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motorcycle pillion boredom

Motorcycle Pillion Boredom: 12 Ways to Cure it Forever!

Can a motorcycle pillion passenger actually be bored?

You bet!
Plenty of women are not scared about riding on the back of a motorcycle.
They just find it boring.

Happily, there are many ways to fix this problem…

Motorcycle pillion boredom can be cured. Try being a co-pilot, not just a passenger. Listen to whatever music YOU like. And snuggle up to your favorite person. Riding on the back of a motorcycle is a joy – it never has to be boring!

Not every woman will find riding on the back of a motorcycle thrilling.
Personally, I love it, but then I also think parking your motorcycle in the house is a great idea.

Whether you enjoy being a pillion passenger pretty much comes down to attitude.

motorcycle passengers don't have to be bored

It’s up to you how you see this experience.
You can:

(a)       Climb aboard, grit your teeth, and endure the ride.

With this approach, you have nothing to do with the journey, and no part to play in the experience.
You’ll feel like an extra piece of baggage strapped to the bike.

Yep, that’s pretty boring.

Or you could:

(b)      Embrace the adventure.

There are so many ways to get involved with a motorcycle ride – even from the back seat.
Once you engage and get excited about riding on the back of a beautiful metal beast, you have an adventure in front of you – not an ordeal.

It’s much more fun for you.
And it’s instant marriage therapy for your relationship.

But how do you make this big mental switch?

It’s easy.
I’ll show you how.

Motorcycle Pillion Boredom: 12 Easy Cures

1. Be a Co-pilot, Not Just a Passenger

Things get a lot more interesting if you’re involved right from the planning stage of a ride.
Then you have real input, and a valid role to play, just like a co-pilot in a plane does.

There are many ways to be part of the action, without actually holding the handlebars yourself.

For example:

  • Help to map out the route.

Check out a map before you leave, and talk about which roads you’ll take.
If the sun is out and you have a free afternoon, you might want to take the long way round.
Or if you’re desperate for a big cup of coffee at that cute little café in the country, you might vote for the shorter, more direct route.

Have your say, and the trip will be about what you want, too.

  • Check for road hazards.

Once the motorcycle is roaring down the road, keep your eyes open.
Watch the road – for crazy car drivers, pot holes and speed cameras.
That’s what a co-pilot would do.

And if you’re riding over here in New Zealand, you’d better watch out for rogue sheep, too.

  • Prepare for corners.

When you see a corner coming up, you’ll know when to stay still.
By ‘reading’ the roads you help the rider to control the bike more safely and smoothly.

Your actions can have a direct effect on how the motorcycle handles.

be a co-pilot

2. See Riding Pillion as an Opportunity (Not a Chore)

How many people get to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon on a moving piece of sculpture with their favorite person?

Statistically, not so many.

Most couples spend the weekend either rushing around doing chores, or trying to come up with something fun and different to do together.

You could always do the same-old, same-old, like:

  • Watch another five hours of Netflix from the sofa
  • Go to the usual bar for the usual beer
  • Drag yourself around the supermarket, doing next week’s grocery shopping
  • Work through those 4 loads of laundry.

Yay. Excitement overload.

There are plenty of ways to be bored on the weekend with your partner.
Riding on the back of a motorcycle is not one of them.

Embrace the chance to be the princess on the pillion seat!
Not everyone gets to wear the motorcycle crown.

3. Claim Some Rare Zen Time

Each day you deal with a million details and challenges.
Everything is urgent; everyone is busy.
It’s exhausting and overwhelming.

But while you’re sitting on that motorcycle, all the busywork can wait.
It’ll still be there when you get home.

In the meantime, take a deep breath, and relaaaaax…

This is a rare opportunity to unwind, and recharge.

That’s self-care you’re experiencing, not boredom.

riding pillion is calming

4. Sing!

As a motorcycle pillion passenger, you have total privacy.
No-one can hear what’s going on inside your helmet.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s been too long since you’ve belted out an 80s hair metal classic, I bet!
Now’s your chance.

You’ll be grinning by the end of the ride, and no-one will know that Bon Jovi is largely to blame.

5. Listen to Music

If you’re not so much of a lead singer, you can still enjoy a little musical downtime by slipping some earbuds under your helmet.

Take a second to notice how different this is from playing music in a car.
There’s no bickering over what songs to play.
There’s no sighing, and suffering angrily through a whole album of music you hate.

Your motorcycle helmet is your own world.
You’re the DJ, so play whatever you want.

You have total freedom to create your own soundtrack to the perfect day out.

motorcycle music

6. Solve a Problem

Another way to overcome feelings of pillion boredom is to use this time to think.
How often do you get the chance to just sit with your own thoughts, and really work through an issue?

Normally, distractions crowd in to fill every available corner of your brain.

