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10 Simple Motorcycle Passenger Tips For Women Over 40

10 Simple Motorcycle Passenger Tips For Women Over 40

You can ride on the back of a motorcycle at any age.

Who says you have to be 25 years old to be a motorcycle passenger?
That’s just not true.
There’s really no age limit on having this much fun.

Women of all ages can enjoy riding on the back of a motorcycle.
I’ve been doing it for 30 years now – and I still love it.
Over that time, I’ve learned a few things about how to be a happy and safe motorcycle passenger.
I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you.

You may be just discovering motorcycles for the first time.
Or you might’ve been riding on the back of a motorcycle for awhile.

Whether you’re a seasoned motorcycle passenger or a newbie, these 10 tips are a must-read for women over 40.
It’s easy to feel confident and comfortable on the back of a motorcycle. Here’s how…

Motorcycle Passenger Tips Just For Women Over 40

1.  Make comfort a priority

Naturally, riding on the back of a motorcycle isn’t as comfortable as lying on the sofa watching Netflix.
Of course not.
But it’s also a lot more exciting.

There are plenty of ways to make sure you’re comfortable as a motorcycle passenger.

For example:

•  Wear layers of cotton and wool

That makes it easier to achieve a comfortable temperature (no matter what the weather’s doing).

•  Take regular breaks

This is not an endurance challenge.

•  Throw a sheepskin on the seat

It’s a surprisingly effective and instant comfort booster.

•  Protect your skin from the sun and wind

Try these tips on skincare for motorcycle riders.

And there are more ideas for increasing motorcycle passenger comfort right here.


riding on the back of a motorcycle - comfort

2.  You don’t need to give up makeup (phew!)

By the time you’re in your 40s, you know how to put on makeup.
Or you’ve decided not to bother.

Either way, you’re a lot more comfortable in your own skin.
Great, isn’t it?

But if you DO wear makeup, here’s the good news.
You don’t have to get onto the back of a motorcycle with a bare face.

You can still wear makeup on a motorcycle.
It’s just a matter of simplifying your routine a little.
Here’s how to wear makeup in a motorcycle helmet.

And here’s some advice for when you find your hair has taken on a life of its own inside your helmet:

How to fix motorcycle helmet hair


riding on the back of a motorcycle - makeup

3.  Practice getting on and off the motorcycle

Getting on and off a motorcycle can be a source of stress if you’re not used to it, or if you haven’t done it in awhile.

There are two ways to make this easier.

• Practice in private

If you need a little practice, run through the moves in the privacy of your own driveway, before you have to do it in public on a crowded street.

• Stretch out your legs and hips

A few simple leg stretches and gentle squats can help prevent sudden cramping or muscle spasms when you climb onto the back of the motorcycle.

Warmed up muscles and a little practice will help you mount the motorcycle more smoothly.
And without letting out a yelp of pain as your thigh muscles scream in protest.

This is supposed to be fun, right?


riding on the back of a motorcycle - stretching

4.  Get involved in the ride

OK, so you may be riding on the back of the motorcycle rather than the front.
But you still have a say in how the ride unfolds.

Being a motorcycle passenger is way more fun if you get involved in the ride.

That’s easy to do:

Talk about where you’re going and how you’ll get there.

The destination and route have to be appealing to you, too.

If the planned ride is too long, say so.

Compromise on a ride that doesn’t take 12 hours.

Be a co-pilot.

Point out hazards you see on the road; from roadkill, to fallen rocks … and of course hidden police cars looking to hand out speeding fines.

When you’re involved in the ride, it’s not only more fun for you.
It also contributes to the safety of the experience – another set of eyes is always helpful.


riding on the back of a motorcycle - get involved

5.  Communicate with the rider

Know one of the best parts of not being 25 anymore?
You’re no longer scared to speak up when you need to.

When you’re younger, you’re so worried about what people think.
But now you’re a grown up.
Your opinion and feelings matter too – and it’s so much easier to talk about them now.

This is directly relevant to riding on the back of a motorcycle.

As you’re roaring along through the world with your favorite person, things change pretty quickly.
That might include your needs.

So don’t be afraid to communicate with the rider when necessary.

Let him know what you need:

• Should he slow down?
• Do you need to put on another layer of clothing?
• Is it time to find a bathroom?
• It may be lunch time…

Riding on the back of a motorcycle is a joyful experience.

