekends getting out on a motorcycle, discovering little coffee shops hundreds of miles from home or going on two wheeled road trips.

And now you know the unwritten rules of biker dating, this world is open to you, too.
You know what to expect, so you can relax, and enjoy the experience.

Let me know how it goes!

Here’s a little more advice on biker dating…

dating a biker what not to say internal link

Dating a Biker? What NOT to Say!

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