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why we love motorcycles featured

Why We Love Motorcycles: The Top 50 Reasons!

Why do YOU love motorcycles?

It’s a simple enough question, right?
But just try putting your finger on one main reason.

Tricky, isn’t it?

That’s because when you love motorcycles, you have a big, happy mess of feelings.

And it turns out, there’s no single reason to love bikes.

There’s a whole heap of them…

There are a million reasons why we love motorcycles. They’re moving works of art. They make so many things better: your mood, the work day – even your relationship. They help you see the world, and your life, in a whole new, positive way. Motorcycles are the only healthy addiction, and they make you happy to be alive!

So what’s YOUR favorite reason for loving motorcycles?
See if it’s one of these…

Why Do We Love Motorcycles?

 Here are 50 possible answers.

1. Motorcycles are works of art on two wheels

Motorcycles are so beautiful.
They make you stop and stare.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re brand new and gleaming in the dealer’s showroom.
Or sitting in your garage splattered in road dirt.
They’re something to admire, whatever state they’re in.

motorcycles are works of art

2. Motorcycles connect you with something bigger

When you buy a bike, you’re buying into its history.

It might be your own family history: maybe your dad had a BSA (and now you have one).

Or maybe you just like what a bike’s brand stands for.
The proud history of Triumphs, Indians or Harleys may call to you.

3. Motorcycles are mechanical marvels

If you’re handy with a spanner, of course you love motorcycles.

They offer endless chances to tinker in the shed.

There’s always something to tighten up, tweak, or replace.
It’s a good way to get to know your bike, find out what makes it tick, and form an even closer bond.

And while we’re getting all touchy-feely…

4. This is not just a machine: this is a relationship

A motorcycle is not like a washing machine.
You don’t set it to COLD WASH, and leave the room.

Bikes have personalities.
You connect with them.
You talk to them, smile at them, think about them (an unhealthy amount, let’s face it).
You work with their quirks and demands.

There’s a complex give-and-take relationship going on here.

And when you break up, it’s devastating.

5. Motorcycles offer an instant community

Out on the road, there’s a fleeting, but instant connection with other riders.

You wave to each other (or maybe just nod, if you’re deep into a long corner).
You stop for a biker who’s broken down, or needs help.

In a coffee shop, you naturally start talking to the guy at the next table with a helmet on his chair.
None of that stuff happens when you’re in a car.

6. It’s fun to make car drivers jealous

We’ve all seen car drivers scowl at us through the window.
All they can do is watch sourly from their cages while you fly past them like a metal bird on wings.

Yep, I admit, it always makes me smile.

7. Bikes are so pretty, you can keep them in the house

You may already know that it’s normal for us to park a motorcycle in the living room.
You’ll find I can make a pretty convincing case for why keeping a bike in the house is a great idea.

Ours even doubles as a Christmas tree in December.

motorcycles are pretty enough for the house

8. Motorcycles speak to you

Your bike’s motor may purr.
It may roar, or throb, or growl.

Out on the road, there’s a conversation going on between you and your two-wheeled beast.
And it may just be the most interesting exchange you have all day.

9. Riding is like flying

Climb onto a motorcycle, and you effectively grow a pair of wings.

Gliding along the open road, or swooping into a long slow corner feels just like flying.
And without any of the horror of airline food.

10. Motorcycles are a powerful symbol of freedom

With the motor rumbling away, your face in the wind, the sun on your back, and an open road stretching out in front of you, there’s one overwhelming emotion:

You are free.

Feels incredible, doesn’t it?

11. Motorcycles work better than happy pills

Most Life Issues can be improved by a motorcycle ride.

Arguments, worries, dread, regret … all these toxic emotions can be cleared by a good long ride.

It might take an hour.
It might take a day.

But you always come home feeling a lot happier than when you left.
The big smile on your face reminds you why you love motorcycles.

12. Bikes make you cooler

Whether you admit it or not, motorcycles are good for your image.
And if you won’t admit it, that’s because you’re too cool to say it out loud.

