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why motorcycle couples are so happy

Why Motorcycle Couples Are So Happy (10 Great Reasons!)

Motorcycle couples spend a lot of their time grinning.

They know the secret to a strong relationship.
It’s all about a shared passion, and quality time spent together.
If there’s a motorcycle in the family, you have season tickets to a shared adventure.

Riding a motorcycle with your better half can really strengthen your relationship.

It works on so many levels.

Motorcycle couples know that a bike can make your relationship stronger.
Riding a motorcycle as a couple has so many benefits: it gives you time to talk and enjoy each other’s company.
It’s highly social, because you get to know other bikers.
And by having fun as a couple, you stay connected.
Your relationship will never be boring!

Let’s dig a little deeper….

10 Reasons Motorcycle Couples Have More Fun!

 1.  Motorcycle couples see bikes as a good thing

When you ride as a couple, the motorcycle becomes a bond, not a source of conflict.
You both feel real affection for the bike, and can see the value it brings to your lives.

This doesn’t happen, though, if the potential motorcycle pillion isn’t interested in bikes at all.
It’s pretty difficult to have a relationship with a biker when you hate motorcycles.

If you’re jealous of the time and attention he spends on his motorcycle, you’ll always be fighting about why he urgently “needs” a new set of pipes.
Not to mention how they can possibly be so expensive.

You won’t get it, and it will seem like an extravagant waste of money.

So motorcycle couples both need to be into bikes.
Not necessarily to the same degree, of course.

I don’t tend to dream about motorcycles, for instance.
But the hubby does.
And that doesn’t really matter.
It’s not a competition about who loves motorcycles more.
It’s all about acceptance.
By accepting the role of the motorcycle in your relationship, you live in harmony, not conflict.


motorcycle couples don’t fight about bikes


2.  Motorcycle couples give great gifts

When birthdays  or Christmas roll around, motorcycle couples don’t need to panic buy a pair of Harley socks, and hope for the best.

For Pat’s birthday last year, I bought him a 45 lb package of clean cotton rags.
It was delivered to the back door in a huge, thick plastic bag.
It looked like someone had dropped off a dead body.
It was pretty tricky to gift wrap, but I did it.

Now, non-biker couples think that’s a pretty weird gift.
Why would you give someone a pile of clean rags?
But Pat loved it.

And because I spend time in the garage with him, I know that he uses a lot of rags.
He used to try and conserve them to make sure he had enough.
Not any more.
Now he has more rags than he’ll ever need.

He does the same kind of thoughtful buying for me.
One birthday morning I found a huge gift-wrapped box on the kitchen table.
Inside it was a new Shoei helmet (in the right size, and in the color I wanted).

Pat knew what I needed because we ride together all the time.
I shrieked in delight.

My point here is that if you’re spending plenty of time together out on the motorcycle, a flood of great gift ideas will come to you all the time.
You won’t need to be sending desperate letters to Santa, believe me.


motorcycle couples give great gifts

3.  Motorcycle couples are never bored

It’s impossible to sink into relationship boredom when there’s a motorcycle in the garage.
Or if there’s a motorcycle in the living room, come to think of it.

Motorcycle couples EXPECT to have fun.
And the motorcycle makes that a lot easier.

Of course you can still have date night.
You can catch a movie, or go out for dinner.
But when you want to do something a little more exciting (that doesn’t involve getting dressed up), just start the motorcycle.

A motorcycle-based adventure is as close as your garage.
It helps keep the relationship interesting.
Because having fun is a regular part of your life.


motorcycle couples have fun


4.  Motorcycle couples get quality time together

Riding a motorcycle as a couple is an easy way to connect, and enjoy time together.
It’s the antidote to all the chores and annoying routine stuff you’ve had to deal with during the week.

A ride together through the countryside on a sunny Saturday afternoon is a shared activity that makes you both happy.
By the time you arrive at that little coffee shop in the middle of nowhere and have lunch under a tree, you’re feeling pretty grateful for your other half.

