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Why are Guys on Motorcycles So Hot? Top 10 Reasons

Ever noticed that guys on motorcycles have a special appeal?

Why is that?
It’s gotta be about more than the leather jacket, right?

Very, very often, men on motorcycles are hotter than Satan’s armpit.
(And they smell better, too. Well, mostly.)

But of course, not everyone agrees that bikers are more attractive.

Plenty of women prefer a sensible, neat and tidy man who drives a safe minivan.
Each to their own, I guess.

Me, I prefer a man who can roar down the street on a piece of metal sculpture – and look effortlessly cool while doing it.
But why is this so appealing?

Guys on motorcycles are hot because of who they are, not how they look.
They know what they want.
They have the skills and confidence to master a motorcycle – and include you in the adventure.
And, if they happen to look great in a leather jacket and jeans too, well, that’s a bonus.


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Guys who ride motorcycles are real.
They’re earthy, and passionate.
They’re not perfect.
And they’re not trying to be.

I’m not talking about the male models on shiny new Harleys here.
Those guys are more beautiful than most women!

They have soft wavy hair, and eyelashes like Bambi.

Often they’re half naked because they can’t bear to cover up their beauty with clothes.
They definitely spend a lot more time in front of the bathroom mirror than I do.


motorcycle men are not usually models


Yeah, that’s not the real world.

Real men who ride motorcycles are not thinking about their hair.
They’re not at the beautician getting waxed.
They’re way too busy looking for their bike keys.

So are bikers more attractive?
I say YES! Let’s see why.

Why Guys on Motorcycles are So Hot

1.  The Look

OK, let’s start with the obvious.
The biker look is drop-dead, effortlessly cool.

A t-shirt, leather jacket, riding jeans and worn-in boots are a winning combination.
That’ll look great pretty much anywhere: on the road in the sunshine, or after dark at a bar.

It’s masculine, easy-going, and just works.
It’s a look that celebrates maleness.

It has an honesty and simplicity that’s hard to resist.

You won’t be competing for bathroom time with a guy in a leather jacket and jeans.

He’s not fussing about whether he looks pretty.


the biker look is effortless


And speaking of grooming rituals…

2.  The Beard

Not all hot guys on motorcycles have beards, it’s true.
But lots do.
And somehow I doubt it’s because beards have recently come back into fashion.

Most of these guys have been rocking beards for years (or even decades).
They’re not exactly reacting to what’s happening on the Paris runways.

I’ve ranted about the joys of beards already (read How to Rock A Biker Beard over here).

There’s just no denying that a beard can add a touch of the wild to an already naturally masculine look.

3.  You Can Share the Adventure as a Motorcycle Passenger

The chance to ride pillion is another reason to find guys on motorcycles hot.

I’ve been riding on the back of my man’s bike for 30 years.
It’s the best form of marriage therapy in the world.

Whether we’re flying through the countryside on a Saturday afternoon, or heading off on a three week road trip through New Zealand, the chance to ride together is a wonderful bonding experience.

I see my role as more of a co-pilot than passive motorcycle passenger.
That means I get involved right from the planning stage, and make sure I’m an extra pair of eyes once the bike is actually rolling.

I love the fact that we can glance at the skies, throw on our bike gear and be off on an adventure at a moment’s notice.

Adding an element of fun to your life is always going to be hot!


motorcycle men take you on their adventures

4.  The Kindness Factor

OK, so hot guys on motorcycles may look rough and tough on the outside.
But there’s much more going on here.
Especially if you’re riding as a couple.

Two-up riding can bring out the sweet side of a rider.

There are lots of ways he might show that he’s thinking about your comfort and safety.

For example, he might:

  • Set up a more comfortable pillion seat
  • Attach a sheepskin to the seat for extra cushioning
  • Ask you where you want to go on the day’s ride
  • Check to see if you want to stop for a break
  • Ask if you’re comfortable, and warm enough.

Showing kindness is hot – whether it’s on a motorcycle, or not!

5.  The Riding Skills

Riding a motorcycle is a lot more complicated than driving a car.

It demands a VAST range of skills.

It brings together mechanical knowledge, technical ability, spatial awareness, and yep, even a little bit of ESP.
Riders need to be able to sense when that car driver is about to do something completely crazy, like changing lanes while texting.