Incredibly, having a bike makes you cool even if you take selfies with your shirt off, and four handfuls of product in your hair.

motorcycles make you seem cool

13. Riding makes you feel more alive

When you’re out on the motorcycle, you’re 100% in the moment.
If it’s raining, you get wet.
If it’s freezing, you shiver.

You experience everything, larger than life.
You’re feeling it.
You’re living it.
You know you’re alive!

14. Motorcycles offer a shot of adrenaline

Here in New Zealand, it’s easy to find a wide, empty road with very few cars.
That makes twisting that throttle absolutely compulsory.

Yep, that’ll get your heart racing alright!
Just watch out for rogue sheep…

15. Motorcycles are social magnets

When you’re out on the bike, you always start chatting with complete strangers.
It’s amazing how many people have a bike, used to have one, or secretly want one.

The most surprising people love motorcycles too.
And they all want to talk about it.

16. Motorcycles force you to live in the moment

It’s hard to worry about what might happen in 5 years (or even tomorrow morning) when you’re focused on keeping the bike upright and moving in the right direction.

Motorcycles make you laser focused on this moment, right now.

And that does you the world of good.
It’s like a magic mental re-set button.

17. Corners were made for motorcycles

A long, sweeping, open, endless corner will bend your reality.
Time slows down, and the corner opens up … and up, and up…

These are magical, mind-blowing moments you can only experience on a motorcycle.

motorcycles and corners

18. Straight roads are fun too!

Sometimes you don’t need the challenge of twisty roads and hairpin bends.
When you’re just out for a relaxing, easy ride, those long straight roads are perfect.

With a motorcycle, either kind of road can be rewarding.

19. Motorcycles wake up your senses

As you ride through the world, you use all of your senses.

Your eyes scan for every little detail.
Your nose catches a whiff of fresh ground coffee from a café, or the stench of cow dung as you fly past a farm.

Your ears are attuned to the sound of the engine.
You countersteer just an inch to the left or right to adjust your line in a corner.

Your body and mind are awake and alive!

20. Motorcycles stop you worrying about how you look

The ladies know what I mean with this one.

Let’s face it, it’s impossible to look Vogue-ready on a motorcycle.
The best you can do is keep your motorcycle helmet makeup simple, and try not to let the local birds nest in your helmet hair.

It’s a nice break from being judged on how you look all the time.

21. A motorcycle connects you to the world

When you ride a motorcycle, you become a part of the landscape around you.
Rolling through green hills or past snow-capped mountains is like moving through a living painting.

It’s awe-inspiring.

It makes you feel connected with the world around you.

you're part of the landscape on a motorcycle

22. Motorcycles are empowering

If you can wrangle a metal beast with 97 horsepower and 112 NM of torque, you can pretty much do anything.
Riding gives you a feeling of personal power and increased confidence.

If more people rode motorcycles, the self-help industry would sink without a trace.

Life coaches everywhere would have to go on welfare.

23. Motorcycles make daytime leather normal

Usually, you might not think of pulling on leather pants on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

But once that motorcycle comes out of the shed, leather pants actually become the most natural choice of outfit.


24. Motorcycles are an addiction you can be proud of

Who would be brave enough to stage an intervention for motorcycle addiction?
Motorcycle addicts are REALLY not looking for a cure!

And who needs one?

This is an addiction that’s actually good for you.
It makes you feel better and doesn’t hurt anyone in the process.

25. Bikes offer free, effective marriage therapy

There’s nothing better for a relationship than heading out on a shared bike trip.

All the minor irritations fall away when you’re roaring along in the sunshine.
Who cares who cleaned the toilet or who’s supposed to be making dinner?

You’re on a romantic adventure right now, riding off into the distance – together.

motorcycles help your relationship

26. Motorcycles bring fun back into your life

Anytime you go out on a motorcycle, you WILL have fun.

There’s no escaping it.

Pull on that helmet, turn the bike key, and your heart lifts.
You feel lighter.
And you can’t seem to stop smiling.
Yep, it’s another reason you have to love motorcycles.

27. Motorcycles challenge you

If you didn’t relish a challenge, you wouldn’t be out on a motorcycle.
You’d be safe inside your blankie fort with your childhood teddy bear.

