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Biker Cats – Motorcycle Experts With Fur

Our little gang of biker cats know a thing or two about motorcycles.

It’s not surprising.
They’ve grown up in a motorcycle obsessed household, where there’s often a bike in the living room.

So naturally, they’ve learned a lot about motorcycles, and they want to put all that knowledge to good use.
They do that by taking on highly technical tasks that help their biker humans out.

Biker cats really work hard for their cat food. There’s so much for them to do. From fiercely guarding the motorcycles in the garage, to inspecting the motorcycle gear. And don’t forget sleeping on the motorcycle in the living room. It’s a busy life for motorcycle cats, that’s for sure.

We have three biker cats on the payroll (they prefer to be paid in top end cat food, thanks).

There’s Calliope, the most neurotic motorcycle cat ever.
This tortiseshell cat is highly suspicious of everyone, no matter what.

Her children Snorty and Hector are better adjusted.
Snorty is also a tortiseshell, and loves to get her head deep in the cat food bowl.
She snorts up her dinners, hence her name.

Hector is a bright orange maniac who throws himself at you for cuddles, snores like a train, and purrs like thunder.

So there’s always a motorcycle cat hard at work around here.
Let me give you some examples.

7 Ways Our Biker Cats Help Out

1.  Test riding

Our biker cats love to test ride the bikes.
Sometimes it looks like they’re actually sleeping on the seat, but don’t let that fool you.

They’re all about checking the handling, seating position and brakes.

motorcycle cats test ride for us

But only if the engine is NOT turned on.

2. Motorcycle gear inspection

Snorty  is a second generation motorcycle cat.

The Snorts totally understands the importance of having quality bike gear.
She’s especially interested in the safety aspect.

After all, she needs us to arrive home safe from every ride.
How else will she get her 4 dinners per day?

So this biker cat takes gear inspection very seriously.
She goes out of her way to carefully check the finer details of our motorcycle gear.

checking motorcycle safety gear

Yep, this jacket’s black.
It’s made of leather.
Should be fine.
Oh, and humans, notice how it really sets off my amazing coloring?

Calliope is Snorty’s mother.

She’s a motorcycle cat with Issues.
A serial worrier, she expects the world to end at any second.

Even so, she’s willing to give the pile of bike gear at the back door a quick once-over.

bike gear must be tested

3. Indoor security

When we have a motorcycle in the living room (which is all the time, let’s face it,) the biker cats watch over it carefully.

Hector’s particularly good at this.
He’s laser-focused on his security watch.
But he also keeps a keen eye on whether the cat food bowls have been refilled.

Hector on indoor motorcycle security duty

Hector’s also mastered the art of pretending to nap while on duty.

Sure, it LOOKS like he’s sleeping soundly.
But he’s totally ready to spring into action and defend that motorcycle in the living room like a lion in the wild.

We think.

Hector napping on bike security detail

4. Outdoor security

Now, as you can see, Hector is bright orange, and the most fearless of our biker cats.
With him on the job, we really have no need for fierce guard dogs.

As you can see, Hector’s mastered the art of threatening body language.

Hector on motorcycle security

Who’d be brave enough to take on a fierce ginger beast like this?

He’s also really effective at protecting the entrance to the garage.

Hector guarding the perimeter

No-one’s getting past this motorcycle cat without his express ginger permission.

5. Weather forecasting

An experienced motorcycle cat understands the importance of an accurate weather forecast.

The humans get real cranky if they have to ride all day in the rain.

Luckily, we have Hector to advise us.
His weatherman skills are superb.

Hector checking motorcycle riding weather

Of course, it takes awhile to get an accurate reading.
By the time he’s done – about 20 minutes usually does it – there’s quite a traffic jam of cats built up behind him.

But that’s OK.
He’s doing important motorcycle cat work.

6. Mechanical advice

Hector’s proactive about finding ways to apply his extensive motorcycle knowledge.
When he’s not on security patrols, or checking the weather, you can often find him hard at work in the driveway or the garage.

He might be busy carefully inspecting the mechanics of a bike.

Hector checking motorcycle mechanic details

Or, as he’s extremely detail oriented, he may be double checking the finish on a seat.

Hector checking motorcycle seat finish

7. Garage maintenance

You can probably tell that Hector is the natural leader of our biker cats.
He likes to run a tight ship, and is highly practical.
For example, if you leave a riding jacket on the bench, he’ll promptly put it to good use.

Hector on motorcycle duty

As you can see, our biker cats are on the clock 24/7.

They make a massive contribution to our motorcycle-centric household.

Biker cats are hard working

How would we possibly manage without them?

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    Super cute! I have a biker cat too named Inky. She loves to be in the garage with me, and likes to get right in there where I’m working to get a good close up view of the situation. If I could get her to hold the light she’d be the best assistant I’ve ever had!

    Besides that she will actually ride the 4 wheeler with me around the property, provided I keep one hand on her to make her feel safe..lol. She was born in our shed where the atv’s are stored so she started at a young age. Biker Cats are Cool!

      Love it, Jimmy! Inky sounds super helpful. And how amazing that she’ll ride on the 4 wheeler! Ours are only happy to sit on the bikes when they’re not going anywhere… 😉

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