Not all biker chicks see selfies as a short-cut to breaking into the adult movie industry.

You won’t find me lying naked across a motorcycle, smiling through gritted teeth while the front brake master-cylinder digs into my shoulder.

But motorcycles are breath-takingly beautiful.
They lead directly to fun and adventure.

Add these two elements together, and it’s natural to want to take some pics.

But selfies post a special challenge for biker women…

Whether you ride on the front or the back of a bike, motorcycles are a messy business.
There are a whole range of obstacles to taking a good photo.

Try: wind, dirt, rain, sweat, sunburn.
And don’t forget the dreaded and unavoidable helmet hair.

It’s 1,000 selfie nightmares rolled into one.
So how can biker chicks get photo-ready?

Don’t worry.
I’ve figured this out the hard way.

Here are my best selfie ideas for taking good photos – without looking like you’re possibly part werewolf.

8 Selfie Ideas Just for Motorcycle Women


1.  Take the selfie BEFORE the ride

You know that feeling at the start of a ride.
You’re grinning like a maniac.
Energy levels are high.
Helmet hair is hours away.

You even have lipstick on.

This is the best you’re going to look today.
Quick – take the photo now.

2.  Bright light helps (believe it or not)

Selfies taken on sunny days just seem to come out better.
Natural, bright glowing light is ideal.
You don’t get weird shadows on your face that make you look like an extra on a horror movie.

But don’t squint into direct sunlight, unless you want to look 35 years older.
Try placing the sun directly behind your head; this can create a flattering halo effect.

Oh, and if a passing stranger asks if you’re a motorcycle angel fallen to earth, you should probably marry him.

3.  Don’t stress about the equipment

Bike-related selfies are likely to be taken on the spur of the moment.

If you’re poking around under the bed trying to find a dusty selfie stick or the GoPro setup you bought off Amazon last year, that perfect moment in the garage will be lost.

Be spontaneous, and grab whatever photo-capable device is to hand.
So keep your phone and camera within reach when motorcycle activities are afoot.

4.  Break out your sense of humour

The only way to look perfect around a motorcycle is to park one in a photographer’s studio and hire about 15 professionals to sweat blood trying to make you look like a supermodel.

Back in the real world, no-one looks perfect.
In fact, if you’re anywhere near a bike, you probably look a lot messier and dirtier than you do normally.

Real biker women can laugh about the challenges of trying to look good on a bike.

Your hair probably won’t be spilling over your shoulders in sleek movie-star waves.
You may have actual dirt on your face, and under your nails.
You won’t be looking red-carpet perfect.

But if you’re smiling, it won’t matter.
Your camera will capture joy, and that always looks good.

5.  Accept you’ll need to take 2 million photos

How many times in your life have you taken a great photo with one click?
Personally, I never have. Ever.

So here’s what I do.

Take about a million selfies, and then sift through them for the gold.
Yep, you’ll be needing a sense of humour here, too.

Go through the pics, and delete:

  • Blurry pictures of who-knows-what (is that a spacecraft in the background)?
  • Dark spooky photos that look like Dracula’s after-party
  • Photos that include some passing guy’s backside, and
  • Anything that makes you look like you’re part way into that werewolf transformation.

6.  Motorcycles are the ultimate photo prop

A motorcycle is more than a ticket to freedom.

It’s a beautiful, two-wheeled work of art.
It’s crying out to be photographed.

And it’s easy to incorporate a motorcycle element into your selfies.

Biker chicks look naturally great when:

  • Sitting on the bike and trying photos from different angles
  • Kneeling next to the tank
  • Sitting next to the wheel, or even
  • Using the garage as a backdrop.

biker women need selfie ideas

7.  Take off some layers

If you’re heading out on a motorcycle ride, you’ll be wearing several layers of gear, topped by a weatherproof jacket.

Good thinking.

It could save your life.

But all that gear doesn’t photograph well.
Too often in photos, you’ll look like a shapeless giant blob with a human head.

So – just for the selfie – lose some of the 17 layers of protective gear.
I don’t mean stop by the side of the road, and strip down to your underwear.
As we know, real biker women don’t suddenly have their clothes fall off when a motorcycle pulls up next to them.

But you’ll be more comfortable smiling in your favourite motorcycle t-shirt.
And that’ll show in the selfie.

8.  Don’t forget a final edit

What are the chances your photo will be framed just right, and be clear and bright?
For me, those odds are usually about 4 billion to one.

Maybe the day’s turned cloudy and the photo’s good, but a little too dark.
Or I haven’t noticed that massive ugly yellow recycling bin looming in the background.

That’s when you need some editing software to make an OK photo into something better.
I use – it’s free, and really easy to crop out elements you don’t want and brighten up the lighting if you need to.

By the way, I don’t recommend photo-shopping your head onto a 20-year-old’s body.
Or polishing your face until you look like a terrifying life-size plastic doll.

But a more balanced, brighter photo is easily achievable.

So there you have it: a very quick guide to taking better selfies – just for biker chicks.

Now the motorcycle’s not the only one that looks good in the garage!

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Written by Liz Hardy