On a bike, you’ll face a range of sticky moments.
The sky will open up, and pour freezing rain on you.

Aggressive drivers will aim their cars directly at you (often while making eye contact).
The road will be rough, covered in loose gravel, or full of deep pot-holes.

But you rise to these challenges.
And arrive back in your garage, grinning like a maniac, and ready for the next curve ball life is sure to throw at you.

28. Motorcycles offer alone time

Sometimes you need to clear your head and just be by yourself for a while.
Motorcycles offer the perfect chance to do that.

This is a shortcut to inner peace – without having to wear yoga pants in public.

29. Motorcycles make you more grateful

When you’re riding on the open road, everything feels better.
You can look at things from a new, softer perspective.

Motorcycles can put you into a state of mind where you can appreciate everything more, and realise how lucky you are.

30. Motorcycles often lead to adventure

Bike rides often lead you in unexpected directions.

When that engine is purring, you’re suddenly more open to exploring new places.

Where does that road lead to?
What kind of coffee do they serve 200 miles south of here?

Maybe we’ll ride just a little further on down the road, and check it out…

motorcycles and adventure

31. Parking is easy (and often free)

You don’t need a whole parking space with a motorcycle (but if you find one, use it)!
You can wriggle into smaller spaces that cars could never fit into.

And it’s amazing how many bikes you can fit into a small space.

(The hubby keeps saying we have so much room for more in the garage…)

32. Motorcycles help you think clearly

It’s amazing how a good, long ride can make the solution to a problem jump into sharp focus.
Your mind stops churning like a cement mixer full of mud.
Suddenly the answer you need appears.

AHA! you think.

That’s what I need to do.

33. Motorcycles are individual (just like you)

Motorcycles are NEVER one-size-fits-all.
So many details can be changed, swapped, improved, upgraded, removed – to suit you.

The modifications can be as radical, or as tiny as you like.
But any changes you make are highly personal.

They speak volumes about you, and your relationship with the bike.

34. No more traffic gridlock

On a motorcycle, there’s no need to sit in a traffic jam for 45 minutes.

By splitting the lane, you can keep moving and leave those hundreds of angry car drivers safely behind you.
Let them glare.
Let them honk in outrage.

You’re already 50 miles down the road.

35. Motorcycles help you unplug

Technology is everywhere, and things have gotten pretty noisy.
There are endless calls, texts, tweets, and bleats coming at you.

Motorcycles give you the perfect way to take a welcome break from the mental noise.

Out on the road, no-one is peck-peck-pecking at you with a million trivial details.
It’s just you, the sound of the motor, and your private thoughts.

The only thing that intrudes is the Big Decision of where to stop for lunch.

motorcycles help you unplug (1)

36. Motorcycles are uncommon

Not everyone rides a motorcycle.
That makes you part of a relatively small, exclusive group of people with a specialist set of skills and passions.

It’s kind of cool not to be like all the other sheep, isn’t it?

Yep, it’s another reason to love motorcycles.

37. Overtaking on a motorcycle is fun

Oooh, the joy of passing lanes…

You get to crank up the torque and roar past the slow traffic.
For a few seconds, it feels like space travel.

Overtaking on a motorcycle is a thrill, not a chore.
Especially if there’s no police car sitting just over the hill.

38. Motorcycles make you smile

No matter what you’re doing, no matter what you’re worrying about, motorcycles have a feel-good factor that’s unstoppable.

Go visit your bike in the shed, and you’ll smile.
See a gorgeous vintage motorcycle out on the road, and you’ll smile.

And if you start thinking about your dream bike and how to get your hands on it, you won’t be able to stop grinning.

39. Motorcycles transform road trips

Take a car on a road trip, and the fun only begins when you reach your destination.

Your fellow passengers quickly become annoying enough to push out the window.
But on a bike, no-one is whining: Are we there yet?

On a motorcycle road trip, the fun begins right from the planning stage:

  • Which roads are the best?
  • How many days can you take?
  • How many miles do you want to do each day?
  • What should you pack?

And the moment you’re in the saddle, the adventure has begun.
Never mind that you’re still days away from your destination.

