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why keep a motorcycle in the house featured

Why Keep a Motorcycle in the House? 21 Cool Reasons (With pics!)

Why do people think parking a motorcycle in the living room is so strange?
Our friends always burst out laughing when we open the door, and there’s a bike.
But we’ve had a range of motorcycles in the house over the years.
(There’s a Triumph Thruxton in the living room right now.)
It seems pretty normal to us.
Because here’s the thing…

Keeping a motorcycle in the house has many benefits. It’s not just a beautiful addition to your living room – it can be useful too! It can be a bar, a bookshelf, or even a toy box. It’s now harder to steal, and it’s an inspiring work of art you can enjoy even when you’re not riding it. 

It’s totally practical to keep a motorcycle in your living room.
Don’t believe me?
Well, here’s all the proof you’ll ever need…


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too cold to ride your motorcycle featured

Too Cold to Ride Your Motorcycle? 12 Things to Do Instead!

How do you know when it’s too cold to ride your motorcycle?
You could check your phone from the safety of your couch.
You could step outside, and see if you get soaked.
Me, I just ask Hector, my bright orange cat.
Hector’s Head of Motorcycle Security around here.
So he’s often out in the shed, snoring loudly at potential thieves.
But every year, without warning, he suddenly moves his security operation inside, to the guest bedroom.
His muddy paw prints on the clean white quilt spell out a clear message.
Hibernation season has begun.
It’s officially too cold to ride.
Oh, NO…

When it’s too cold to ride motorcycles, you need a Plan B. Parking your motorcycle in your living room is a good place to start. You could also research your next bike, buy some new bike gear, or check out a motorcycle blog. It all helps you make it through winter to the first motorcycle ride of spring.

The thought of being cut off from motorcycles for months is beyond depressing.
As the snow falls thickly outside your window, and the wind howls through the trees, your motorcycle sits abandoned in the shed.

Is the sun ever coming back?
Oh, it’s coming back, alright. But it might take awhile.
Until then, you need a way to stay sane.
And that always involves motorcycles, right?

Well, I’ve got you covered.
Here’s a whole list of motorcycle themed stuff you can do in the meantime.
With any luck, they’ll keep you distracted enough until it’s time to find your bike key again!

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should I buy a motorcycle internal

Should I Buy a Motorcycle? 20 Good Reasons to Say Yes!

Buying a motorcycle is a big decision.
It takes some pretty serious thought.
You can’t just fall in love with a beautiful machine, and rush out and buy it.
That’d be madness, right?
Let’s think this through like rational grown-ups (heh, heh, heh)…

You can’t just rush into buying a motorcycle. You have to think about it carefully. But it’s true that motorcycles can improve every aspect of your life: from your mental health to your work day. A bike can even add a spark to your relationship. And what else but a motorcycle can make you look cool without even trying?

There’s no doubt that motorcycles are highly desirable beasts.
So it’s tempting to make a buying decision with your heart, not your head.

That’s why we’re approaching this fiery topic completely calmly.
Let’s approach this logically, and ask…

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