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Dating a Biker This is What You’ll Learn!

Dating a Biker Can Surprise You! (Here’s why)

Dating a biker can be life-changing.

Before you met your biker, you probably thought the living room was where you put the couch.
But now, you understand that a motorcycle looks pretty good in the living room too.

And I bet you quickly became very comfortable wearing leather pants in broad daylight, right?

These are some of the obvious changes you’ll notice in your life.
But dating a biker can also teach you a lot about yourself, too.

Being a motorcycle passenger exposes you to a huge number of new experiences.
And how you react to them can be very revealing.

You’ll probably uncover a whole new side to yourself you never knew was there.

Dating a biker teaches you so much about yourself.
There’s no better way to discover a hidden love of adventure, or to learn that you’re tougher than you thought.
And you may suddenly find that you’re not so worried about how you look after a joyous motorcycle ride…

People pay thousands of dollars for personal development experiences like this.
They fly to California and get on the waitlist for the latest self help guru’s Life Changing Seminar.

But when you’re dating a biker, you can get the same result.
All you have to do is climb aboard that motorcycle, and keep an open mind.

Here’s what I mean.

Dating a Biker: 7 Surprises Waiting For You

Are you ready to discover new parts of your personality?
Let’s see what we find…

1.  You’re more adventurous than you think

You don’t have to be an adrenalin junkie to date a biker.

You don’t have to leap off a cliff on the end of a bungee jumping cable.
You don’t have to take up skydiving.
Or swimming with sharks.

I don’t do any of that.

And yet…
I love, love, LOVE riding on the back of the hubby’s motorcycle.

Yes, there are risks.
And yes, sometimes (OK, often) we go a little fast.

But it’s so much fun!
Who would’ve known I would find motorcycles exciting rather than terrifying?

Dating a biker might just uncover your previously hidden adventurous streak too.


biker dating makes you adventurous


2.  You stop worrying about how you look

When you’re dating a biker, you spend a lot of time on the back of a motorcycle.
And that means you’ll often look a little wild.

It’s impossible to have perfect hair and makeup when you’re a biker chick.
A motorcycle helmet has serious consequences for hair and makeup.

Here are some tips on dealing with helmet hair and motorcycle makeup.

And then there’s the challenge of what you need to wear to be safe.
This is motorcycle safety gear, not high fashion.
Yep, it’s a challenge, but you can still look great.

Just a different kind of great (try this).

Now, this new version of yourself is probably a little more animalistic than you’re used to.
But it’s actually really freeing to stop worrying about how you look.

You can learn to embrace the new, wilder you.

When you’ve been roaring through the countryside on another motorcycle adventure, somehow you forget to check your lipstick.
So if you’re used to fussing over your appearance, this will be a massive, and likely positive, change for you.

Maybe how you look is not as important as you thought.
You probably won’t look perfect in your next selfie.

But I bet you’ll be smiling.


biker dating looks don't matter


3.  You’re tougher than you ever expected

When you’re dating a biker, you’ll find yourself riding in the rain now and then.
Sometimes you’ll be too hot, and sometimes too cold.

And so you learn to adapt to a range of riding conditions.
It’s not always a perfect riding day – but you can still have a fantastic time.

In the process, you might discover you’re not actually the high maintenance princess you used to be.

This definitely happened to me.

OK, sure, I’m still PART princess.
There’s no denying it.

But I’ve found I can now ride in the rain and not pout the whole way.
I can tolerate a motorcycle ride that’s a little chillier than I’d like.

I’m not as comfortable as I’d be lying in a warm bubble bath, it’s true.
But I’m also having a lot more fun.

There’s a trade-off involved.
I’ve learned that I can deal with that.

My inner princess can come out later, after I get home.
So can yours.


biker dating - no princesses


4.  You’re not so judgemental after all

Many people pre-judge bikers, assuming they’re all violent scumbags, or complete outlaws.
Maybe you used to think like that, too.

And for sure, there are bike gangs you should probably stay away from.
But your average biker is someone who simply loves motorcycles.

He doesn’t ride a motorcycle because he’s dealing drugs or running a ring of prostitutes.

He’s just really into motorcycles, and all the benefits they bring.

So when you’re dating a biker, you quickly figure out you’re not having dinner with a crime lord.
You’ve found yourself an interesting man who’s great company, and is about to introduce you to a whole new world of freedom and fun.

And speaking of fun…


biker dating - no judgement


5.  Your definition of fun expands

Before dating a biker, your idea of fun probably didn’t involve a loud engine and the wind in your face as you roar through the world on the back of a motorcycle.

Once you get a taste for the joyous freedom of riding on a motorcycle, you have a new understanding of what fun is.
It’s a lot bigger and noisier than you thought.

Sure, you can still go to the movies, go shopping, and have coffee with friends.
The stuff that used to be fun still stands.

But now you have a new, more exciting way to have fun.
Because time spent on a motorcycle is never boring.


biker dating is fun


6.  You meet a new social circle

Dating a biker will introduce you to people you wouldn’t normally meet.
Motorcycles are a common link that connects a wide range of different people.

I’m constantly surprised by the friends the hubby and I have made through motorcycles.

And we keep on meeting new friends this way.

Without motorcycles as the common factor, we would never have met the friends we now have who are: mechanics, truck drivers, small business owners, medical people, concrete experts, plumbers, nurses, ambulance workers, gardeners, bakers, electricians and even prison guards.

Who knew that dating a biker could increase your social circle?

Before now, you might have hung out with the same friends you’ve had for years, or maybe the people you know from work (if you happen to like them).

But now, your social circle is about to include a wide range of people you would otherwise never have met.


biker dating means new friends


7.  You might discover you’re a biker yourself

Plenty of women who date bikers fall in love with the man – and then with motorcycles too.

They decide that riding on the back of the motorcycle is not enough.
They want to learn to ride themselves.
And so they do!

You might be one of these women.

The number of women riding motorcycles is increasing, and you could be the next woman to swell the numbers further.

Motorcycles are seductive, addictive, and they might just call your name.
Maybe you can’t ignore it.

And if you’d never dated a biker, you would never have known that you too were a biker in waiting all this time.


dating a biker gives you a new identity

Dating a Biker is a Journey of Self Discovery

When you date a biker, a whole new world opens up to you.

It’s new, it’s exciting, and sometimes a little confronting.
But these new motorcycle experiences are not just a great way to spend the weekend.

They’ll also teach you a huge amount about yourself.

So it turns out that personal development is easy.
You don’t even need to start believing in the healing power of crystals.


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