40. Motorcycles are great for dates

What better way to impress a new partner than with a day out on a motorcycle?
A sunny ride to a little secret café is wildly romantic.

It works for long term relationships, too.
The hubby and I LOVE to get away on the bike – it’s a great way to spend some time together, reconnect, and remember how much you enjoy each other’s company.

motorcycles are good for dates

41. Motorcycles make commuting (almost) fun

You can almost face having to work for a living when you arrive at work on your bike.
Look out the window during the day, and there she is: waiting faithfully for you.

And, after surviving another day in the workforce, your mood suddenly lifts.
You can get back on your motorcycle, and roar back to your real life.

42. Riding increases happiness chemicals in your brain

You know those feel-good brain chemicals that are released when you exercise?
(Yeah, I’ve heard of them, but I’m not about to run a marathon to experience it myself.)

Here’s a better way to make those neurons happier: ride your motorcycle.

Studies have been done to prove it (yay, science)!

43. Riding makes you smarter

Yep, those scientists are at it again.
It seems that getting out on a motorcycle is very, very good for your brain.

Motorcycle science has spoken.

44. Bikes are great friendship starters

A shared interest in motorcycles makes it easier to turn a stranger into a friend.
Forget all the usual awkward, getting-to-know you chit-chat.

Just compare notes on your rides, your favorite roads and a great new bike mod you’ve just finished.

And, if you both happen to own the same or similar bikes, well that’s a Sign!
Obviously, this chance meeting was meant to be.

Friendship is now inevitable.

45. Motorcycles are the most fun workout ever

Why torture yourself in a gym when you could go for a ride instead?
You’ve probably always suspected that riding is more physical than it looks.

Well, you’re right.

46. Women think guys who ride motorcycles are hot

And we’re right.

Guys on motorcycles are automatically more attractive.
And I’m not talking about those perfect, pretty male models on $50,000 shiny new bikes.

I’m talking about real men.

When a guy grabs his helmet and leather jacket, there’s an instant spark of interest.

Hmmmmm…I wonder what he rides…?

Call us shallow if you like.
But it’s undeniable: motorcycles make you hotter.

hot motorcycle guy

47. Motorcycle people speak a private language

If you find yourself talking about two-into-ones, fishtails, chain drives, leaking fork seals, and front-end rebuilds, you’re part of a group that has its own language.

No explanation or translation is needed: you’re talking with other people who get it.

It’s fun to be part of a tribe you don’t have to explain yourself to.

48. Motorcycles make shopping meaningful

Spend any time around motorcycles, and you’re going to need some Bike Stuff.
Yep, that involves shopping.

But I’m not talking about the kind of shopping that involves wasting an afternoon at the mall, buying stupid crap you don’t really need.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect motorcycle t-shirt, or a cool mesh grill for your headlight, shopping for Bike Stuff is serious business.

Motorcycle-related purchases are so important, they redefine shopping.
It’s not a waste of time and money.

No way.

Shopping is now an investment in your safety and comfort.
It’s absolutely necessary.

49. Motorcycles help you feel more creative

There’s something about flying along on a beautiful metal beast that stimulates inspiration.
Somehow more doors in your brain swing open.

Roaring along in the sunshine, you suddenly know how to solve creative dilemmas like: how to fit another bike into your garage, what kind of saddlebags you need…

Oh, and what you can buy your wife for her birthday.
Spoiler alert: it’s jewelry.

50. Motorcycles remind you that life is short – enjoy it now!

Motorcycles show you that life is a series of decisions…and you’d better make them good ones.

So when you have 4 spare hours, and the sun is out, what will you do?
Mow the overgrown grass in the back yard, or go for a ride?

A motorcycle makes it simple to choose the joyful option.

Mow the lawn next week.
Ride now, while you can.

It’s very, very easy to love motorcycles!

And the 50 reasons offered here are just the beginning.
Do you have a reason of your own?

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    Finally, now I know why I ride!!!
    Ken xxx

      Haha, that should about cover it, right? 😀

    This list is pretty accurate. Although as a female rider I can’t relate to every single one of these but mostly all of them!!

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