But not when you’re sitting on the back of a motorcycle.
As you zoom through the warm air, alone with your thoughts, take the chance to mentally turn over a knotty problem.

Really focus on it.
Hold it up, and look at it from different angles.

It’s surprising how riding on a motorcycle can bring sudden and shocking clarity.
You may just find a solution you couldn’t see before.

7. Remember How Happiness Feels

Riding pillion on a motorcycle means you’re spending the day with your favorite person, gliding through the sunshine.

If that’s not the definition of happiness, I don’t know what is.

When was the last time you looked around and broke into a wide, spontaneous grin?
A great day on the back of a motorcycle will force you to do that.

(Oh, and feeling happy is wonderful, not boring!)

being a motorcycle pillion makes you happy

8. Be Part of a Community

Ever noticed that a lot of motorcyclists are pretty friendly?
Out on the road, people on bikes will often give you a wave and a smile.

I love that!
For a fleeting moment, you have a connection with another human being on a motorcycle adventure.
It’s an easy, natural way to acknowledge a fellow two-wheeled adventurer.

And there’s no law that says only the riders get to wave at each other.
I do it all the time from the back seat of the motorcycle.

By saying hi to other motorcycle people, you recognize that you’re part of an exclusive group of people who ride.
These people will stop and help you if you need it, even though they don’t know you personally.

It’s nice to give (and receive) a friendly hello from a total stranger.

You’d never have that experience in a car.

9. Snuggle!

One of the best things about being a motorcycle pillion is that it offers unlimited opportunities for close contact.

For once, you’re not rushing off somewhere, trying to get on with your day.
On the back of a motorcycle, there’s nowhere else to go.
There’s nothing else to do.

A lot of hugging goes on whenever I ride on the back of my man’s bike.
Let’s face it, there’s not a lot he can do about it.

Heh heh!

you can snuggle on a motorcycle

10. Daydream

When was the last time you just let your mind wander, with no particular place to go?

Think of your time as a motorcycle pillion passenger as a break from being productive and organized.

Most of us spend so much time running in place like a hamster on a wheel, trying to get everything done.

Now THAT’S irritating, and yes, it’s very, very boring.
Daydreaming on the back of a motorcycle is rare, sweet, alone time.

That sounds a lot less boring than everyday life to me.

11. Wake Up Your Senses

When you’re cruising on a motorcycle, you’re a moving part of the world around you.
You’re up close and personal with your surroundings.

In an air-conditioned quiet car, everything is happening outside your sterile bubble.

But not on a motorcycle.

Suddenly, all of your senses spring into life:

  • Hearing

On a motorcycle – even through your helmet – you hear the throb of the motor, the roar of the wind, the screech of birds, the thumping of a passing car’s stereo system.

  • Sight

Look around at the world through fresh eyes.
There’s so much to see on a bike.
You might watch birds whirling overhead, gaze at fields of rippling lavender, focus on the long curving road ahead, or laugh at the grinning face of a riding friend who pulls alongside to share the lane.

motorcycles wake up your senses

  • Smell

You can smell the details of the world you’re flying through on your magical machine.
This can be a good thing (the aromas of brewing coffee from city cafes) or not quite as delicious (cow dung if you’re passing a farm in the countryside).
Either way, the world is more real when you can smell it!

  • Touch

On a motorcycle, you can feel the world you’re moving through, too.
You shiver as you pass through cold pockets of air, and you relax and sigh as you ride through miles of warm sunshine.

  • Taste

Ever noticed that the food in that little café you stop in after a ride tastes amazing?
That’s because the act of riding sparks an appetite.
It wakes you up, and reminds you that you’re alive.

Using all your senses is a normal part of a motorcycle ride.
It connects you with parts of the world you’d forgotten even exist.
That doesn’t sound boring to me.

12. Watch Your Mood Improve

Something weird happens to you on a motorcycle ride.
Your state of mind changes – and always for the better.

Maybe it’s because the throbbing of the motor replaces all the mental chatter.
Maybe it’s because you’re out in nature, and remembering the world is a beautiful place.

Whatever mystical forces are at work here, it’s a fact that by the end of a motorcycle ride, your perspective has changed.

The Big Stuff no longer looks so daunting.
And now you’re feeling strong enough to deal with it anyway.

So what do you think?

Could it be that pillion boredom is no longer a problem for you?
The truth is that riding on the back of a motorcycle is never boring – and now you know why.

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    Wow wow wow!!
    Your articles have not only made my ride as a pillion much more enjoyable, but it has inspired me to start riding as well…
    Best cure for a crazy day at work? A quick cuppa whilst reading your latest blog – and voila, inspiration to get through the day to head home and enjoy my two wheel dream machine or get up close and personal as a pillion while my other half drives his motorcycle.

      That’s so fantastic to hear, Petro! Thanks so much for this lovely message. 😀

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