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why do dog bikers like motorcycles

Why Do Dog Bikers Like Motorcycles? 10 GRREAT Reasons!

Ever met a dog biker?

It’s laugh-out-loud hilarious.
Perched on the pillion seat, ears flapping in the wind, he’s grinning as widely as his human biker.

Many dog bikers have their own motorcycle gear, too.

They wear little jackets, helmets and even “doggles” (yep, dog goggles).
Oh yeah, these dog bikers are ready to ride!
So why exactly do these dogs like motorcycles so much?

Dog bikers like motorcycles for some very good reasons. They used to think that hanging out of a car window was fun – then they discovered motorcycles. This is a whole other level of excitement! From the chance of adventure, to the joy of exploring new outdoor bathrooms, it’s clear that dog bikers love motorcycles almost as much as their human bikers.

Dogs are into motorcycles for many reasons.
Their reasons are different from ours.

Human bikers ride to release stress.
We live for the thrill of opening up the throttle on the open road.
And we love the delicious freedom that only two wheels and a motor can offer.

But dogs don’t need motorcycle therapy!
They’re mostly just hanging out at home trying not to poop on the floor until you get back from work.

So what makes dog bikers tick?

Let’s dig a little deeper into the motives of our four-legged friends…

10 Reasons Why Dog Bikers Love Motorcycles

Dogs are pretty clear about what they like.
And they know that motorcycles can make you happy whether you have four legs, or two.

Here are 10 reasons why some dogs think a motorcycle ride is even more fun than terrifying the mailman.

1.  Riding a motorcycle is even better than sticking your head out of a car window

Dog bikers USED to think that travelling in the car was cool.
Hanging your head out the window and letting your ears flap in the breeze was once the best thing ever.

Then they discovered motorcycles.
On a motorbike, your WHOLE BODY is in the wind.

All. The. Time.

It’s heaven on earth.

Human bikers already know that motorcycles are superior to cars.
Now our dog bikers agree.

riding a motorcycle is even better than this

2.  Dog bikers are low maintenance about bathrooms

When a woman’s riding with you, you’d better know where the nicest public bathrooms are.
We ladies are super fussy about these things.
We like things recently cleaned, thank you very much.

But dogs … well, they have slightly lower standards.

Just pull over near a patch of dirt, or a tree for 20 seconds, and they’re good.
They don’t make it your fault when a bathroom’s not sparkling and sanitary.

That stuff doesn’t matter.
They don’t mind a little dirt.
They’re probably already off sniffing another dog’s butt anyway.

biker dogs don't care about bathrooms

3.  For dog bikers, a new adventure is beyond exciting

Your dog already gets psychotically joyful when he sees you pick up his leash.

Well, a ride on a motorcycle is about a billion times better than a standard walk.
Dogs with a love of adventure are going to seize an opportunity to ride with both paws.

The chance to jump up on the back of your motorcycle and roar off into the sunset more than makes up for the hours of boredom waiting for you to stop wasting your day at work.

Now, your dog knows you work mainly so you can buy him biscuits.
He’s heard all your workplace stories 100 times.
But he also knows that work’s your problem.

Biker dogs are ready to have fun.
Preferably with you.
So go look for your motorcycle key, already.

biker dogs love adventure

4.  Motorcycle rides are bonding time

Riding pillion on a motorcycle is a special kind of bonding experience.
Trust me, I know.

I’ve ridden on the back of my man’s motorcycle for 30 years.
It’s a great way to connect with your other half.
I’ve pretty much howled with joy on a ride many times myself.

Naturally a dog biker is going to love spending quality time with his favorite human.
Your dog trusts you.
He thinks you’re the best company in the world.

Riding together can only strengthen your bond further.
And as an added bonus – unlike the wife –  he probably won’t shout at you when you get a speeding ticket, right?

biker dogs love to bond

5.  Extra attention can only be a good thing

A dog biker out on an adventure gets a whole lot of attention.

Women think he’s adorable.
Men think he’s funny.
Everyone wants to say hi, and give him a pat.

