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funny motorcycle questions featured

25 Funny Motorcycle Questions People Actually Ask

You’d be amazed by the motorcycle questions people type into Google.

They really show how wide the gulf is between people who ‘get’ motorcycles – and everyone else.

Because, believe it or not, people are actually out there Googling:
What is a motorcycle?

No, I couldn’t believe it either.

Funny motorcycle questions cover everything from whether bikes can get wet, to where the airbags are. People are also working through difficult topics like why bikers wear leather, and where the Sturgis rally is. And it seems around 40 people a month are looking for the answer to what kind of motorcycle they already own.

Once I spotted a couple of funny motorcycle questions, I couldn’t stop.
I had to look for more.

And here’s what I found.

Ready to check out some entertainingly stupid motorcycle questions?

25 Funny Motorcycle Questions That People Actually Ask

I’ve never pretended to be a motorcycle guru.
But give me a second here.

Maybe I know more than I think.

Let’s see how I do with answering these highly technical motorcycle questions from the general public.

1. Can I ride a motorcycle? (140 searches per month)

Well, here’s how to find out.

Climb aboard a motorcycle.
See if you know what to do next.

2. How do you start a motorcycle? (50 searches per month)

This is a little more complicated.
It’s a two-step process.

Listen closely…

Step 1. Turn the key.
Step 2. Try to stop grinning.

3. Why do you ride a motorcycle? (20 searches per month)

Now this question is deep, man.
It could take all day to answer it.

But in a nutshell:

  • Because it’s the most fun thing to do in the world.
  • Because it makes you smile, no matter what.
  • Because it reminds you what’s important.
  • Because it makes you happy to be alive.
  • Because it’s the best possible use of your time.
  • Because you see the world in a whole new way.

…And about 5 million other reasons.

4. Should I ride my motorcycle today? (90 searches per month)

Unless it’s hailing, the road is melting, or it’s or 20 below zero, the answer is always yes.

5. What kind of motorcycle do I have? (40 searches per month)

Go out to the garage and take a look at the tank.
The manufacturer has written it on there so you don’t forget.

can I ride a motorcycle

6. Can motorcycles park anywhere? (30 searches per month)

That depends how much space you have in your living room.

7. Do motorcycles have airbags? (70 searches per month)

Of course.

They’re folded up reeeeeal tiny, so they fit inside the handlebars.

8. Can motorcycles get parking tickets? (70 searches per month)

As many as you can rack up.

As for speeding tickets, don’t even ask…

9. Should motorcycles be banned? (40 searches per month)

Hell, yeah!

They’re noisy, beautiful symbols of freedom.
Let’s get them off the streets right now!

10. Can motorcycles get wet? (70 searches per month)

It depends.

If you wash them, then yes.
If it’s raining, then also yes.

why do bikers wear leather
11. Why do bikers wear leather? (140 searches per month)

Well, mainly to look cool, of course.

Leather can also help protect you if you fall off the bike, but that’s secondary.
Yeah, it’s mainly about the look.

12. Can you jump a motorcycle with a car? (390 searches per month)


If the car has wings.
And if the person riding the bike isn’t already 100 miles down the road.

13. What are motorcycle boots? (10 searches per month)

You put them on your feet before you get on the bike.

14. When to buy a motorcycle? (70 searches per month)

Right now. Immediately.
Don’t waste another minute.

15. Do motorcycles have seat belts? (110 searches per month)

If you tie yourself to the bike with bungee cords, then yes.

16. Do motorcycles get good gas mileage? (20 searches per month)

Who cares?

Ride your motorcycle until it’s nearly empty.
Then fill it up.

Ride it again.

where is the Sturgis motorcycle rally
17. Can police chase motorcycles? (70 searches per month)

If their cars can go fast enough, yep.

18. Where is the Sturgis motorcycle rally? (110 searches per month)

It’s in Sturgis.
The clue is in the name.

19. Which is the best motorcycle? (90 searches per month)

The one that makes you grin like an idiot just to look at it.

20.  Why are motorcycles so loud?  (390 searches per month)

Because all the noise makes them go faster.

21. Why are motorcycles cool? (10 searches per month)

Um…Have you ever seen one?

22. Should I buy a motorcycle? (590 searches per month)

Only if you want to make your life 100% better.

Otherwise, no.

23. Do you need a motorcycle license? (720 searches per month)

That depends on how friendly the local police are.

If they’re not that friendly, get a license.
It’s also helpful when getting insurance.

do you need a motorcycle license
24. Should I sell my motorcycle? (90 searches per month)


Well, not unless you need to buy another one.

25. Can motorcycles ride side by side? (50 searches per month)

Only if the road is wide, and the day is sunny.

So there you have it.

25 simple motorcycle questions answered without even breaking a sweat.

I wonder … Does this make me a motorcycle guru?
It’s hard to know for sure.

I guess I’ll have to ask Google!

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    Nice breakdown. The only thing I would caution about smiling and riding bikes is “Don’t smile while your riding , why? Because you might get bugs stuck in your teeth!”

      Haha! That’s true – definitely a hazard! 😉

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