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Should I Buy a Motorcycle? 20 Good Reasons to Say Yes!

Buying a motorcycle is a big decision.

It takes some pretty serious thought.
You can’t just fall in love with a beautiful machine, and rush out and buy it.
That’d be madness, right?
Let’s think this through like rational grown-ups (heh, heh, heh)…

You can’t just rush into buying a motorcycle.
You have to think about it carefully.
But it’s true that motorcycles can improve every aspect of your life: from your mental health to your work day.
A bike can even add a spark to your relationship.
And what else but a motorcycle can make you look cool without even trying?



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There’s no doubt that motorcycles are highly desirable beasts.
So it’s tempting to make a buying decision with your heart, not your head.

That’s why we’re approaching this fiery topic completely calmly.
Let’s approach this logically, and ask…

Should I Buy a Motorcycle?

Here are 20 rational reasons to consider it (heh, heh…)

1.  Motorcycles make you cool (even if you’re not)

Owning a motorcycle makes you seem way cooler than you actually are.
The machine has a status and a presence that automatically reflects glory back onto you.

And you don’t have to change a thing about yourself.
You don’t need to get better hair, or pretend to like jazz.

You just need the bike.

If you don’t believe me, just check your reflection in your bike’s side mirror.
Yep, what did I tell you?
That kind of cool is effortless.


motorcycles make you cool

2.  A motorcycle skyrockets your feelings of personal power

Riding a motorcycle takes mad skills.

You need good co-ordination.
You need the ability to focus, and block out distractions.

You need to finely control the bike as it flies along the road and swoops around corners.
This is hard to do – especially when you’re laughing with delight.

If you can handle a motorcycle, you can handle anything else life throws at you.

It’s a powerful feeling.

3.  A motorcycle looks awesome in your house

We love parking a motorcycle in our living room.
It makes the whole house look good.

It makes visiting friends laugh.
And it makes us smile every time we walk past it.

What could be a better start to the day than having breakfast with your motorcycle?


motorcycles in the house

4.  Motorcycles are all about freedom

There’s a reason that motorcycles are symbols of freedom.
Riding a motorcycle is like flying.
It lets you soar above sources of stress.
It helps you escape the daily commitments that make you feel trapped.

Riding down the highway in the wind is exactly how freedom feels.
And that feeling of freedom is intoxicating!
It’s thrilling.
It’s addictive.

And it’s also inspiring.
It reminds you that you have freedom of choice, and you’re in control of your own life.

5.  A motorcycle transforms your commute

Get the right motorcycle, and you can ride it every day to and from work (but maybe not if it’s snowing).

Commuting on a motorcycle throws a soft, shimmering light over the looming work day.
When the day starts out with a ride, who cares about the two-hour Meeting of Death waiting for you at work?

You’ll be the only one smiling all the way through it, because your day is already going great.

And by the end of the day, you have another treat waiting – the ride home.
What a perfect way to disconnect and detox from all the exhausting details of the work day.


commute on a motorcycle

6.  Finally make up for The One That Got Away

If you’ve owned motorcycles in the past, you always have the Regret Bike.
The one you never really wanted to sell.

But you “had” to, because:

  • Your first wife hated motorcycles
  • The mortgage was bigger than a blue whale, and
  • The babies somehow just kept on arriving.

And so, back in the day, you stood alone in the driveway with a handful of cash, devastated, destroyed, as the new owner rode your motorcycle away.

Maybe it’s time to start the healing.
You can remedy that sense of loss by bringing a motorcycle back into your life.

7.  Riding makes you feel 100% alive

When you ride a motorcycle, you use every single one of your senses:

  • Sight: You’re watching the road, and noticing the details all around you.
  • Hearing: You’re listening to the motor, and monitoring the passing traffic.
  • Touch: You’re using your hands and feet to hold the handlebars, brake and kick through the gears.
  • Smell: You’re breathing in crisp, salty air when you ride by the sea. You catch a whiff of sizzling garlic on the air as you zip past a city café.
  • Taste: When you take that first sip of coffee at a little café 100 miles from home, it’s oddly, supernaturally delicious.