So guys on motorcycles harness many specialist skills.
They draw on them all as needed, to ride safely and assertively.
They can glide around a corner or roar along a highway, speeding up, slowing down, swooping and gliding with the flick of the handlebar.

Yep, that’s pretty hot.


motorcycle riding skills are hot

6.  The Strong Sense of Identity

Guys on motorcycles know who they are, and what they want.

That’s very appealing.

It often takes the form of honest, no BS conversations.
(A welcome relief from game playing, and double talk.)

And this clear sense of identity is also displayed in their choice of motorcycle.
His motorcycle speaks volumes about a rider’s personality and character.

A guy on a fast sports bike is probably younger, and more into taking risks.
And a guy on a cruiser is likely a little older.
He’s been around the block a few times.
He’s taking the time to enjoy the sunshine and the scenery.

But all kinds of riders know what they want.
And they go for it every time they turn their bike keys.

7.  Hot Guys on Motorcycles are Grown-Ups

You don’t have to be a 1950s housewife to find practical skills attractive in a man.
Men on motorcycles are usually highly practical.
They have to be, unless they want to be stranded and helpless when something goes wrong.

So they know what to do when there’s a puncture.
They know how to adapt to different riding conditions.

They know what the problem is when the bike makes a weird spluttering noise.

It’s awesome to know you’re out with a grown-up.
He has some useful, real-world skills if you need them.


men on motorcycles are practical

8.  The Courage Factor

Riding motorcycles is challenging and yes, at times, dangerous.
No-one’s denying it.

And men on motorcycles have always had a scare or two.
They’ll have faced oil slicks and gaping pot holes.
They often have to outrun psychopathic car drivers.
They’ve probably even tangled with wild animals loose on the road.

(Here in New Zealand, you have to watch for escaped sheep or pigs trotting down the road.
A friend of ours recently came around the corner and hit a cow…)

Most men who’ve been riding for more than 5 minutes have a story to tell, and even some interesting scars to show – if you ask nicely.
But does that mean they’re trading in the motorcycle for a station wagon?

No way.

They learn from their mistakes, get back on the iron horse, and keep riding, wiser (and sometimes a little more sore) for the experience.
They confront their fears, and try again.
It’s like going back into the water after getting attacked by a shark last summer.

It’s raw, and courageous.
You have to admire it.

9.  Confidence is Attractive

You can’t manhandle a motorcycle through heavy traffic or around a tight corner if you’re secretly wishing you were safely tucked up with your teddy bear.

You have to seize the bull (or actually the bike) by the horns, get in there and master it.
That takes confidence.
It takes rock solid self-belief that you know what you’re doing, and you have the skills you need.

If you slow down too much in a corner, you’ll fall off.

If you stay behind a big truck that’s blowing diesel smoke in your face because you’re too scared to overtake, you’ll take 4 hours to get 20 km down the road (and probably have asthma by the time you get there).

Hot guys on motorcycles know how to read the road, match their skills to the challenge, and make confident, smart decisions.


men on motorcycles are confident

10.  The Rebellious Streak

People always talk about the Bad Boy image of bikers.
The bikers on TV and in the movies are generally outlaws, so it must be true, right?

They have 5,000 tattoos, and slug Jack Daniels straight from the bottle for breakfast.
In reality, you won’t live long if you down 7 whiskey shots for breakfast, and then start up your bike.

But there IS a rebellious element involved in riding motorcycles, for sure.
The choice of a motorcycle over a car is a statement in itself.

It’s a vote for freedom and independence.
It’s a raised middle finger to the establishment.

And if you have a rebellious streak yourself, this factor will call to you.
It’s hard to resist, I have to admit.

It adds another element of excitement to the relationship you have with a motorcycle rider.

That doesn’t mean you need to pour bourbon on your morning cornflakes.
You don’t need to carry around a lot of cash in case you need bail money.
But adding a shot or two of passion to your life is surely a good thing.

Guys on Motorcycles Are Hot, There’s No Question

So by now we know why men on motorcycles are often irresistible.

If you’re looking for a man who will turn life into an adventure, and not be fighting you for time in front of the bathroom mirror, pick a guy on a motorcycle.

The fact that he looks great in a leather jacket too is just the cherry on the cake.

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