Hell, with a dog on the pillion seat, it’s possible that even car drivers might actually pay attention, too.
And when you pull over to stop for coffee, a dog biker automatically becomes the center of attention.
He’ll easily charm everyone around him.

Even complete strangers who think all bikers are evil scum will smile, instead of calling the police.

For a dog, all that extra attention is the icing on the dog food of a perfect day.

biker dogs get a lot of attention

6.  Riding is sensory overload for a dog nose

When you ride a motorcycle, your senses come alive.
You can smell everything – the good, the bad and the, well … kinda nasty.

There’s a whiff of high end coffee when you pass a café, and exhaust fumes when you’re stuck in traffic.
If you’re zooming through the countryside, there’s the distinctive aroma of farm animals doing their thing in the fields.

To a human biker out for a ride, all this is stimulating and invigorating.
So just imagine what that symphony of smells is like for a dog biker.

A popular study found that dog noses are 10,000 times more sensitive than human noses.

Sure, they can smell everything we can – but quite a bit more as well.
This many new smells at once has got to be about as much stimulation as they can handle.

Yep, your dog biker will stop complaining about being bored now.

biker dogs have sensitive noses

7.  Dog bikers can totally wear safety gear

Some dogs are just not up for any form of clothing.
They really don’t care if you think it’s cute.
They live in the raw, thanks.
If you don’t like it, well, you can go back to work and earn money for some more dog food.

Other dogs are OK with being four-legged fashion models.

They’ll stand around patiently while you carefully dress them for the cold or rain.
Some will even tolerate a funny little hat or scarf.

Now they look more hip than the 12 guys in your local coffee shop pretending to write the next great novel.
(Only the dogs don’t take themselves quite so seriously.)

These dogs are happy to express their love of motorcycles through clothes.
They proudly sport little leather vests, or woollen sweaters.

And dog bikers have noticed there’s quite a wind chill factor on a motorcycle.
They’d like to you fix that for them, please.

If this involves modelling some cool motorcycle gear (that also helps protect them), so much the better.
And of course biker dogs need to protect their eyes from the wind, too.

biker dogs need eye protection

8.  Motorcycles tap into the joy dogs already feel

For human bikers, life suddenly looks a whole lot better after 10 minutes on a motorcycle.

We can breathe again.
Our bodies relax.
Our minds clear.

Now, dogs are already in that laid-back mental state.
They experience joy in just being alive from moment to moment.
They’re enthusiastic about the tiniest thing that we jaded humans don’t even notice.

If it starts to rain, they bark with excitement.
When you walk in the door, they howl with joy.

So time on a motorcycle is simply an extension of their natural condition.
It’s more of the good stuff that life offers them every day.

Dogs really know how to live, let’s face it.
And dog bikers, even more so.

biker dogs are already happy

9.  Dog bikers feel superior to other dogs

Ever seen a dog on a motorcycle pull up alongside a car full of dogs?
The car-bound dogs go CRAZY.

They’re completely outraged.
Until that moment, they thought THEY were the kings of the road…

And then they spotted this dog biker stopped at the lights with his human, grinning like a maniac.

Naturally, they all yowl a deafening protest.
But it’s too late.

That dog biker is already 50 miles down the highway, man.
That’s the joy of two wheels.
They make you feel superior.

Yep, that works for humans too, actually.

biker dogs feel superior

10.  Finally, a logical reason to bark!

For dog bikers, riding on a motorcycle with you is Very Cool.
For starters, motorbikes are outrageously, unbelievably fun.
But this activity ALSO involves private one-on-one time with you.

This is worth getting excited about.
At last, dogs have an actual, valid reason to bark until they’re hoarse.

Until now, they had to settle for barking to break the monotony (especially at 3am, just for fun).

But being out on a motorcycle with their favorite ever person?
That’s really something to bark about.

biker dogs bark in joy

So now you know why dog bikers look so happy.

Many parts of the riding experience tap right into a dog’s approach to life.

Dogs already feel a sense of joy, and freedom.
They live completely in the moment.
They experience pure, overwhelming happiness.

And when we human bikers climb aboard a motorcycle, we suddenly know how they feel!

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