Yep, the ride has woken up every part of your being, and made you glad to be alive.


motorcycles make you feel more alive

8.  Motorcycles offer a noisy kind of meditation

Bikes are not famous for being quiet and restrained.

Let’s face it, you can hear a motorcycle coming from miles away.
But they can still create all the Zen calm of a Buddhist monastery.

There’s no better way to clear your head than a long ride on the open road.
The motor may be roaring; the wind may be shouting in your helmet.
That doesn’t matter.

You’re right in the eye of the storm.
It’s calm and serene there, and nothing can disturb your peace.

9.  Motorcycles are economical

It’s almost always way cheaper to buy a bike than a car (particularly second hand).
You’re using less gas, too.
The tank is smaller, yet will take you further.

As an added bonus, parking is often free.
This could save you a small fortune over time.

If you’re looking for a way to save money, a motorcycle can probably help.

10.  Motorcycles are wildly romantic

Need a change from the dinner-and-a-movie date formula?

With a motorcycle in the shed, a predictable date night can be replaced by the excitement of a Saturday afternoon ride.
There’s nothing more romantic than getting out of the city and taking a country ride as a couple.

Lunch at a small café, or even better, a weekend away at a motel two towns over, adds some fresh romance to your relationship.


motorcycles are wildly romantic

11.  Road trips are now fun right from the start

You’re never bored on a motorcycle road trip.
It’s not like setting out on a car journey.

For a start, no-one’s whining, Are we there yet?

The fun starts from the moment you turn the key.
Just getting to your destination is a blast.

And time passes differently when you’re on a motorcycle road trip.
Everything is more intense.

Two days away on a bike is like two weeks away on a standard road trip.
You feel really relaxed, really fast.

12.  Motorcycles are works of art

It really doesn’t matter what kind of motorcycle tickles your fancy.
Sports bikes, cruisers, highly individual customized bikes – they’re all beautiful in one way or another.

When you own a motorcycle, you own a work of art.
It’s a hell of a lot more exciting – and affordable – than an original Picasso.


motorcycles are works of art


And speaking of buying artwork…

13.  Motorcycles are an investment

The hubby and I have had this conversation 100 times.
Can we possibly justify getting more motorcycles as investments?

Well, in several ways, yes.
(But then again, I am the Queen of Justification…)

Vintage motorcycles at least seem to hold their price – and gradually increase in value.
But you may have to hold onto brand new bikes for a while (quite a while) to get your money back.

Happily, there are other ways to measure value and wealth.
Buying a motorcycle is also an investment in your happiness.

It can potentially save you thousands on therapy you’ll now never need.

And if the wife likes motorcycles too, that means you’ll never have to go to marriage counselling either.
Or pay for a divorce lawyer.

Hmm, looks like the bike’s already paying for itself, doesn’t it?

14.  A motorcycle makes adventure possible – and normal

Everyone is crazy busy, all of the time.
With so many demands to juggle, it’s way too easy to drop fun from your schedule entirely.

As we get more jaded and tired, even the things that usedto be fun can lose their appeal.
Yep, you’ve gone out to dinner one or 500 times now.
You can stream any movie you want to see from the comfort of your couch.
Going to bars eventually gets old, and hangovers are very, very boring.

But with a motorcycle in the shed, fun has just re-entered your life.

Now you can open the door to an adventure any time you like.
You can take off for an hour, or a week.
You can go alone, or with your other half.

Life just became exciting again.


motorcycles lead to adventure

15.  Motorcycles make you seem hotter

When you show up somewhere on a bike, you automatically get attention.
Sure, the leather jacket helps, but the motorcycle itself always makes people look twice.

It announces your arrival with a growl and a purr.
Its smooth lines, a flash of chrome, and beautiful colors draw the eye.

You have an instant audience.
And to many in that audience, you’re automatically more attractive than normal people.

You’re very different from that Volvo driver, who’s struggling to pull off a parallel park outside on the street.
He doesn’t warrant a second glance.

(Probably a good thing, as he’s visibly sweating on his fourth attempt to get his suburban tank inside the lines.)

16.  The right time is always now

Sure, you can put off buying a motorcycle – for a month, a year, or forever.

But we all run out of time too soon.
The only time we have is now.

If you want to buy a motorcycle, do it now, while you still can.

