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Riding a motorbike is fraught with danger.

All too often, you have to deal with:

  • Too-tight corners you went into a little too quickly
  • Sudden downpours that turn the road into an ice-rink, and
  • Homicidal car drivers who come out of nowhere, hell-bent on their mission to kill you.

Yep, your average motorcyclist has more than enough to deal with.

But there’s one challenge that many riders dread more than others…

Being “allowed” to keep your motorcycle in the house.

Too often, the topic of indoor motorcycle parking leads straight into another shouting match. But if you secretly dream of turning the kitchen into your personal parking lot, take heart.

Maybe all you need to clear the air of the whiff of divorce is a new approach to this dangerous topic.

I bet you haven’t tried this…

Simply make a case for how the bike makes a practical contribution to the living space.

It’s not clutter – it’s a strictly useful addition to the room.

Here are 10 of the best justifications for riding a motorcycle directly into your living room, where it’ll enhance the daily lives of everyone under your roof.

10 Purely Practical Reasons For Riding a Motorbike Right Through Your Front Door

A motorcycle has a range of seriously practical applications in any home.
Here’s the proof.

You can use a motorcycle as…

  1. An extra dining chair

Far from being “in the way” of your dining table, your bike actually doubles as the coolest dining chair anyone’s ever seen.

how to ride a motorbike into the dining room

Before you know it, the kids will be fighting for the privilege of eating dinner on the bike.
Just don’t let them dribble any gravy on those gleaming pipes.

  1. A totally modern take on a vase

It doesn’t get more female-friendly than this!

The bike offers a whole new way to display flowers.
It makes traditional vases look so last year.

riding a motorbike that doubles as a vase

You’re combining man-made technology with the natural world, in a poetic blend of masculine and feminine energies.

Just show me the woman who can resist a romantic notion like that…

  1. The least nerdy bookshelf in the world

Why tuck your favorite books away on a dusty old bookshelf in another room?

riding a motorbike means you have a bookshelf

Stack them up on the bike seat, and you have an eye-catching display that reminds your friends that you’re way more well-read than they are.

  1. A shelf for birthday cards

If someone in the household is having a birthday, you’re in luck.
A motorcycle presents a range of levels and pleasing angles just perfect for birthday card display.

riding a motorbike display case

This practical solution frees up other surfaces in the room – so the bike is effectively solving a clutter problem, not adding to it.

  1. A defence against telemarketers

If you’re sick of having your evenings interrupted by pushy telemarketers, you’ve just found the best way to avoid them.

Indoor motorcycle parking offers a natural barrier between you, and a ringing phone.

riding a motorbike into the house

When the phone rings there’s hardly any point in rushing over to answer it, is there?
By the time you clamber around the bike, it’ll have stopped ringing.

So just turn up the TV, and ignore the phone.

  1. A towel dryer

Hang your wet towel on the handlebars before you head out to work in the morning.
It’ll be air-dry by the time you get home.

riding a motorbike dries your towel

Having the bike in the house has just saved you money on your electricity bill.
You may never need to pay for an electric towel warmer again.

  1. Massive entertainment value

When non-biker friends come around, watch them fight to the death for the chance to sit on a real live motorcycle.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for them to imagine being a biker.

let your friends pretend to be riding a motorbike

Your uber-cool mate who would never dream of asking to sit on the bike will lean on it, casually holding the handlebar to see what it feels like.

And your Great Aunt Mavis will joyfully climb aboard, and tell you all about the time in 1955 when that nice young man with the BSA asked her to marry him.

Having a motorcycle in the living room is a lot more entertaining than a game of Scrabble, let’s face it.
Your friends will love it.

  1. A virtual butler

Hang your hat or jacket off the handlebars, and you’ll be all set for the morning rush to work.

riding a motorbike gets you a butler

The bike is pretty much working for you here as your personal butler:

Your coat, sir…

  1. A mini-bar

What better way to get the party started?

The bike can be the center of any sophisticated gathering that involves bottles of tequila or bourbon.

riding motorbikes leads to a bar

Just make sure you don’t splash any sticky cocktails on the tank…

  1. A piece of art

This excuse for riding a motorbike directly through your front door brings us full circle.

For me, this is the most compelling reason to keep a bike in your house.

As we’ve just proven, sure, motorcycles can be a surprisingly practical addition to your living space.

But first and foremost, a motorcycle is a thing of overwhelming beauty.

riding motorbikes is an art form

It combines form and function in a way that’s rarely seen.

The lines, the shapes, the hundreds of perfectly designed moving parts…it’s a piece of gleaming metal sculpture that takes your breath away.

And having your bike in your house makes a simple and strong statement.

You love your motorcycle.
She’s a huge part of your life.
She’s a member of the family.

Why on earth should she live out in the garage?

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Written by Liz Hardy