You don’t have to grit your teeth, and hunker down shivering with cold – or with terror.
So it’s essential to ask for what you need.
That way, you’ll both enjoy the ride.


riding on the back of a motorcycle - communicate

6.  Wear all the motorcycle safety gear

Surely it’s only teenagers who get on motorcycles in shorts and flip flops?
Um, no.
You see it all the time with people old enough to know better.

I’ve watched guys in their 40s pulling motorcycle wheelies in a t-shirt and shorts.
I’ve seen women in little skirts and stockings perched uncomfortably on the motorcycle passenger seat.

Riding without motorcycle safety gear is completely insane.
It’s begging for trouble.

If you slide down the road without proper safety gear, at the very least you’ll lose a lot of skin.
Not to mention probably break a bone or two.

Why risk it?

Once you’re in the habit of pulling on your full safety gear, it’s as natural as breathing.
You’re more comfortable, because all those layers protect you from the weather.
And you feel more confident, knowing you’re wearing the motorcycle version of a suit of armor.

You probably know you need to wear a proper jacket, motorcycle jeans, boots, gloves and a helmet.

But if you need a little more information on the details of proper motorcycle safety gear, I explain them here:
What should motorcycle passengers wear?

And speaking of protecting yourself if something goes wrong…


riding on the back of a motorcycle - gear

7.  Check your health insurance

This is a practical way to skyrocket your peace of mind, and increase your confidence.

If something goes amiss on the bike and you DO need medical help, it helps to know you’re covered.
If you have some solid health insurance in place, at least you know you can access quality care should you need it.

And sorting it out could be as easy as going online to your insurer’s website, or making a quick phone call to review what your policy covers.

It could be the best 10 minutes you spend this year.


riding on the back of a motorcycle - insurance

8.  Make time to ride

If you love riding on the back of the motorcycle, make time and space in your life to do it.

We women always have a To Do List 25 miles long in our heads.
Yes, there are chores, obligations, duties, and promises to keep.
Sometimes the commitments just seem endless.

But you know what?
If you think about it, most of them can wait while you go riding.

If it’s a choice between cleaning the house or riding, which will make you smile more?
If you need to get groceries, do it tomorrow when it’s raining and no good for riding.
Get takeout tonight for dinner instead, and enjoy a day out on the motorcycle.

Spending time roaring through the world with your favorite person has so many benefits:

• It’s good for your relationship
• It’s quality relaxation time that you’ve earned, and
• It reminds you that there’s a lot more to life than doing laundry and paying bills.

The chores can wait.
You have better things to do with your time.

Never put off a motorcycle ride in favor of cleaning the shower.


riding on the back of a motorcycle - make time

9.  Ride with other couples occasionally

Being a motorcycle passenger means you’ll be hanging out with men a lot.
Biker culture is pretty male dominated.

And most of the time, that doesn’t have to be a problem.
Personally, I love men.
The men we ride regularly with are great company: down to earth, funny (and often shocked by my language, which makes me laugh too).

But now and then, you wish there was another woman on a group ride.

Happily, there’s something you can do about that.
Contact another riding couple you know and suggest going on a ride together.
We often ride with other couples, and it’s a great change of pace to chat with another woman over lunch rather than half a dozen guys.

And other women who ride on the back of motorcycles often have their own ideas on how to be more comfortable and confident.

You can exchange tips and compare riding gear, and potentially come away with some great
ideas on how to enjoy being a motorcycle passenger even more.


riding on the back of a motorcycle - other couples

10.  Take the initiative

Just because you’re the motorcycle passenger rather than the rider, that doesn’t mean you have to be passive.
You don’t just have to go along with plans that other people make.

You’re the co-pilot here, remember?
You have a say, too.

So if there’s a sunny weekend coming up and you don’t have any life-or-death commitments, why not suggest an overnight motorcycle road trip?

Or invite another motorcycle couple to go to a big annual motorcycle show that’s happening this weekend?

And Saturday lunch in the country at a little coffee shop you know is always a good idea.
So don’t wait for the rider to make all the plans.

If you love riding on the back of a motorcycle, there’s nothing stopping you creating more opportunities to do it.


riding on the back of a motorcycle - take initiative

Motorcycle Passengers Can Have Fun at Any Age

There are some great reasons for riding on the back of a motorcycle when you’re over 40.

You know yourself, and what you like.
You’re much better at speaking up to get your needs met.

And you know that time is precious.
You’d better spend it doing some things you love, right?

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