Seize the day, and make the most of every sunny Saturday that opens up to you.

17.  Buying motorcycle gear doesn’t count as shopping

Motorcycle gear is about safety, not fashion.

That means that the gear you buy doesn’t technically count as clothes shopping.
Definitely not!

If you buy a quality leather jacket, that’s about staying safe on the bike.
If you need a pair of leather pants, well, that’s all about safety too.

And if they happen to look bad-ass cool, that’s hardly your fault.

You’re putting safety first, right?


motorcycle fashion

18.  The garage is the new living room

When you own a motorcycle, it’ll demand some attention.

If you get a vintage one, you’ll likely be clocking some time on the spanners.
But every bike is begging for modifications, let’s face it.
You have to personalise it, and make it your own.

So you’re sure to want to change the bars, mirrors, or seat.
You might need some floorboards, or to upgrade the suspension.
And at the very least, you’ll need to check the oil regularly, and give her a clean and polish.

None of this is a chore.

All of it means more time hanging out in the garage.
And time in the garage equals quality alone time.

Getting your hands dirty and bonding with your beautiful machine is good for the soul.
Set up a sound system out there, and you have a new living room.

Who needs Netflix now?

19.  Motorcycles change your priorities

Motorcycles make To Do Lists completely irrelevant.

When you have a motorcycle, boring schedules quickly fly out the window.

Something important has come up…
You’ve been seized by an irresistible urge to go riding.

You can go to the hardware store later.
You can pick up groceries tomorrow.
It turns out that none of the stuff on your list was as urgent as you thought.

The sun is out – it’s time to ride.
End of story.


motorcycles change your priorities

20.  Motorcycles make you into an explorer

Owning a motorcycle makes you look at roads in a whole new light.
Before now, they were just a way to get from A to B.

But when you have a bike, they become an invitation to explore.

I bet there are local roads you’ve never been down before.
(Because who would bother in a car? Who cares?)

On a bike, an unexplored road is a great excuse for a ride.

And once you’ve discovered the local back roads, you’ll want to go further afield.
A motorcycle road trip can show you sides of your country you’ve never seen before.
Instead of flying to a holiday destination, now you can ride there.

Sure, it’ll take days instead of hours – but that’s a good thing.
You’re exploring your world by moving through it on two wheels.
Now the journey is the whole point of the experience.

So… Should You Buy a Motorcycle?

You can probably tell by now that I’m a little biased on this topic.
I guess I’m pretty tired of listening to the motorcycle haters whine on and on.
They can’t see a single positive thing about owning a motorcycle.

But I can!
And I bet you can, too.
There’s so much to love about motorcycles.

So, should you buy one?
I think we both know the answer to that…

Hell, yeah!


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    Buying a motorcycle is definitely worth it.
    It changed my live and now I cannot imagine living without a motorcycle anymore.
    Oh and there are a lot of great reasons why you should by a second motorcycle 🙂

      That’s right, Wolfgang! Couldn’t agree more… 🙂

    Your words are like reflections of my own thoughts on the topic. Very well written and on point. 40 years on 2 wheels for me and it never gets old.

      Thanks, Nick! It’s nearly 30 years for me and I’m not sick of it either! 😉

    You bring up a great point that a motorcycle is an invitation to explore local roads and parts of the country that you have not traveled. I would love to travel across the country next summer. Riding a motorcycle would add an extra layer of adventure.

      For sure, Greta! It makes any trip more interesting…

    I’m 43 and going to buy my first motorcycle today, Everyone keeps telling me that I’m going to die or get hurt, but I think I’m going to feel alive and jumpstart my life. All the negativity is making me second guess myself, so thank you for this post!

      Hi Todd, congratulations! Unless you spend your life on the couch in front of the TV, EVERYTHING involves risk. There’s lots of ways to make riding safer: get professional riding lessons, wear all the gear, ride to the conditions and gradually build your confidence. It can be helpful to join a local bike club (a social club not a gang!) so you can meet other people who get where you’re coming from, and it’s also good to ride with a friend if you know someone else into bikes. People who are not into motorcycles just don’t get it, and all they see is danger, not joy. May you have many years of wonderful adventures!

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