In fact, you’re already smiling by the time you pull off your helmet.


motorcycle couples get quality time


5.  Motorcycle couples go on romantic getaways

What could be more romantic than a motorcycle road trip?

In these post-Covid days, with all the hassle of getting on a plane, taking a motorcycle road trip together is a great way to have a romantic weekend.
With none of the hassle.

The fun starts right from the moment you decide it’s time to take the motorcycle trip:

  • Where will you go?

Do you have a favorite destination?
Or will you explore somewhere new?

  • What route will you take?

Are there some amazing roads you want to experience?
Some roadside attractions or spectacular scenery on the way?

  • Where will you stay?

Do you have a favorite motel you love to go back to?
And what deals can you find online?

  • What will you eat?

Check out the local restaurant menus online in advance.
Another fun activity you can do together!


motorcycle couples go on trips


6.  Motorcycle couples find things to like about each other

Riding a motorcycle as a couple is an intimate thing to do.
You’re squished close together on the motorcycle, moving as one person.

In the process, you notice each other’s skills and behavior.

Every time I ride with the hubby, I’m so impressed with his ability to control the bike.
He’s been riding for 52 years, and it shows.
I’m always telling him what a fantastic rider he is.

And he does the same for me.
I’m only sitting on the back of the motorcycle, of course.
But I know how to lean in a corner.
I know how to not smash my helmet into his.
I know how to get on and off without making the whole process into an embarrassing circus.

He appreciates that too.

So riding as a couple becomes a chance to express two-way appreciation.
This makes your bonds of affection even stronger.


motorcycle couples are connected


7.  Motorcycle couples love working as a team

No-one’s ever accused Pat or me of being great team players.
Anything team-related makes us instantly cranky and rebellious.
It’s a miracle we’re still members of our local Triumph Motorcycle Club, really.

But put us both on the same motorcycle, and we become the most efficient team ever.

Pat is controlling the bike, watching the road and trying to keep the speed under 200 miles an hour.

And I’m paying attention too.
I’m ready for last minute stops, and tricky corners.
I’m looking for hazards, such as rogue sheep, potential speeding cameras, and bored police who need to meet their speeding ticket quota for the day.

A couples ride reminds you that you’re in this together.


motorcycle couples are a team


8.  Motorcycle couples can communicate more easily

At the end of a ride, you’re relaxed.
Your head is clear.
You’re both feeling connected and appreciated.

This is a great time to make a new plan for the future, or talk through a problem.
And then you can go back to your daily life with a shared game plan for how to make your lives even better.



motorcycle couples communicate

9.  Motorcycle couples have a full events calendar

Once you’re living the biker life together (link to biker lifestyle article) you’re often going to motorcycle events and gatherings.

Even way down here in New Zealand’s South Island, there are plenty of motorcycle events going on throughout the year.
There are:

  • motorcycle shows
  • car shows that include motorcycles
  • motorcycle rallies
  • visiting speakers who want to talk about their motorcycle experiences
  • regular motorcycle get-togethers over a weekend, and of course
  • our local motorcycle museum, which is always worth a visit.

All of this is a lot more exciting than joining a knitting circle.
And when you go to motorcycle events as a couple, it’s twice as much fun.


motorcycle couples attend events


10.  Motorcycle couples know other biker couples

When you ride as a couple, it’s very easy to strike up friendships with other couples on motorcycles.
We often go riding with other couples, and it’s such an easy, casual way to hang out with like-minded, low-maintenance people.

We’re always heading somewhere on the bike for lunch or coffee, so no-one has to bother with cooking and entertaining.
There’s no need to clean the house, or spend all afternoon in the kitchen whipping up an impressive dinner.

You just have to send a text to your favorite couple, get your motorcycle gear on, and meet up for an afternoon of friendship and fun.

Your social circle expands organically, and that’s healthy.


motorcycle couples meet other couples


Motorcycle couples are smiling for a reason.

Actually for many of the reasons described here.
Because spending time together on a motorcycle is relationship gold.

What could be more fun and bonding than roaring through the world together on another adventure for two?

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